Did you know that virtually ALL inflatable boat repair facilities use interior sealants for slow leaks and porosity? Avon = Hypalon except for the high pressure air floor in which the floor only is PVC and the rest is Hypalon.
If the manufacturer of your dinghy, boat or towable is not listed or you are unsure, please fill out our contact us page with the make, model and year of your boat.
Tear-Aid® is an easy to use peel and stick patch that works with all colours and requires no sewing or messy adhesives. Our kits can repair PVC, Hypalon or Neoprene inflatable boats or rafts using a tough bonding formula. All of our Hypalon inflatable boats are made with genuine Pennel ORCA-215® Hypalon from France.

It saved me hundreds of dollars in repair fees and made my troublesome slow leaks disapear! Our exclusive ToobSeal® formula has been used by boaters and repair professionals since 1996. The small kit includes cleaning solvent and 6in x 12in heavy reinforcing pvc or hypalon fabric to assure long lasting repairs on dinghies, sport boats and other inflatable craft (gloves and masking tape not included).
ToobSeal® Inflatable Boat Interior Sealer stops slow seam leaks and porosity using an extraordinary self leveling acrylic based formula. Our sealant is for use with Hypalon® and PVC inflatable boats, whitewater rafts, pool toys, towables and snow tubes. Our safe and easy to use sealer adheres to the interior fabric of the tube, sealing slow leaks and prevents potential leaks from arising.

The special ToobSeal® formula allows for future deflation of your inflatable without the fabric self adhering and making re-inflation nearly hopeless. This is why ToobSeal® is recommended by all major inflatable boat manufacturers and has been used by boaters and boat service facilities since 1996.

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