With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Don't be alarmed, most of the specialty tools are cheap, and most people have tools they could substitute in. Use the coarse sandpaper to smooth out the roughness of the whittling and finish with the fine sandpaper to make a good painting surface.
After purchasing a lightweight canoe that fits on top of my car and spending most of the the summers of 2010and 2011 fishing, I decided to expand my hobby by trying my hand at making some fishing lures. This is a great idea to pass some time during long, cold winters (if you have them and don't ice-fish).
I will definitely make the torpedo and some rapala-like minnow lures and i was just wondering what size treble hooks,propellers and split rings you used? Love the project, made the one in the end with the fish on it, but I am having trouble finding eyelets. Yes, you can cut pieces of dowels and attach hooks and eyes, but you wont get the nice looking products you see here.
Thanks, I'm trying to come up with more complex designs as well as using different kinds of wood. Good ibble, great looking lures!!:-) A few years ago I came across an old book on hand-made lures with a very similar design to this one only for ice fishing. True, I am going to make some alternate designs and maybe work in rattles for added fish-attraction power. Agreed, I was rushing to get them done to try them on the water so I didn't spend the time doing a super smooth finish. I didn't consider that actually, since I submerged the whole lure in the clearcoat, I didnt think water would be an issue.
What makes it even more interesting is that this homemade machine utilizes everyday tools into one power full bass cannon. Check the whole video demonstration below with all the guidelines to make the bass canon here.
The interactive event encourages the public to watch the artists paint and converse with them while they create.
Property owners Jim Maddox, Dan Maddox, Bert Mathews, Walker Mathews and Elmington Capital Group are providing walls on their downtown properties for the murals. Gibson Brands, the fastest-growing company in the music and sound industries, was founded in 1894 and is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.
All Gibson Brands are dedicated to innovation, prestige and improving the quality of life and music for its customers. Speaking of which, the app also provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions on how achieve a specific sound — simply draw a rough Frequency Response Curve onscreen and it will automatically calculate the result.
However, there’s more to the must-have iQEnhancer Mobile Intelligent Microphone and Ultimate Enhancer Intelligent USB Microphone packages than might first meet the eye.
Sound Magic brings cutting-edge DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and physical modelling technology to musicians. Producer Loops is very proud to present 'Chinese Pop Vocals Vol 1', a truly groundbreaking collection of five Construction Kits, recorded on location in China, which include some of the most incredible male & female vocals (and raps) ever presented in a Sample Pack.
Because of the way the Mixbus32C mixer page is laid out, the most commonly used controls are displayed and are accessible at all times using a rich, high contrast GUI design that gracefully and accurately emulates the original hardware version of the original Harrison 32C console. Harrison has pioneered the use of high performance computer technology over the last 20 years to provide unmatched processing power in the world’s largest mixing environments. Mixbus32C also provides 12 stereo mix buses, each with individual level control, latency compensation, and associated master channel incorporating the highly successful Harrison tape saturation, bus compression, and tone control functionality. The Focusrite brand was established in 1985 and the founding principles of the company were to develop products that sounded more musical, in addition to just measuring well – today, we still carry these founding principles forward in our class-leading and award-winning designs. Orchestral Library Toolbox is the first tutorial video available worldwide to demonstrate detailed use of orchestral virtual instruments suited to a variety of applications. Orchestral Library Toolbox is the perfect production partner for anyone who wants to learn more about using orchestral libraries in diverse settings, such as music production, film and television composition, and music for video games.
As with all Radial products, the BT-Pro is made from 14-gauge steel with an I-beam frame that makes it impossible to torque the sensitive PC board, eliminating outside stress and the chance of solder joints going cold. The BT-Pro audio signal path takes advantage of the latest Bluetooth wireless A2DP interface over 2.0 EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) for higher speed transmission and best audio quality. My name is Victor Hall, I'm the founder of a newly created company specialized in Ableton Live instruments called Monade Sounds.
The Fireface UFX+ also includes DURec (Direct USB Recording), which is available on the front of the Fireface UFX+. Another noteworthy aspect of the new RME Fireface UFX+ is the optionally available ARC (Advanced Remote Control) USB Remote Control. The RME Fireface UFX+ Interface and the optional ARC Remote Control are slated to be available in August 2016.
Highly efficient Genelec-designed Class D amplifiers, combined with latest-technology drivers, allow the 8340 and the 8350 to achieve high sound pressure levels and dynamic range, improved frequency response flatness and very low distortion.
Genelec, the pioneer in Active Monitoring technology, is celebrating over 35 years of designing and manufacturing active loudspeakers for true and accurate sound reproduction.
