The boats cost between $150 and $200 to build - should be less but fiberglass costs are tied into gas prices. My Uncle's 3-day Jan 2008 hunt results and "his Layout" - scaup, ringers, teal, and pintails - and some snipe - the ringer drake was banded!
Im puting one together right now and I cant fig out how much and where to put the stirofoam I went to the coastgard web sight but to me i dont understand it what did you do ? I wonder since your building it for your self if you could just put a X on it and call it a experimental boat if it would conform to the regulations.

From what I gathered with all the reading I did of the coast guard information you basically need to sink your boat by filling it with water. We have all floated around on pool noodles - the big 3 inch noodles have a flotation of about 20# - they keep us from sinking as we float around. What the flotation in the boat is supposed to do is keep the boat floating level (upright) and allow a guy to sit there and not drown.
Our bodies weigh so much in water and we need to compensate for that and a little bit more for safety.

Some guys have done sticth & glue with success but they've spent the extra $$ on epoxy. IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY - Build the cardboard model and see what you think - it will give you a good feel for what you are actually going to be doing - then you can start thinking about modifications.

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