Our Shared Boat Ownership Scheme gives you all the pleasure of owning a performance RIB, without the hassle and expense.
Enjoy a quarter share in a performance RIB at a fraction of the cost of conventional boat ownership and benefit from our all-inclusive management programme.
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If you send us a message using the form on this website, your name and email address will be sent by email to Falmouth Ribeye and may be held in our records. The package can have additions such as a Stereo or a Ladder fitted and can also be supplied with a trailer.
Dinghies on Coogee Beach Dinghy on beach, Silk Caye, Belize, Central America Dinghies Gordon's Bay Sailing dinghy on the beach, boat on the sand (AKA Dinghy Mon) doing what he does best.
Because we take care of everything from berthing and insurance to maintenance and cleaning you are free to enjoy your investment from the moment you arrive at your boat to the moment you leave. At the end of the three year scheme, the boat is sold and the proceeds split between its four owners.

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Bali ABC - Sale of 3,6 Meter GRP-Dinghy with Outrigger and 15HP Yamaha Here is a dinghy that I picked up off Craigslist.

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