Do you realize that just about anything with a wide open mouth can be turned into a garden planter?
A project for Year 5 and 6 pupils providing schools with an exciting and practical way of engage them and their families with the city's heritage and cultural landscape. Schools can keep the boats for further decoration and display in school or leave them with Warwick.
You can stage the workshops in school or tailor excursion locations and venues for boat building to suit. The Avonmouth Docks  - A train journey along the tidal Avon to be picked up by a coach for a bus ride tour of the working docks. We can shape our workshops to tie in with project themes and specific areas of the curriculum. Workshops are offered at this price to schools through the generosity of businesses sponsorship and teams of business volunteer. Like many adults, you probably remember the children’s picture book story of Curious George*, the good little monkey who lived with his friend –– the man with the yellow hat.

Launch the boats at the starter’s signal by letting go of the straw and allowing the air to escape. So if you are ever in Delaware and see some roadside smokers with an old motor home, and the sign says, OH Phoebe, make the time to stop in and see Clint and say hello & try his awesome fare.
Even a rowing boat can be planted with a nice mix of flowers and plants, and give a unique personality to your garden space! Building the boats is an appropriate challenge that mimics the construction techniques witnessed by pupils in the boat yards. All boats are collected at the end of the project and prepared with ballast and waterproofed with a linseed oil resin. The winning team receives a ?100 and the school holds and displays the 'Learning Ships, Young Shipwrights Trophy' for the year. Some businesses have built a lasting relationship with the same school over the last four years. Alison Osinski was named by Aquatics International to the Power 25 – the 25 most influential people in aquatics in the past 25 years.

Boat decoration enables each team to creatively express their learning from the day; display individual and team strengths and aspirations for the future at secondary school and beyond.
Attendance at the race is optional, we supply take-home leaflets and pupils excitement encourages their families to join. On the way into the track this morning I saw a motor home set up on the side of the road with 2 huge BBQ smokers. Side note, he told me that his great grandma, his mom & his sister were all named Phoebe too.
He had side dishes like potato salad too, but he opened one of the smokers for me and I saw visions of beauty.

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