Patty B'zz offers unique, one of a kind monogrammed or personalized gift ideas for the whole family! I should be, I have three daughters but I've never been one for pink - or lace - or frilly, and the end result of this project is, well, too girlie for my taste. These totes are HUGE and will definitely carry all of your essentials to the beach, out on the boat or even just around town!
I have been meaning to use tissue paper that i've had, and this may be the perfect craft.
And part of making sure that each moment on your boat is enjoyable is providing a spot of shade and sun protection for yourself and your guests.

Canvas boat tops are sometimes called boat umbrellas or bimini tops; but no matter what name you know them by, canvas boat tops are one of the best additions you can purchase for your boat.
No one wants to be out on the water on a hot day and have nowhere to go for a bit of shade! Stop messing around with your comfort and look into the many varieties of canvas boat tops that are available.Canvas boat tops are made from durable canvas material and are resistant to mildew and fading.
These boat tops provide you with the shade you need to have a fun, comfortable, and relaxing day out on the water. The frames of canvas boat tops are usually made of polished aluminum or stainless steel and are sturdy and strong.

When choosing the right canvas boat top for you and your boat, make sure to buy from a reliable manufacturer that has a reputation for quality and you cana€™t go wrong.Each bimini top is tailored from an experienced pattern and design team using state of the art technology and equipment, bringing to you the highest quality tops in a broad assortment of colors and quality materials.

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