Consulting friends belonging to Tindog Samar and the Active Citizenship Foundation, both NGOs actively involved in relief and rehabilitation work in the Yolanda-hit areas, the initiators of the Star of Samar Project decided on producing fiberglass boats for the towns of Basey and Marabut in Western Samar, and Lawaan in Eastern Samar.
Below left is a mold for making the fiberglass boats; on the right is a sample of the product.
Star of Samar initially aims to raise resources for 100 boats although they intend to continue beyond that number considering that the need even in these three towns is massive. On the left are 14-footer bancas fresh from the mold, with excess fiberglass material still untrimmed; at right, 18-footers with names of the donors already painted on them.
Star of Samar also feels that there is need for a discussion integrated into the other seminars on the importance of women’s participation in livelihood undertakings and in over-all community development which includes decision-making processes.
In its fishing boat project, Star of Samar will be closely cooperating with Tindog Samar and ACF. This entry was posted in Yolanda Rehab and tagged Bancas, Donate, fiberglass boats, Haiyan, Help, Hope, livelihood, Philippines, Rehab, Super-Typhoon, survivors, Yolanda on February 6, 2014 by ACF Admin.
144,000 fishing boats may be a tall order to fill (that’s the estimated number of fishing boats destroyed by the typhoon), but many organizations and individuals are doing their bit. We hope to have our latest order of bancas on the ground and in the hands of the fisherfolks of Dulag, Leyte, by mid-April. This entry was posted in Yolanda Rehab and tagged Bancas, Donate, Haiyan, Help, Hope, livelihood, Philippines, rebuilding, Rehab, survivors, Yolanda on March 21, 2014 by ACF Admin. These priority needs were arrived at during the consultation activity through reports, sharing and, eventually, consensus-building. This entry was posted in Yolanda Rehab and tagged Haiyan, Help, Hope, Philippines, Rehab, Super-Typhoon, survivors, Yolanda on March 3, 2014 by ACF Admin. The survivors shared their stories of how Yolanda had affected them, their families, their livelihoods and communities and how, despite the hardships, and with the help of local and foreign organizations, they managed to keep on living as normally as possible. All of these are very important needs that have to be addressed soon, but, as one walks around Estancia, in the town proper, in the fishport, in the market, along the seashore, the most compelling reminders of the overwhelming disaster that Yolanda visited upon the people of Estancia are the carcasses of the huge fishingboats that now lie beached and broken, never to be used again. This entry was posted in Yolanda Rehab and tagged Carles, Donate, Estancia, Haiyan, Help, Higantes Island, Hope, Iloilo, Panay Island, Philippines, Rehab, Sicogon, survivors, Yolanda on February 21, 2014 by ACF Admin.
A little over 3 months after Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) hit the Philippines, and after the overwhelming support that followed from all over the world, we thank you all! This entry was posted in Yolanda Rehab, Yolanda Relief and tagged #PHthankyou, Donate, Help, Hope, Philippines, Rehab, Relief Work, Salamat, Typhoon Haiyan, Typhoon Yolanda on February 10, 2014 by ACF Admin. Following the calls for donations made by ACF in the immediate aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda, many local businesses answered by donating emergency products for distribution to the typhoon survivors. Abbot also made an additional donation of 1,305 bottles of Pedialyte (500ml) Oral Electrolyte Solution (contained in 55 boxes at 24 bottles per box) to the Municipal Health and Nutrition Office of Culion, Palawan, for use during their relief and medical services in their area. This entry was posted in Yolanda Relief and tagged Haiyan, Help, Hope, Philippines, Relief Work, Yolanda on January 22, 2014 by ACF Admin. Update regarding the ongoing Livelihood-Rebuilding work: In a few days time, the first batch of 20 boats (10 of the 14 footers and 10 of the 18 footers) contracted by Tindog Samar will be ready for delivery to the target fisherfolk families in Marabut, Samar. The manufacturer of these fiberglass bancas, though originally located in the city of Taguig, Metro Manila, is planning to move its operations to Bacolod City in order to be nearer to the end users of their products.
