Paper mache is a simple procedure of recycling old newspapers and using some paper mache ideas for making a variety of craft items. Paper mache can be used to make different shapes just like clay and can be used for making creative things.
If you remember the paper doily inspired tablescape I designed earlier this year, it will likely come as no great surprise that I was ecstatic to see the inventive paper doily crafts featured in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, which they were kind enough to share.
For even more amazing paper doily craft ideas and full DIY instructions, pick up the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, on newstands now! Unique paper art, handmade quills are amazing decorations that require patience and attention to detail, love for colors and a sense of style. The artist designs beautiful paper art works, offering inspiring craft ideas for those who love to work with paper. Following an MA in Graphic Communication from University of Hertfordshire, she continued to experiment with quilling designs and explore unique ways of bringing together things she likes most: typography, paper craft and colors, blending them with highly detailed handmade objects and bright quilling designs.
Swiftly the artist has earned an international reputation for her innovative paper crafts and beautiful illustrations.
Quilling designs are made of thin strips of colored paper twisted on a tip of a quill pen and glued to the canvas, creating three-dimensional paper crafts and modern art works.
Quilling designs make excellent decorations and gifts, offering beautiful craft ideas for creating bright masterpieces of paper.

There are plenty of paper mache ideas like making masks, baskets, Easter eggs, animals, and many other things. This issue is positively loaded with incredible DIY tips, ideas, crafts, projects and inspiration.
Quilling designs from a young artist from London, England are colorful and optimistic, blending modern art with old quilling traditions that were created by nuns in Western Europe in Medieval Times.
Quilling designs are a nice alternative for needlework, that create gorgeous home decorations and unique gifts that remind of embroidery.
She was interested in diverse creative practices ranging from textile painting, origami, quilling and collage to more traditional fine art and delicate paper crafts.
I’m definitely going to let this inspire me to work a little more paper doily beauty into my life. Who knew something so inexpensive and readily accessible at nearly all crafts stores could look so pretty?
You can make model buildings, animals, human figures, vessels and lots of other things with paper mache. Use bottles, wire hangers and other materials for the backbone shape and come up with interesting paper mache ideas and activities. Dry your craft model in the sun and paint it to preserve it and prevent mould formation.Paper Mache Pinata - Make it EasilyGet supplies like newspaper, paper mache paste, balloon, paint, colored tissue paper, and string to make a paper mache pinata.

Blow a balloon to the desired size and tie it with a string and layer the soaked strips over the balloon using glue. Prick the balloon, remove it and fill the paper mache pinata with confetti, paper flowers, and goodies.
Add paper crepe as a final touch and hang the pinata using a strong string.Homemade Paper MacheYou can prepare homemade paper mache using minimal supplies like old papers, glue, and water.
It is better to tear the paper instead of cutting it because the edges are difficult to smoothen out. Tear it into strips or small pieces and layer the strips in opposite directions to add to the strength.
Using tissue paper strips will help to make the paper mache more manageable and flexible for shaping and provide a smooth texture. You can add water to the paper strips and grind it to make a pulp or use the layering technique to glue paper strips in desired shape. After you have made the item, allow it to dry in sunshine for a couple of days before painting it.

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