That big sawblade thing on the back would work great to get guys to move when they are on your hotspot. MUD, If you are thinking of building something like that, I would suggest not making the boat so far off of the ice. There were times it could take you out where nothing else could, and no man dared set foot. I learned from Wally that there was only *one* way to ride through the Black River bottoms: wide open and on top!
All the way, we had to dodge large ice floes that were crunching and grinding their way down the flood-swollen river.
Originally Posted By: MuskratI'd like to see the underside of that boat if you have the time. Are you using part of the original SPS frame(ie,transom swivel)and just mounting the motor sideways and other stuff just bolted too it,is that what I'me see ing ?Thanks for posting that,by the way.

I could see myself buildin one useing an old buzzsaw blade and a slightly different gear ratio. You are special kind of STUPID if you think the criminals are going to obey gun control laws. If the ice was harder today I am sure the wind would have whipped the front end 180 like a rag doll. Its been 30 below for a month,I'me all for global warming,I would like it if my brothers too the far north would invite me up there for an old time baby seal bashing,before they are all gone. Originally Posted By: seniortrapGive a trapper a picture or description and the wheels start moving!
By the end of the day today I had an aluminum extension ladder in there with me just in case. You could stand in back of the boat and that helped put the front up for pulling back onto the ice.I went with some commercial fishermen in an airboat ONCE.

Also with the boat lowered down I think it would come out of the water easier if it did go in. I'm sure there will be years where I will not be able to use it but I'll just keep the motor on the SPS those years and wait her out. If you do build one, put a pop up shanty on top and some holes with tubes in the bottom and you would be good to go anytime.
We kept a couple pike poles in it to help pull it back onto the ice once it got rotten enough we went through.
Both of these features keep the motor from trying to rip the transom off or back of boat up when you hit rough ice or other objects on the ice.

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