After all, look at houses and architecture around you, can you build it out of block cubes? To make wooden building blocks you can simply cut up your own scrap wood that you'll wind up with from your other wooden toy making projects. Round all the edges (this is by far the most labor intensive part of making your own wooden building blocks) by using a sander or hand sanding. Finally, you can seal them with a variety of finishes that leaves them plain and shows the beauty of the wood grain. Back when my parents were here and we were building the built in bookshelves, we had a bunch of leftover wood. I started by painting the blocks a combination of blue, green and gray, to go with the nursery color scheme.
The animals were definitely the hardest; both coming up with an animal for each letter (quick, what animal starts with X?) and actually sketching them on the block. After I sketched, I painted each block with acrylic paint, and then outlined them with black pen to make them pop.

Here they are almost finished. I decided to paint each side with either a letter, animal, shape or number.
After they’d dried I coated each block with modge podge to make them non-toxic for littles. Piglet may not care much about the blocks, but I think they’ll be great for nursery decor and for the baby shower, which is just 3 weeks away! Block Play Activities For Home, Child Care, Or SchoolPlaying with blocks whether at home or child care.For classroom use,a sturdy set of wooden blocks,called unit blocks,is best. Pallet – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaOld and discarded wooden pallets can be used in pallet crafts. Block Making And Block Printing With Natural ColorsIn Gujarat, the use of wooden blocks for printing was more common. My dad got the bright idea to cut them into little blocks, so that I could make DIY wooden blocks for the nursery.
I figure at first Piglet will be much more interested in gnawing on them than playing with them.

Different types of hand printing After that block printing is done on borders with carved wooden blocks then inside the borders. I’m a little sad because the modge podge caused some smearing, but maybe it adds to their charm?
Follow along with me as I write about everything from my journey through marriage, parenting, and my attempts at DIY home improvements and crafts.
Now I could have gone out and bought the 3 remaining blocks, but I worried that they’d look drastically different from the ones I already had.
So with a little planning, (thanks Emmy & Janette for your helpful suggestions!)  I managed to put all the letters of the alphabet on the blocks I had. That left me with enough left over to do duplicates of the most common letters, so later on Piglet can spell out words.

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