Also, with regard to tiling the shower, do you know if I need to put cement board over the shower tub lib so it covers it, or do I rest it on the top of it (ie not overlapping it). This house surrounded by trees and built in part with them now is starting to be filled with trees meant to be seen. This entry was posted in Energy, Happiness, Materials and tagged Cost savings, Embodied energy, Flooring, Interior finish work.
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Once the second floor is done, we can start preparing for the floor coverings and finishes.
Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. I knew that vinyl flooring had come a long way since the days when I was a young father, but even within the past few years, there have been eye-popping advancements. The planks were designed to join together at half-lap joints with contact adhesive pre-applied to the mating surfaces. One thing that hasn’t changed about installing vinyl flooring—or any type of flooring, for the matter—is the need for a perfectly smooth and level underlayment.
We also removed the damaged top-layer subflooring near the toilet and replaced it with a plywood patch of identical thickness. Careful measuring was necessary to make sure floor penetrations would align with cutouts in the underlayment. The underlayment was fastened to the subfloor with screws 8″ apart in each direction, and all joints and fastener holes were filled with patching compound. Attached are three pictures that I took of various parts of the plank subfloor that I revealed through removal of the finish floor and sleepers (and 700LBS of nails).
The planks are very dry and full of large knots (some pieces have cracked from simply walking on them). I have seen both wonderboard and hardibacker at Home Depot, and the Hardibacker seems easier to work with. Could you tell me if I need to add another layer of plywood before putting down the Denshield.

The main living space has been covered with thick maple planks harvested sustainably from nearby forests.
This is one of those areas where you will be cussing yourself if your foundation is out of square.Ita€™s really important to get a good fit in the more open areas of the floor.
Ita€™s definitely a lot of work to fit each piece into place especially around toilet flanges and up against the walls. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. In this bathroom, the existing underlayment, which was covered with adhesive from floors past, also had some water damage due to a toilet-seal leak. The hole for the toilet drain, and notches for for valves and piping, were cut with a saber saw. To cut the planks, we only had to measure and then score the flooring the back side with a utility knife. Each break was quite clean. Whether your goal is to fix, tinker, build or make something better, your next adventure in DIY starts here.
As I reread what I wrote, I'm inclined to think that I should simply remove all of the existing subfloor, install blocking between the floor joists and apply a new plywood subfloor. I am also tiling the shower and was wondering if I need to put a moisture barier (ruber sheet) before putting the hardibacker. The embodied energy of wood is low compared to other common building materials; the solid wood planks (versus a less expensive laminate) can be sanded and refinished multiple times such that the lifetime of the floor should be well over a hundred years, thereby also lowering its per year embodied energy cost. We dona€™t put the second layer on immediately after the first layer because it can get damaged by building materials, careless workers, and weather.The second layer of flooring is called the a€?under laymenta€?. Gaps can be filled with flooring putty to prevent uneven areas that can cause excessive wear on carpets and even make holes and bare spots.Screws help hold the sub floor and the underlayment together better than nails to prevent squeaky floors. We tore up the old underlayment using a hefty prybar and banged home the nails left behind. Just be sure that fastener heads are set below the underlayment surface; otherwise they will telegraph through to the finished floor.
I cannot explain this except for possibly the third photo which shows a part of the floor which was adjacent to an old ice-box.

It’s made by Georgia Pacific and is priced pretty much the same as all the others are. If a square is severely damaged, it should be easy to replace and the square itself could still be salvaged for other small projects.
Some kinds of wood flooring are very expensive, so be sure to shop around for good quality, but a good price.If you go to a flooring store, the salesmen will probably try to sell you something pricey.
The appearance is typical of what I have seen in other parts of the home where I have removed finish flooring (this is the first floor above a basement by the way). The material is lightweight and has a fiberglass batt back to it so a vapor barrier is not necessary when hanging this product. If you run one completely through the facing never fear just run another about an 1″ away. If you have a Lowes or a Home Depot handy, any of the salespeople will help you find something of good quality thata€™s in your price range.
The material cuts like drywall but is a high performance wallboard that has Silicone additives mixed right into the gypsum compound that makes up the internal support structure of the board.
Now Tristan your second question is a good one and a frequent place where homeowners get tripped up during the board installation. Use this with a construction adhesive like PL-400 and screws long enough to reach the down into the floor joists not just the plywood ok? With the size tile you are using it will easily span the space and remember to use a Silicone caulk at that joint along the tub and in the corners from the tub to the ceiling.
Now Tristan be sure to flat skim completely the back side of each and every piece of Marble with thinset, (use a white thinset) so that moisture marks or comb moisture marks won’t show through when everything is set. Ok Tristan, I hope this helps you with your project, feel free to return anytime you need to.

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