Funny, ain’ it, how something like wooden blocks which used to be the ONLY kinda blocks have now become almost an extravagance, a kind of nautical jewelry.
However, like other traditional aspects of sail and rigging, there is still virtue in the old ways.
Far as that goes, matey, you can just go to work whittlin’ out yer own blocks and strop em’ yerself with rope grommets..
Well, I’m ‘bout chock a block here haulin’ this little ditty up; so lemme cast off by sayin’ that if ya got a nice, salty, small boat, I recommend treatin’ her and yerself to some real nautical jewelry. Get better control of the depths, keep your lures free from debris, walks on two legs, won't spin, tangle free, less knots, easy to use & store. Clip-on sinkers and bottom bouncing slip sinkers, the best trolling sinkers around and the price is hard to beat. No more tieing knots all day with a 3-way rig, just run line through the sinker and tie to leader, just one knot! Fully weight adjustable, just pull the sinker off and slide another one on and with-in seconds you have changed weights!
Easy to use - run your line through the sinker swivel and tie to leader and that is all there is to it!
NEW - I now have a professional prints that prints large sizes so I will be offering my own prints and T-shirts.
Outdoor Sportsmans fishing shirts, Hats, Cards, Stickers, Posters, Prints, Tile Coasters, Mugs, and much more! The Piranha blades are designed to absorb the shock of a propeller strike, which virtually eliminates lower unit damage. This Website was designed, coded and maintained by Dave Tackett (unlike other fishing websites that were bought and designed by others). Well, as you can see it was the bury splice that walked away the winner, besting the brummel which lost at 2958lbs. Based on the result,  you might ask why we don’t use the bury splice as standard, instead the brummel is the default for sheets and halyards. This entry was posted in cordage, Education, New England Ropes and tagged Big Boat, Break Testing, Cordage, Dyneema, New England Ropes, video by Kristian Martincic.

Paul,Thank you for the very informative reply and posting all the excellent photos of different set-ups. Here’s a little tutorial on how to first set up an arm for bending and animating with bones. After Effects does have the Duik tools for rigging and setup of characters and animated elements – which is absolutely a fantastic thing.
There are two things that stand out about how ToonBoom Harmony handles rigging and deformation of 2d elements. The second thing that struck me as something that I would like to see in Ae, is the fact that Andreas is not being careful about his clicks in the viewport window, or the ToonBoom stage. After Effects keeps the layer strategy, even for the in-view selections and this can be not very intuitive at all. You can easily see this if you are using the puppet pin tool that is connected to a null layer, which is pretty common for an Ae setup. Instead, there should be some sort of selection priority for animated elements, such as objects that have keyframes applied, or deformations, keyed effects or nulls to have priority over the other elements.
Of course ToonBoom at first glance seems to be better at character animation including rigging, set up and animation, that is all that it is meant for really. It would be great to see some movement in a direction like this native in After Effects – quick easy to use and native rigging tools that not only could be used for character animation, but any type of animation in general. If you have something on your mind that you would like to write about, get the word out, or would like to write an article of any length, by all means I would love to have guest contributors.
If you are using crankbaits, just tie a 3 foot piece of line from the crankbait to the swivel (included in package).
These are coiled up to fit in small bag and the SS wire straightens when removed from package. Illustrated instructions, an extra leader swivel to match the sinker swivel, and the sinker rig. Just add more weights - These sinkers are fully weight adjustable, you can easily slide on as many weights as you need. If you have ever done character animation or deformation driven animation in After Effects, then watching how other applications’ approach might surprise you.

The first and the most obvious is that it is a simple and easy to use system of rotating pivots and lines, much like the familiar joints or bones set up of 3D applications. How many times have you attempted to animate something directly from the After Effects composition view and the wrong thing gets selected? It also forces you to make your selections from the layers list in the timeline, then move back up to the view to do your move. If you are clicking aournd that area in the viewport, Ae has no idea what you want to select – the pin? Looking at Andreas work in ToonBoom, because there is a deformation on the arm, the selection seems to be prioritized to that. Real personal and homemade; very much in the home brew tradition of seat o’ the pants small craft self–reliance and know how. There is a horn cleat on the rear combing at the forward edge of the rear deck some 21" forward of the transom. The join used to be just fore of the aft block on the boom, but it has migrated forward, so it's either just aft of the front block, or so it almost gets pulled into the mainsheet cleat when you're close-hauled with max vang.
Copyright to all Products, Plugins, and Tutorials not written or created by lester banks belong to their respective owners. I made a trip just to get footage to show how to catch big Walleye using my clip-on trolling sikers and planer boards. You may not copy whole tutorials nor should you translate it to another language without written permission from lesterbanks. My boat has the horn tube on the transom, but no means to haul the mainsheet tackle to windward.I am planning to rig the main sheet to a swivel block and cam cleat somewhere on the center board trunk cap. If you look carefully on the right you'll see excess tail spilling into the cockpit - make your tails a bit long and then find a good working length for you.

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