Bay Indoor RV and Boat StorageBay Area's Premium Facility For Indoor RV Storage and Boat Storage! Preserve and protect your valued RV, Motorhome, 5th Wheel, or Travel Trailer with Indoor RV Storage. Bay Area’s Premier Facility for Indoor RV Storage, Indoor Boat Storage and Indoor Classic Car Storage. You have found the finest Indoor Storage facility for your RV, Motorhome, 5th Wheel, Trailer, Boat and Car. We wash and hand dry all vehicles, check your tires, and charge your batteries when needed every time you return your recreational vehicle to us—all included in our pricing.
Indoor storage for your RV, Boat or Car is one of the best decisions you can make to preserve your asset. Our all-indoor secure state-of-the-art rv storage facility can handle every size RV, Motorhome, 5th Wheel and Travel Trailer. Wide, high, 18’ entry bay doors, and ample turn-around space for both large and smaller Boats.
Providing premium, safe and secure Indoor RV Storage, Indoor Boat Storage and Indoor Classic Car Storage for San Francisco Bay Area cities including Antioch CA, Pittsburg CA, Brentwood CA, Discovery Bay CA, Concord CA, Fairfield CA, Benicia CA, Richmond CA, Walnut Creek CA, Danville CA, San Ramon CA, Pleasanton CA, Dublin CA, Livermore CA, Oakland CA, Berkeley CA, Alameda CA and San Francisco CA. When buying a boat, one of the highest hidden costs to be considered is where and how you are going to store your boat when it is not in use.
While anyone with the IQ of a danforth anchor can Google indoor boat storage, you still have to know what exactly you are looking for in a boat storage facility.
Choosing to store your boat indoors comes at a higher price, however it will ensure your boats safety from the elements. Knowing that the storage facility will physically take the boat out of the water and place it onto a rack is comforting as you make use of this longer term boat storage option. We know this option will cost more than your typical outdoor option because of the extra safety it provides your boat.
Transportation, covering, and storage preparation are just a few of the extra services that most facilities offer, so call around and research on the web to get a feel for the competition. Luckily being in a sub tropical location gives us the option to store our boats outside or inside.
To store your boat outside in Florida means you will have to do a lot more to prepare it for the weather.
To store your boat outside means you will have to shrink wrap it which can cost from a few hundred to almost a thousand depending on the size of the boat. Whichever you decide, you should also consider the other services which are offered by boat storage facilities.
You should also choose to have the basic routine maintenance done on your boat at this time. And finally, before committing to a storage facility make sure you are comfortable withy their security offered to their clients.
Outdoor boat storage offers easy access, wide aisles and wide turning circles for your truck and boat trailer to help you park your boat easier.  Covered boat storage is available for larger boats or outdoor equipment to help protect your investment from the harsh elements of winter or summer sun. When selecting boat storage, be sure to consider other services such as hours of access, optional covered storage, paved driveways, office hours, toilets on site and distance to nearby bodies of water.
Here are a variety of views of storage types available at Upland Indoor Boat and RV Storage.

