If you are unable to replace or repair your existing RIB, dinghy or inflatable boat inflation valve then this kit provides everything to replace any make of valve with a modern Leafield C7 inflation valve. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
I will admit (though not to Ryan) that I get great satisfaction out of fixing things on the boat. So, aside from those rare and overwhelming instances when the entire boat is undergoing repairs (like when we were stuck in Port Washington), I actually really enjoy sinking my teeth into one manageable project. Intra suggested a dinghy repair kit for hypalon dinghys, like this one, which we picked up at a local inflatable boat shop in Annapolis. So today, while Ryan worked with an engineer on our alternator, I set up camp on the dock of Bert Jabin’s Yacht Yard (next to some super shiny 60-foot Oysters whose owners would probably not bother to patch up an old water tank) and got down to sealing up six holes in our bladder.

The results remain to be seen (we need to wait 24 hours before using it), but I’m convinced this is our ticket to a) saving $500 and b) gaining 52 gallons of water storage.
Anyway, if you have a leaky water bladder, or even a leaky dinghy, this was an easy and very do-able job for even the un-handiest of folks (i.e. In my mind, boat repairs often equate to a better standard of living (especially if you live on your boat), even when the improvements are minor. They are made with an additional heavy-duty layer of 840-denier nylon fabric in a two-ply technique which results in a core fabric even stronger than a single base fabric of equal thickness.
If you require additional inflation valves then select from the link below - you will require an additional valve doubler for each additional valve. In fact, it eats up an entire sunny day, on which I could be outside sailing, running, hiking, riding my bike or doing anything, really, that doesn’t require wasting a gorgeous afternoon spiffing up a few decorative bits of wood.

These two things, stirred together, have cooked up this travel blog aimed at bringing you tales spun from dusty roads and unforgiving seas. A number of exclusive features such as recessed valves are built into these boats which combine to bring the advantages of an inflatable to the demands of tough commercial marine use. If you would like the valve replacement kit supplied with a different type of inflatable boat valve (e.g.

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