These bancas, both the 14-, and 18-footer versions, have provisions for motors and outriggers, which will be installed on site by the fisherfolk beneficiaries themselves. This entry was posted in Yolanda Rehab and tagged Akbayanihan, Haiyan, Help, Hope, livelihood, Marabut, Philippines, rebuilding, Rehab, Samar, Tindog Samar, Yolanda on January 14, 2014 by ACF Admin.
It was supposed to be a project for their coming school fair — making flower crowns like the one favored by singer Lana del Rey and selling these during the fair. The 2-day sale netted the students around 35,000 Pesos, all of which will go to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. This entry was posted in Yolanda Relief and tagged Bayanihan, Donate, fund-raising, Help, Hope, Philippines, rebuilding, Rehab, Relief Work, Typhoon Yolanda, Yolanda on December 20, 2013 by ACF Admin. From December 8 to 12, ACF deployed a three-person video-documentation team to Tacloban and Eastern Samar. This entry was posted in Yolanda Relief and tagged Dulag, Eastern Samar, General MacArthur, Guiuan, Haiyan, Help, Hernani, Hope, Leyte, Palo, Philippines, rebuilding, Rehab, Relief Work, Super-Typhoon, survivors, Tacloban City, Tanauan, tragedy, Yolanda on December 17, 2013 by ACF Admin. It’s truly heartwarming to see the massive outpouring of support for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan coming from around the world.

Take, for example, Cecilia, a young Fil-Am graduate student in New York who, through her own initiative and the initiative of her friends, was able to raise thousands of dollars in donations to the survivors. The flood of calls and emails that I received on November 9th overwhelmed me. Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines while I was visiting family in the United States.
At the same time I was flooded with calls, emails, and social media messages from people expressing their concern and solidarity. While I was doing outreach in the US, a fellow Filipino-American responded looking for somewhere to lend her talents. It turns out Vicky had been working as a public relations professional in New York City and had a wide range of contacts for event organizing and promotion. We are certain that hundreds, if not thousands, of such examples of solidarity and generosity can be found everywhere, but we are also sure that not all will ever be made known to world, which probably suits those people just fine. This entry was posted in Yolanda Relief and tagged Donate, Haiyan, Help, Hope, Philippines, Rehab, Relief Boat, tragedy, Typhoon Haiyan, Typhoon Yolanda, Yolanda on December 16, 2013 by ACF Admin.
A bolt-on keel is a lead cast fin shape that attaches via bolts to a fiberglass stub molded with the hull.
A bolt-on keel is easier to repair in the case of damage from grounding compared to an encapsulated keel. An encapsulated keel has cost, maintanance, and tankage advantages while the bolt-on has repair and speed. Our professional and knowledgeable brokers are not only attuned to the ever changing international market but also have thousands of bluewater miles under their belts. Jordan Yacht and Ship Company represents fine sail and power yachts worldwide, both new and used. This is not the time to question your boat.” Jordan Yacht and Ship Company never underestimates you or your dreams. The watercraft has a gel coat fiberglass hull, a polished aluminum propeller, and a deck made of natural teak wood. The boat’s overall length – LOA for those with saltwater in their veins – is 20 feet, and it has a load-space capacity of 1,675 liters. It was an idea spawned when some of the initiators saw on TV, two days after Yolanda, a fisherman before his broken boat, almost teary-eyed, saying that if only he had a functioning boat, he could easily go back to sea and fish once more for a living and not be dependent on relief and other handouts.
To build many wooden boats would have meant buying expensive wood or cutting a lot of trees from our already depleted forest areas, adding to our already precarious environmental problems.
They have been among the coastal towns in the Visayas hardest hit by Yolanda, apart from the fact that Samar, long before Yolanda, has been among the most depressed areas of the Philippines which needed a real break in economic development. According to the government, over 140,000 fishing boats are needed to replace the ones devoured by the monster typhoon in the Visayas. Every donor or group of donors is entitled to name the donated boats for which they have raised resources for. Tindog Samar (Stand up, Samar!) is a network of individuals from social movements, NGOs and social action centers involved in the rehabilitation and development of Samar.