Consider the site of the 1996 Olympic Rowing events for your 2012 Winter and 2013 Spring Training! The Lake Lanier Rowing Club offers the perfect environment for teams to train and prepare for upcoming competitions. Having hosted multiple national and international regattas, including the 1998 and 2001 NCAA Women’s Rowing Championship, the 1999 US Rowing Master’s National Championship, the 1995 US Rowing Nationals, and the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 ACRA National Championships, the Lake Lanier Rowing Club can help your team reach their full potential. Located on the protected shores of historic Lake Sydney Lanier, a 40 mile long lake, our club is in Gainesville, GA, only an hour north of Atlanta and approximately 45 minutes from Athens, GA. Indoor boat storage is vitally important if you live in an area that might experience severe weather conditions. Too many boat owners make the mistake of leaving their boats in the water or keeping it stored outdoors, but this can be harmful to that boat.
Liquid Powersports staff has factory training from some of the industry's leading engine manufactures such as Indmar and Mercury! Have the same great company that services and upgrades to your boat, take care of it for the winter! We have over 100,000 square feet of indoor storage space, which is fully secured, gated, and outfitted with cameras, lasers, alarms and motion detectors. As a customer, we also offer you additional services as requested such as detailing, propane and battery service. Today we will focus on storing your boat in the boating capital of the world, South Florida. As most people who are seasonally living in Florida might go this route as they then have the piece of mind that their investment will be protected from Florida's harsh summers. As well, you will find that to get a realistic price estimate you should call your local indoor storage facilities and inquire about prices and services offered.
If you are looking to save some money than storing your boat outside should be considered first. A few of the dangers to boats stored outside include hurricanes, tornados, sunlight, animals and other nasty things that boats don't like. There are kits you can buy to shrink wrap your boat yourself, or you can pay professional sot do it.
Things like flushing out the engine, gear lube, fluid checks, and disconnecting the battery are all part of the long term boat storage plan. SelfStorAll is conveniently located on Okanagan Way.  The location offers dry and covered spaces to store your boat.
In Kamloops (only) we have covered boat storage up to 34 ft which is the best way to protect your investment against the ravages of sun, rain, snow, hail and even wind storms. Ontario boat expert Terry Curtis has some solid tips on boat storage and see here for detailed tips for winter. We have RV storage, car storage, moving storage, tire storage and home storage options and so much more at our storage facilities Kamloops. Home to all rowing events for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, our world class venue provides more rowable distance than other venues, highlighted by our 3,000 meter straightaway. There are a variety of hotels available in Gainesville and nearby Oakwood, all within 15 minutes of the boathouse. Indoor boat storage facilities generally have both alarm systems and fire sprinklers which outdoor facilities do not offer.

This is because indoor boat storage protects boats far better than outdoor storage or leaving the boat in the water.
Indoor boat storage is a safe way to get boats out of the water and into a secure, protected location. Storing your recreational vehicles indoors is the best way to preserve the value of your asset. You can often find too that these facilities will offer to provide transportation for your vessel to encourage business. Considering that seasonal boaters won't be using it anyway, this is the best time to have your boat fixed up to be ready for when you return.
You love your boat and boats are expensive to maintain so we what you need in order store your boat in a secure and dry place over the winter.  Get peace of mind when your boat is not in the water. An indoor boat storage unit will allow enough space to space all your boat accessories like; water skis, life jackets, ropes and boat bumpers. Our facilities provide the quality environment you are looking for, including our boathouse which was constructed specifically for the needs of the Olympics. This is because when a boat is kept indoors it maintains the look and condition of when it was purchased brand new. In many cases, you will have limited warning to move your boat in case of thunderstorms, hurricanes, or other serious weather condition. With all the other benefits it is hard to imagine storing a boat in any way other than indoor boat storage. As experienced RV and Boat owners we take great pride in securing and adding value to your vehicle. Store your boat properly out of the harsh elements and protect your investment for years to come. While indoor boat storage may be a bit more expensive in terms of upfront costs, it is entirely worth it for all the long term benefits. A boat that is place in an indoor boat storage facility will fade and deteriorate at a much slower rate than one that is placed outside or left in the water.
This means that boats are far better protected from things like fire, theft, and vandalism when put into indoor boat storage rather than an outdoor scenario. This is why it is vitally important to use indoor boat storage in order to eliminate potential weather disasters. If money is a concern, just think how much money will be saved by indoor boat storage if there were a weather catastrophe, vandalism, theft, and deterioration of the boat.
If you plan to sell your boat in the future or pass it on to children or even grandchildren then indoor boat storage is an absolute necessity.
As previously mentioned, boat ownership is expensive so it is important to protect that asset and even with boat insurance not all security measures are covered.
Indoor boat storage will protect a boat from getting struck by lightning or harmed during severe winds. Indoor boat storage allows you to protect your investment and keep your boat around for years to come.

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