Of course, I have forgotten nearly all of it, so in an attempt to ensure I can create the same delight and awe in Harry, I gave myself a refresher crash course in elementary boat building. I made my boats from map paper and poked twigs and wooden skewers through each to form a mast. And finally if you want to produce an armada to be sailed across lakes, rivers or ponds, try using an old book. Staying with our nautical theme, we managed a long weekend at the seaside, having a very British kind of minibreak; each day we acquired a smattering of freckles, a dash of windburn and the kind of bracing exfoliation that only frequent, brief hail-storms can provide. We came home, unpacked the car, collapsed in a heap together on the sofa, and then remembered our sunflowers.
Have a wonderful weekend when it arrives, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Ready to declare it: you have the most beautiful blog, full of wonder and creativity, anywhere in the www. Just wanted to say this is a wonderful blog and all the pictures and creations, always look great. Detailed Description: The Easy Way to Transfer Boat Patterns to Wood Transfer patterns from paper to plywood, wood, metal, glass, wallboard.
Making an origami tricky boat can bring back childhood memories of rainy days and paper boat races.
I wish I had a fancy award to bequeath to you, but all I have is my admiration, which you have in spades.
As my daughter (2 years old) and I enjoyed a walk along the river this morning she said “mummy we need to make some boats to sail” so your post this eve, has timed itself perfectly!

And those of us who share similar memories will read and remember those magical days of childhood.
Isn’t it almost always the case how the child loves the cardboard box over the actual present?

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