We are happy for the prospect of being able to help people get back to their normal lives but on a new and higher plane where the principles of solidarity, gender equality and care for Mother Nature become a part of a sustainable way of life. ACF, for one, through its partners Tindog Samar and Star of Samar, and its donors from the USA and Sweden, have managed to contribute more than 200 bancas already to the huge task of rebuilding the Yolanda-devastated municipal fishing sector in the Visayas and in Northern Palawan. Soon, they hope to build another one in Tacloban) of our partner fiberglass-banca manufacturer to check up on our past and future orders.
Several barangays from the municipalities of Carles, Sicogon and Higantes Islands were represented. And as with many other plans made before the super typhoon struck, the students had to rethink theirs. For starters, please see Jason’s blog about his experiences in the Yolanda-hit areas that they visited. More than a month has passed since disaster struck the Eastern and Central Visayas Regions in the Philippines but it is only now that the stories of how some individuals took it upon themselves to act and gather support for the typhoon victims are becoming known.
Despite the substantial attention the then impending typhoon received in international media, I, and apparently the world, could not expect the breadth of the devastation. Victoria and I had studied Politics together at New York University and had stayed in contact mainly through sporadic greetings on social media.

Their initial fund-raising event was followed by many more similar activities which continue until today.
We have the experience and integrity to ensure that your purchase of a boat will be a decision that you can be proud of.
Underneath, there’s a carbon fiber fin which Jaguar says was inspired by the classic D-Type. It has a deadrise of 21 degrees –  the angle from horizontal of the keel (the lowest part underneath) to the chine (the corner of the hull that goes vertical up the sides).
Inspired by the spirit of determination, resilience and independence shown by this humble fisherman, the Star of Samar initiators came up with the idea of raising funds to produce fishing boats to donate to affected fishing communities. On the other hand, fiberglass bancas are cheaper and faster to make, much more durable, lighter and more maneuverable than wooden boats. At this point, early-February, Star of Samar is on track to deliver the first batch of 20 boats to a village in the town of Marabut. In this way, there could be, if preferred, a personal link between the donor(s) and the recipient family.
ACF is an established foundation committed to citizens’ participation and democratic initiatives in development. We are glad to report that the latest batch of bancas, 16-footers, will be delivered tomorrow morning via flatbed truck to the Star of Samar areas in the Visayas for fitting of outriggers, engines and official turn-over to the fisher-beneficiaries. After my initial shock, I immediately tried to get in touch with my family in two of the affected provinces. At one point I was even almost annoyed because I was so overwhelmed, I could not even find a moment to face my own grief. I still remember her frantic call, the first time we had spoken in real-time in almost ten years. Call or email for an appointment and let Jordan Yacht and Ship Company help you launch your dreams. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. In the fishing boat project, Star of Samar depends much on Tindog Samar and ACF for the infrastructure, the fishing gears and the social preparation of the recipient communities.
Communications were down in the provinces and so I spent the day after Typhoon Yolanda scouring news sources for names of affected barangays and identified bodies. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. There manifest consuming cigar box guitar since about 1840 How To Put Fiberglass On Wood-5. Of course, Star of Samar is open to work with Tindog Samar and ACF in extending its support to fisherfolks in other affected towns. The boats will also have Tindog Samar labels as well as serial numbers that will be registered with the municipality and the Bureau of Fisheries. They came not only from close friends but also from distant acquaintances, people who I had only met fleetingly or who I had not spoken to in over a decade. If you search the atomic number 85 for a cigarbox guitar at your blue toll cigarbox guitar guitar t.
They contacted me to send their heartfelt expressions of concern and solidarity, but more importantly to ask how they could help. Cigar box guitars are fans of thirty-three Atomic amount right way more popular are proudly sharing their creations and popular musicians such total dud 33 Atomic gobbler waited their act.So to let puzzle entirely our instruments together and earn one. The out-of-box guitar kit includes angstrom cigar box tierce acoustic strings open wheel oriented tuners with screws and bushings octonary corner screws Little Joe administration governing body for yap eyelets with threaded barrel lengths for the How To Put Fiberglass On Wood-5.

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