This is your perfect transducer mounting solution for your float tube, belly boat, Pontoon raft, or other inflatable. Thanks BoatcopDo you find you have to tilt the motor up some to use the side image function? Don't know if this will be any help to ya, but I have an HDS Lowrance unit, and here is where my SI transducer is located.I have no interference at all. April 1, 2015 by Jim Harmer 2 Comments Lately I’ve been addicted to Kokanee Salmon fishing in Idaho lakes, which often requires the use of a downrigger. September 6, 2014 by Jim Harmer 14 Comments Before installing my fish finder on my pontoon boat, I spent 2 hours searching the web for a good tutorial on how to do it. I have a 2015 22' G3 Suncatcher V22RF Pontoon Boat that I use to tow the kids around the lake and fish for trout, bass, and kokanee. Portable Transducer and Sonar Brackets provide convenience and versatility when setting up your sonar system.

Portable Transducer Brackets make it easy to attach a transom-mount transducer without drilling holes in your boat. Choose from the Standard Boat Bracket, Pontoon Boat Bracket or the Standard Boat Bracket with LCR Mount. With the Sonar Bench Seat Bracket or Sonar Corner Boat Bracket, you can mount your sonar unit where you need it for optimal viewing and functionality. Portable Transducer BracketMakes it easy to mount a transom-mount transducer without drilling holes in your boat. Available: Standard Boat Bracket, Pontoon Boat Bracket, Standard Boat Bracket with LCR Mount. Wires run up and over the fore-aft longitudinals joining and zip tied with the engine control cables and wires, up through the deck below the dog house (console).
If I mount it on the tap on back of toon where my current transducer is located I will have to trim up quite a bit to not be in line of sight with motor.

Bonded the wire from the transducer to the back of the pontoon tube with silicone so they wouldn't chafe.
If you need additional length, Humminbird has extension cables in 10' and 20' lengths.Mounted the main unit to the top of the console. Only advice here, is to put it someplace where you can see it (obviously) and where it's not blocking or getting in the way of any of the gauges, buttons or controls.
If you absolutely have to use the wood screws, drill a small pilot hole and don't just ram the wood screws into the fiberglass.For the power, hook it up to a constant hot (not key controlled) power source under the console.
If so, you can just use the fuse for that slot (double check amp requirements) or if not, use an in-line fuse for protection.

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