Just as a deck is a great place to spend time outdoors in the yard, a dock is also an ideal way to enjoy your waterfront property or vacation home.
This finished dock by Deck Remodelers includes a roof to shelter for the homeowner's boat, and the ipA?-wood walkway is accented with an inlaid decorative detail.
Dock construction is similar to that of building a deck: it requires footers, posts, railings, joists and decking. According to a construction official in Sparta Township, homeowners who want a floating dock do not need a permit to build one, because it technically is considered a "vessel." However, some municipalities may require the homeowner obtain approval from the lake community or other entity that sets registration rules for boat and other water vehicles. No matter what type or design you choose, selecting the right materials is essential when building a permanent dock, McAleer said. McAleera€™s material of choice is ipA? (pronounced ee-pay) wood, a type of Brazilian walnut that he said is eight times stronger than oak.
Some dock makers also use PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and new plastic products - akin to the material used for vehicle dashboards - instead of wood. Special construction must be undertaken with a permanent dock so it stays where ita€™s supposed to.
McAleer said manufacturers now make "built-in bubblers" to keep the water around the pilings from freezing during frigid temperatures.
McAleer said once the dock itself is built, homeowners can keep it simple or request amenities.
Specialty Hardwood & Softwood lumber, Ipe decking, Marine and specialty plywood, natural wood finishes, boat building, musical instruments, furniture, etc.
In the commercial and residential decking market today there are many options for long lasting, low maintenance, and attractive lumber.
Our experience has proven to us that nothing can beat the durability and beauty of a tropical hardwood deck.
Additionally, with more public awareness of sustainability issues, the public would be glad to know that tropical hardwood decking is one of the “greenest” options available today. While not quite as stable as Ipe, when dried properly and allowed time for acclimatization, Cumaru will not move or check much at all. We recognize a growing trend for good decking alternatives to Ipe and feel that Cumaru offers the best opportunity for a lower cost without much compromise in terms of quality and durability.

The Teak lumber we sell is usually requested by the boat building industry, and we maintain a massive inventory as one of the largest importers of Teak lumber in the country. Our staff is highly experienced and knows a great deal about decking materials and how they will behave in different climates and environments.
Unison Windows and Doors has recognized the tropical wood, Ipe, for its durability and beauty.
Unison’s first experience with Ipe was based on a request from the Daisho Corporation for a resort package made with a Douglas Fir interior and an Ipe exterior. Stay updated with industry & technology news and see our project updates in our Blog and News section. The first is a stationary dock, the other a floating dock that can be removed after the summer season. Permits can be obtained by either the homeowner or the contractor, who also must submit construction plans. The most popular design is rectangular, jutting out into the water, McAleer said, "but we just finished a U shape with a roof coming off a walkway on the lakefront. As with any construction project, check local municipal codes and regulations before getting started. Includes a company profile, a list of products, a price list, ordering information, photos, hours of operation, directions and a location map. Composite products have proven over the last 20-30 years that they do not boast the same colorfastness or durability as hardwoods like Ipe, Cumaru, Teak, or Jatoba.
We specialize in Ipe, Cumaru, Teak, and Jatoba decking, but we can source and offer additional species on request. Gibson McIlvain has built long standing relationships with mills in South America and Southeast Asia to ensure we always have quality lumber in stock. The density, extreme stability, and resistance to rot and decay make this species perfect for decks of all shapes and sizes. The wood has gained a strong following in the interior flooring market under the trade name Brazilian Cherry.
Although the wood is traditionally used in boat building, it has found another market in private homes.

Ipe is an extremely high performing wood, traditionally used to build piers, boat beds, fencing, outdoor furniture and decks. Successfully gluing the two species had never been accomplished before, and Unison was told it was impossible by the University of Rosenheim. Get answers from our friendly & knowledgeable sales staff and wood technology specialists.
Gibson McIlvain focuses on the high end decks and docks that are synonymous with tropical hardwood decking.
It is hard to beat the characteristics of Ipe, but we have found with extensive experimentation that Cumaru is a solid alternative. The only option that was suggested at that time was to screw the two species together, but the aesthetics wouldn’t pass our standards. Even better with today’s design trends of blending indoor and outdoor spaces, once can seamlessly blend their interior floor with their deck by using the same species. The maintenance is minimal and only requires an annual rub with teak oil to sustain its rich color. Unison spent 6 months collaborating and researching a solution with the University of British Columbia before we even submitted a proposal to Daisho.
It can be left to weather to a silvery hue or, with periodic treatment of timber oils, it can keep it’s rich reddish brown luster. Jatoba is a widely available species for decking and it will often be a bit cheaper than Ipe too. With perseverance we were able to find a reliable method that we are proud to stand behind and built the resort.
This durable ironwood is extremely suitable for the Lower Mainland’s harsh humid climate, and adds an elegant, exotic look to a building.

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