Other brand and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated. Function Loops has announced the release of two new sample packs - Psychedelic Trance Synths and G-House Drums & Vocals. Cakewalk, Inc., a Gibson Brand, is the world's leading developer of powerful, yet easy-to-use products for music creation and recording.
Montclair, NJ (April 26, 2016) - For more than 15 years, Confessions of a Record Producer has exposed the inner workings of the music business and empowered artists to protect their interests.
Gives the reasoning behind major industry trends and decisions, particularly recent deals with Spotify, Apple, etc.
Since the first edition's release in 1998, Confessions has grown from an underground favorite to a widely read staple, evolving along the way to address Internet-age realities and the pitfalls coming with rapidly changing technologies. Fully updated with recent industry developments and the latest scams, Confessions of a Record Producer remains a must for artists who want to survive, thrive, and get their fair share.
Moses Avalon is a much-honored record producer and engineer, a top-selling author of music business books and education tools, and a tireless advocate for artists' rights. CLEARWATER, FL — For more than a decade, the Patriot has been one of the most award-winning archtop single cutaways on the market. The Michael Kelly Custom Collection is a special grouping of limited-edition, short-run products with special woods, inlays, and hard-to-create specialty colors. Michael Kelly Guitars has carefully selected all the specs and features on the Patriot Striped Ebony. Founded in 1999, Michael Kelly Guitars is an American guitar, bass and mandolin company that imports quality instruments manufactured to their specifications. The 300 Kits can be loaded by dragging and dropping the separate *.NKI files or by using the snapshot function.
Loops can be played polyphonically timestretched within a range of two octaves (24 semitones).

The top LCD shows the current kit or simply "---USER---" if you´ve modified (loaded another loop) the kit. The SPACE REVERB comes with 60 impulse responses that you can choose via the dropdown menu. Venue (by Proline) is proud to announce the latest components for its comprehensive line of stage lighting fixtures and controllers.
Built to exacting professional standards to provide the most vibrant illumination, scalable flexibility, and reliable performance in its class, the Venue series' LED technology minimizes drops in brightness when the LED elements warm up over time, retaining premium performance and brilliance.
The Venue series includes the Control16 16-channel DMX controller and three LED fixture models that can be mixed and matched to create custom systems, providing complete scalability for shows both large and small. For outstanding overall light coverage, the compact ThinTri64LED fixture features twelve 3 watt, tricolor LEDs that combine spectacular brightness, vibrant colors, extreme durability, and simple operation. Completing the series, the TriStrip3Z color batten stage light combines equally spectacular brightness, vibrance, and durability, and flexible operation in a thin batten that is perfect for up-lighting effects, cyclorama, and focused down-lighting applications. The TriStrip3Z is constructed with sturdy adjustable feet and multiple hang points for precise aiming from stands, trusses, and floors. The Control16 color pallets are designed to work with any lighting fixture, using a standard DMX three-channel RGB mode.
Venue (by Proline) produces high-value, turnkey solutions for serious stage lighting and control. Didn't get to use it lat year, but hopefully I can get it in the water when spawn comes around. This is a great -ible, every step is clear and I'll have no problem following your instructions. I like your lures better than the store bought lures that are designed to catch fishermen, not fish. Presents Ellen Allien India Tour Gig Alert: Tasker India Tour Gig Alert: Bassface Presents Drumcomplex India Tour RAC Set To Tour India This April! You might feel that the power of the device is quite less, as a more powerful one can be created to accurately represent the power of bass, but this small boom-box should be sufficient to blow up a house party for sure. The project will bring eight of the world’s top street artists to Nashville to paint large scale public murals. Artists participating include: Herakut (Germany), Rone (Australia), Niels Muelman (Amsterdam), Adele Renault (Amsterdam), Hush (England), Mars1 (USA), Mike Shine (USA) and Curiot (Mexico).
Herakut and Rone will paint murals on the old Harvey’s Department store building, known as Corner Square, located at 530 Church Street.
Combined, they have painted murals on every continent and have been featured in major gallery and museum shows,” said Nashville Walls Project founder, Brian Greif.
Gibson Brands is a global leader in musical instruments, consumer electronics, and professional audio, and is dedicated to bringing the finest experiences to consumers by offering exceptional products with world-recognized brands. Its goal is to provide the most exceptional customer audio products and experiences in the world.
But both share a number of attributes as studio-quality microphones, such as a cardioid pickup pattern that minimises background noise and isolates the main sound source, for example, enabling a warm, rich sound suited to a wide-ranging target audience of musicians, vocalists, project studio producers, podcasters, broadcasters, and voiceover artists — anyone working with audio and accessing a suitable Internet- enabled device, in other words. Anyone using this app will be able to see how the sound changes when adjusting the height of the microphone with all information instantly shown onscreen when moving to a specific position — a very useful reference tool when seeking a specific sound. While interacting with the app, users will also achieve a better understanding of how to achieve their goals in the least time possible, producing the best results in the process. Also included is the Neo MasterTool plug-in, a multi-band, multi-process mastering system designed to assist users by further enhancing the sound of their recordings so that they sound even more professional.
