An inflatable boat is a lightweight boat constructed with its sides and bow made of flexible tubes containing pressurised gas.
As this is sprayed inside, it reinforces the inside of the craft, providing additional structural support, and sealing off slow leaks to prevent further loss of air. A tool kit with pliers, adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, spark plug wrench, and a few metric wrenches. Parts and supplies for the motor - an emergency starter rope, spark plugs, a castle nut and cotter pin for the propeller shaft, and a spare emergency shut off clip. I forgot the attachment bolts for my transom wheels at home on one trip and there was only one small gas station nearby.
One of the more interesting boats that came in for some repairs lately is the Zodiac Minuteman 420 designed for First Responders. This Particular boat had been ridden hard and put up wet so to speak, and came to us via a frustrated customer who had another shop do some repairs. I grabbed a couple of images of the condition of the boat recently while the tech was working his magic and thought I’d share them. Remember boating can be dangerous so don’t take shortcuts or do makeshift repairs your very life might depend on it. For those that own a boat, it's inevitable that boat repair will need to be done at some point. Every boat repair you make insures you and your friends on board of a safe, joyful boat ride. Please include your e-mail address below if you would like us to respond to your comments or questions.
We can resolve all of your nautical leisure problems and requirements with the convenience of a mobile service. Breakthrough NeedleNose Design featuresa razor sharp, wave piercing bow, an elegantcurved touring shape and the ability topaddle faster, further and easier! Completely re-designed for 2016 the New Sea Eagle 9 is now equipped with a higher pressure – up to 3 psi versus traditional less than 1 psi inflatable floor and seats that are removable, I-beam reinforced, and encased in their very own superior high strength protective nylon fabric sheath. Be looking for the Red Best Value button (seen below) and click 'Add to Cart' to reveal your hidden Best Value Price.

Thanks for stopping by our little Mom and Pop boat company,Inflatable Boats 4 Less.  Mom (Crystal) and Pop (Tim) love boating, and especially so in our Sea Eagle inflatable Boats. That being said, we know you really want to buy from us and we also know it's mighty tempting to save a few bucks so if you think you found a better value elsewhere we want to remind you once again of our Best Value Promise. Our site is dedicated to improve knowledge on boat travel through available websites about adventure & eco-tourism, booking, sea tour, map & views, travel agents, guidance, tour operator. It is a very popular way for people to get out on the water for fishing, traveling, or just relaxing in the breeze. It is caused by a pressure point applied within the boat or a collision with a jagged piece of debris floating in the water.
As time passes, and the boat’s structure is worn down, the boat may not float as well or may begin to leak air slowly. This sealant spreads around the inside of the boat, creating a second structural layer around the rubber or plastic of the vessel. If your boat is made of PVC make sure you have a small bottle of MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) or Acetone instead of a buffing stone, to prepare the area to be patched. You will notice I also have a a spare valve for my inflatable keel and a couple spare stainless steel bolts to attach my transom wheels.
Always take your inflatable boat to a Zodiac Certified Repair Facility and get the work you deserve. If you keep up on regular boat repair and maintenance, then your boat should last a long time. Without a boat repair being made when its truly needed, you will put everyone's safety at risk and damage your boats motor and possibly frame. With over 10,000 boats repaired, we pride ourselves in professional service and attention to detail, while maintaining strict adherence to quality and safety. We devote much of our time keeping you informed about the benefits of Sea Eagle boats, kayaks, and accessories. Our prices have always been the lowest allowed by Sea Eagle's MAP policy and our award winning service has been voted the highest, as thousands will attest. Again, a simple method of inflatable boat repair using a patching compound and a patch is the best bet, as the patch can create a second seal along the seam and provide an interim repair for the boat. This insures additional sealing combined with adding some buoyancy to the boat, making it an ideal inflatable boat repair for older boats.

Luckily an hour of searching through the gas station junk boxes turned up two bolts that would work, one was bent but I straightened it. This is the part where I reinforce the point of taking your inflatable boat to a certified repair facility like IBC. Updating your motor and other areas of your boat during an annual boat repair is another sure way to avoid any incidences from occurring. Our fact- filled website wins compliments and awards and provides you information you just can't find anywhere else. For many who have boated with inflatable boats, this has been an all too common reality, being out on the water when an unexpected incident results in the inflatable boat springing a leak.
Various methods are prescribed in this case, but the typical method is to add a sealing compound similar to a tire patching compound to the inside of the boat.
When I got home I purchased two spare stainless bolts the correct size and they became a permanent part of my kit.And here is the whole thing packed up and ready to go. Your mind will than start slowly beginning to ease as all the repairs will be made and each outing you go on will become more and more comfortable, allowing you more mental freedom with your boat than you have ever had before. Fortunately, there are some simple inflatable boat repair tips that can be utilized in case of a similar situation so you as a boater don’t end up all wet. When it comes to boat repair, if you do have electrical problems, you have to clean them out. If the puncture is inside or on the exposed side of the boat, apply the patch with a securing compound, and then get to shore for further repair.
Some of you might 100% agree with this, but regular boat repair and maintenance does include proper cleanings.

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