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Bunnies are so cute, with their fuzzy little bodies and the way that they twitch their little nose.
All you have to do is print out this rabbit's body parts, the basket, and make some flowers to fill the basket.
To make the above adorable bunny rabbit mask, just print out the following rabbit mask template and follow the instructions included. To learn how to draw cartoon bunny rabbits, pick one of the thumbnail pictures above to learn how to draw that lesson.
Make a Paper Easter Bunny with Candy in His Mouth - Learn how to make this foldable paper model Easter Bunny who holds candy in his big mouth.
Handprint Easter Bunny Crafts Ideas for Kids - Learn how to make this cute Easter Bunny rabbit with your child's handprint.
How to Make Origami Rabbits Heads Craft for Chinese New Year - On February 3rd is the Chinese New Year celebration. Mini Bunny Matchbox Landscapes - Make a tiny, miniature, adorable outside scene with bunnies in it. Making Rabbit Chinese New Year Fan Arts and Crafts Project for Kids - 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, so today we will be making a Chinese-style fan with rabbits on it. Felt Plush Bunny Dolls - Learn how to make a felt bunny rabbit with some easy-sewing methods.
Easter Bunny Paper Chains - Make Paper Doll Chains, but instead make each figure the Easter Bunny.

How to Make a Stand Up Easter Bunny Card for Young Children & Preschoolers - This crafts project is to make a standing Easter Bunny card which even young kids will be able to draw for themselves. Brown Paper Bag Bunny Rabbit Puppets - Make these adorable bunny puppets with the following simple items : Paper Bag, Newspaper, String or Yarn, Paper, Scissors, Glue, and a Pencil.
Easter Bunny Treats Jar Crafts Activity for Children - Here you will find an adorable Easter Bunny Treat Jar craft ideas for your kids.
Easter Bunny and Baby Chick See-Saw Paper Toy Card Craft - This is an adorable, working see-saw with the Easter bunny on one side and a baby Easter chick on the other. Easter Bunny with Springish Arms and Legs Craft Project for Children - Here you will find an adorable Easter Bunny with Springy Arms and Legs ideas for your kids. How to Make Pop Up Easter Bunny Rabbit Cards Crafts Idea - You have the choice of printing out the cards or you can follow the measurements and directions below without printing. Easter Bunny : Peter Cottontail Rabbit Paper Stand Up Dolls Craft - On this page you will find 2 pages to print out of Peter Rabbit story characters and items such as a picnic basket, umbrella, etc. Chain of Bunnies & Critters - String bunnies across your window or wall to celebrate the Easter season.
Make Bunny Rabbit with Vegetables - This is a fun Easter Bunny craft using vegetables on hand. Easter Bunny Rabbit Treat Cups Crafts Activity Ideas - I did this craft with a 4 year old and an 8 year old and both were delighted with both the process and the end product. Easter Animal Standups - Print, cut, and color these Easter bunnies and chicks and fold them so that they stand up.
Aye-Aye and his friends make some lovely paper hats in my book This book belongs to Aye-Aye. If you can learn how to make these origami rabbits, then you can make all sorts of crafts with them around Easter time.
The bunny is made from a glove, some pins, a bottle cap, yarn, stuffing, and a few other items.

This is a fun, and attractive Easter Bunny craft for preschoolers, Kindergarteners, 1st graders, and other young children. Not only is it super fun to create, but it also is a craft with a real use - holding stuff.
These are all paper-folding dolls that you can play with like toys for Easter time or after you have heard this great story.
It is very easy to do and can make a beautiful little gift or grab bag for the Easter season. If you’d like to have a go at making your own here are the instructions they use to make them. You Then glue the cat together by reading the directions and then put it over the bunny's ears to keep him together. You can put little paper rabbits all over the Easter Dinner table with the person's name on it to use as Easter Placecards.
The follow the instructions in the printable to fold the basket in place and in the rabbit's hands. Click here if you want to print him in color and click here if you want him in black and white (to color in yourself).
Either way, the instructions above are all illustrated and as long as you read them carefully and follow them to a 'T', you will be able to make the cutest little origami bunnies.

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