As such, it is a leading developer in virtual piano software with many patented technologies.The company mainly focuses on virtual pianos, high-quality effects, and other virtual instruments, including traditional Chinese musical instruments, and has been nominated for three TEC (Technical Excellence and Creativity) Awards. This traditional layout not only looks good but allows the engineer to approach the console as if it were a musical instrument, directly affecting the art of mixing and contributing greatly to the success of any given mix. We measure our success by the success of you, our clients, and you will find Focusrite product prominent in professional and project studios throughout the world.
Better still, these are made more manageable by being broken down into three chapters — namely, Basics, Hands on Working with Libraries, and Additional Content.
System requirements for the DVD-ROM are an Apple computer (with OS X 10.7 or newer and a DVD drive) or Windows PC (with Windows 7 or newer, Apple Quicktime or compatible video player, and a DVD drive). Since 2003 the Steinberg Certified Training Center has become well known for its music technology seminars and tutorials. This employs a 16-bit wireless compressed format with the actual bit rate determined by the source material. A new PAD-free mic circuit design with +18 dBu maximum input level and 75 dB gain range provides trouble-free operation for the most demanding recording environments. It now offers second generation hardware with improved USB functionality and compatibility—providing greater reliability, even with slower or multi-partitioned USB thumb drives. This remote connects directly to the Fireface UFX+ or any computer—providing tactile TotalMix FX control.
This means clean and neutral audio reproduction at all volumes without listening fatigue, enabling audio professionals to work with consistency and accuracy. The intelligent GLM AutoCal™ technology improves the precision of monitoring by compensating for deficiencies in the listening environment.
Furthermore, new SAM systems are fully backward compatible, allowing easy expansion of any Genelec monitoring system, further capitalizing previous investments. Genelec is credited with promoting the concept of active transducer technology, which many manufacturers are just now incorporating into their products.
With inside knowledge and hard numbers, Moses Avalon reveals the truth of how the industry functions (or dysfunctions), showing what artists actually make from their "hits" and how producers, labels, managers, and even the artists' own lawyers conspire to rip them off.
This new, fifth edition tackles the complexities of music streaming and how the diminishing revenue it provides is becoming the new normal for an industry that has shrunk by half in less than two decades. An ideal addition to the series, the Patriot Striped Ebony features a distinctive striped ebony top and mahogany body with five-ply white-black binding, as well as a mahogany set neck with single-ply white binding and a double-adjustable truss rod. But its the Great 8 boutique wiring mod that really helps set the guitar apart from the rest. Each part has a 2 x 32 step sequencer that let´s you not only control the sample offset per part but also the loop offset. You always have access to the MIX page controls from the currently selected part in the EDIT,FX and SEQ pages. Each fixture provides dual-stage optics, with flicker-free operation that looks good on camera, and a robust, clear lens cover that protects LED elements from dust, dirt and moisture.
When combined with the Thintri64LED, it can create spectacular side effects or extend color and light movements to every corner of the venue.
This fixture features twelve 3 watt, tricolor LEDs and is organized in three zones for maximum color options. The versatile Control16 provides simple, elegant control of multiple lighting fixtures with four banks of four faders. The fourth fader can be used to control amber, white, or UV color mixing for quad-LED fixtures. By incorporating exceptional features, state-of-the-art performance and cost-conscious pricing, Venue meets the needs of performers and venues at a variety of levels.

Unlike standard software plug- ins, Neo MasterTool stores the microphone performance data directly, effectively masking any weaker-sounding aspects while reinforcing plus points.
This special and unique 100% royalty-free product was recorded, mixed and engineered in "Pilot Studios", Beijing, using the world's finest outboard gear.
Based just outside of London, we work with the best design talent throughout the world to bring you the tools to enhance the way you work.
PDF notation examples are also included alongside an Introduction and closing comments video. The BT-Pro is powered by an external power supply, either with a USB power adapter or a USB port from a laptop. Inside, the BT-Pro converts the data to a stereo analog signal, producing up to +4dB at the output.
With unprecedented flexibility, compatibility, the inclusion of DURec (Direct USB Recording), and RME’s famous low latency hardware and driver designs, the Fireface UFX+ raises the bar to new heights, making it an exceptional choice for high end home studios, commercial, and broadcast audio production facilities.
Further, new low impedance, high power phones outputs (2 Ohms) with +19 dBu maximum output level provide ample output power as well as volume on any headphones—high or low impedance.
We supply a nationwide network of dealers with these products for professional audio, broadcast, music industry, commercial audio, theater, military and government applications. After automated calibration, based on one or more listening positions, all components in a system play back at the same level and timing, with acoustical colorations removed from the monitors’ responses, yielding superb consistency and neutral sound stage imaging.
Genelec’s new SAM systems are the most advanced and flexible monitoring solutions available and are the benchmark in audio monitoring for broadcast, post-production, film and music facilities. Since its inception in 1978, Genelec has concentrated its efforts and resources into creating active monitors with unparalleled sonic integrity.
Finalizing things with even more unique synth sounds, and some new grooves, DE3 is what you need to fill out your collection. Both plug-ins can process left and right stereo, or mid (center) and side, channels independently as well as the traditional linked mode.
Previous editions of Confessions of a Record Producer have been required reading for music-business courses around the world. So basically it loads 32 loops per part into the RAM and then you can offset which one to play.
It will then use the default pitch, that you can still change using the SEMI knobs on the mix page. Rugged dual-yoke and chassis construction offers precise and stable aiming from stands, trusses, and floors.
Each bank operates an independent four-channel controller with access to manual color mixing, preset color pallets with nine built-in colors, variable strobing on the fly (2 to 33 Hz), chase (to manually trigger automated programs), and blackout functions. And with simple, scalable options, any band, venue or performance can enjoy the benefits of Venue Stage Lighting. Now I've looked at lumber co and even Lows and Home Depot and no one carries Bass Wood.
Myself, I have made all my trout spoons by hammering them out of brass then polishing them. This pioneering 4 GB collection marks the culmination of more than six months of hard work by our US-based production team, who twice flew to China to record this outstanding and innovative product. Our product is made with pride and principle in a highly automated ISO 9002 factory with significant level of test by engineers who themselves are musicians and understand the part our product plays in your process. The signal level is controlled by a front panel potentiometer that is shared with the built-in headphone amp. Equally impressive, the interface has an impressive channel count: 12 analog, 16 ADAT, 2 AES, and 64 MADI for 94 channels input plus output equaling 188 channels total.
The result is an active speaker system that has earned global acclaim for its accurate imaging, extremely high acoustic output from small enclosures, true high-fidelity with low distortion, and deep, rich bass.
As usual, the Dub Extraction series brings a bit of grit and emotion into the digital dub world. When combined with the three-way switch and MK-PAF-Plus pickups, the Patriot Striped Ebony is one of those guitars that is capable of getting players through almost any gig. Adam Munich a build-it-yourself blogger has built his very own Bass Cannon which is no less than a weapon of mass destruction or a party on your shoulders. Needless to say, Neo MasterTool provides meticulous control to help users polish their final sound to perfection. According to Radial President Peter Janis: "It seems that today, Bluetooth wireless technology is everywhere. Turn on your Bluetooth device, it will identify the BT-Pro as 'Radial Eng' in the Bluetooth devices menu. Thunderbolt technology gives the Fireface UFX+ real PCI Express audio performance under Mac and Windows, with the lowest latency, lowest system overhead, and lowest CPU load. Stanton Deckadance products are distributed throughout the world via a network of distributors and dealers in more than 75 countries. It's got everything, from blaring Trap horns and 808's to chunky EDM leads and soulful Pop strings, lush RnB silky keys and vocals, punchy drums, and so much more. This is supplemented by a ground lift switch for the XLRs to further help eliminate ground loops. The Fireface UFX+ is fully Thunderbolt technology compatible under Windows, including hot-plugging.
This important safety feature ensures other nearby Bluetooth devices cannot 'pollute or hijack' the system.
The package involves fat pluckish drop leads, solid and mean supersaws, supportive basses as well as mean basses, dreamy pads for your breaks or background elements, as well as top notch effects.
Pop guitars and pianos round out the pack to make this release a perfect combination of modern production techniques and live instrumentation. In recent months, we have had a number of requests to bring Radial's legendary build quality to this endeavor and we are pleased to announce the BT-Pro as a solution. This is protected by a milled Sintra™ insert made from a rugged closed-cell PVC that allows the wireless transmission signal to pass. Simply load them up into your sampler of choice and create an infinite number of new grooves and phrases. Based in Wedemark near Hanover, Germany, Sennheiser operates its own production facilities in Germany, Ireland and the USA and is active in more than 50 countries. With 18 sales subsidiaries and long-established trading partners, the company supplies innovative products and cutting-edge audio solutions that are optimally tailored to its customers' needs. Sennheiser is a family owned company that was founded in 1945 and which today has 2,700 employees around the world that share a passion for audio technology.
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