Seventy years on, the outbreak of World War limited the fleet to two races, as use of Plymouth Sound was handed over – in commemoration – to the Red Arrows for the latter part of Thursday afternoon. This was even more in evidence in race 5, as the wind freshened still further to create prolonged flat-water planing conditions. With four races, big shifts and plenty of high scores, day three – with racing outside the Plymouth breakwater – might have been decisive.
With a single race on Sunday morning, the arithmetic at the top of the fleet was fairly simple. The Reloaded team was; Gavin Watson (Helm), Dan Watson (Cockpit), Mark Penfold (Spinnaker and your correspondent), Damian Thomson (Tactician), “Bam-Bam” Barnicoat (Bowman). Race 5 in the series saw a complete reversal of fortunes, with the honours going to boats not previously in the frame. At the same time, it proved disastrous for ‘Reloaded’ and ‘Serco’ who finished 20th and 22nd respectively. In the day's first race, Mike Marshall on TBD claimed the top spot, followed by Tony Parker on Bangor Packet and Paul Scalisi on Rabit Cson Duck Cson. Conditions on Lake Ontario started at 4-6 knots and settled in at 10 to 12 for race two and as high as 18 to 20 knots for a short time in a squall at the end of Race 2.
Ninety-six teams from 12 countries (Argentina, Barbados, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Peru and the United States) are participating in the event. SailingX is a West coast sailing Forum, where performance minded sailors come together to enjoy helpful and informative discussions about sailing. Despite the strong winds, day three of the worlds saw the first all-female crew in the Top Ten: Ragna Thonnessen and her crew of "Juelssand" (GER 5313) finished in eighth position in the second race of the day.
On Wednesday night the crews gathered for the traditional "Champions Dinner" held by the Norddeutscher Regatta Verein who is organizing the event. Plymouth Gin Series at Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club - Week 3As the spring heat wave continued it was a depleted fleet that assembled for the third week of the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club's Plymouth Gin Series. The twenty-boat fleet had enjoyed three days of close and exciting racing in varied and challenging conditions, before Sunday’s last race showdown. Despite being the only member of the fleet with memories of that historic day, Stuart Jardine helmed “Stouche” to second place in both races, which were sailed in a robust WNW wind in the choppy waters of the Sound, avoiding the big seas outside the breakwater. Making a welcome return to domestic competition were the artists formerly known as “Hegehog”, Southworth, McLelland and McLaughlin now joined by Mike Kyte and Gary Denning on “Writing Instruments”, a former Worlds and double Europeans winning boat. With the wind again filling from the right on the run, Watson’s skillful helming on the final run took Reloaded past “Writing Instruments” (back on the water with a replacement boom), and to a first race win despite a tense few moments as “Madeleine” caught up following an early spinnaker recovery in order to ensure a safe gybe for the finish. Instead, the bad luck and good judgement seemed to spread itself fairly evenly across the leaders.
Bachelor and the team on “Serco” would win the Championship with a top three finish, or a better result than “Stouche” and “Reloaded”. They made up for the weather-affected programme and it was the consistency of the sole American entry and a leading UK contender over those five races which has put them very much in command going into the final day. Added to a black flg on the opening race, that result has had a significant impact on Serco’s chances of retaining the trophy. Bruschetta from Brazil scored a 9 and a 1 on Tuesday for a total of 18 points after two days racing.

By becoming a SAILINGX member you gain access to post topics, participate in live chat box discussions with members, upload photos and videos, as well enjoy many other features of our site. Measurement and a practice race will be held on Thursday July 7, with racing July 8-10, 2011. It was again Ian Southworth (GBR 5219) who sailed two excellent races and kept his lead over second-placed Mike Ingham (USA 5443).
Ian Southworth and his crew, with a third and a first place today, are putting together a very consistent series. For Thursday, the weather forecast sees the wind decreasing to an average of 11 knots, which may favour the lighter crews like that of Tokuma Takesue from Japan, currently in fourth place.
Both races really belonged to Nathan Bachelor, sailing Bob Turner’s “Serco”, who ended the day with a perfect score, reflecting the perfect tactical execution of this very experienced crew. Returning their newly acquired mount to championship fettle was proving a tough task and this top crew had managed only 8th and 3rd the previous day. But the real drama was further back, where Thijs Knapper’s “Phoenix” had capsized leaving four of the crew in the water and away from the boat. Fifth placed McDonald’s “Legal Alien” scored 4th in race 6 and 1st in race 9, with two discards in between! Mike Pearson ran a teriffic series, giving the fleet some of the best racing ever and achieving a record 10 races in four days – with very little time spent waiting around on the water. Luis Olcese on Scaramoush from Peru is in second overall with 41 points, and Frithjof Schade on JJone from Germany has 43 points in third place. Southworth, who narrowly lost the worlds 2010 and ended up fourth in 2012 and 2013, is totally focused on finally winning this trophy. Mistakes were hard to recover from, and every boat picked up at least one double-digit finish in the course of the series.
Watson made a quiet start to his title defence, tacking away too early from the favoured left side of the first beat and finishing in third.
Worse was to follow on the first beat of race three, with a broken boom calling a temporary halt to proceedings. With the race organiser’s RIB some distance away, there was a halt in proceedings while a number of boats turned or stopped to stand by and offer help. For “Reloaded” it was the opposite story, with discards in the first and last races of the day and two 1st places in between – briefly giving Watson the lead overall. The course was set on the eastern side of the Sound, with a southerly wind and a beat to the eastern end of the breakwater. Thanks also to our sponsors, especially to F.S Composite Design Ltd and Lynbridge Dental Surgery – the alter egos of Stig McDonald and David Cooper, for their lead sponsorship of the event. After a good start, we found very good boat speed and took the right tactical decisions." The Juelssand Crew has been sailing together since 2008. A brave call to change up to Genoa for the second beat enabled “Reloaded” to salvage fourth place from race two. The top four overnight broke away from the pack and Jardine consolidated his challenge with a race win. When the RIB arrived, the crew were safely recovered and racing continued – final placings being sorted out through redress hearings that evening.

The day’s other race winner was Jardine, who began the day promisingly, only to pick up his two discards in races 7 and 9. And as if things were not tense enough, the ebb tide brought a general recall and out came the Black Flag. Nick McDonald and Johnny Allen, on board “Legal Alien” took the first of three 4th places that would help see them take fifth place overall. McCarthy closed the gap with a second place, while Watson rued a fluffed spinnaker recovery that left “Reloaded” fourth of four behind “Serco”. The wind was continuing to build, so Race Officer Mike Pearson sensibly called a halt for the day with Bachelor and the “Serco” team with 9 points leading by four from Jardine and “Stouche”. For “Serco” race 6 provided their high score for the day, though 3, 6, 2 in the remaining races gave Bachelor the best total for the day. With three boats in contention, there was no scope for match racing and the restart saw the fleet away cleanly.
McCarthy & Phelps in “Madeliene” scored a sixth in the first race, that they were later able to lose as one of their two discards – the lowest score discarded by any boat in the event, and evidence of the consistency that made them the form crew in the first half of the season. These boats again shared the top places in race 4, but this time it was Serco who took the honours, from “Reloaded” – which this time overtook both“Stouche” (third) and “Madeleine” (fourth) – showing good downwind technique and tactics, favouring the right hand side of the run, where the pressure was consistently best. Watson and “Reloaded” were a further point behind, with McCarthy’s “Madeleine” five points back on 19. Even the consistent McCarthy picked up a 17th, but none the less closed the gap with Jardine to just 3 points. Watson and Jardine started in the Committee boat half of the line, Watson judging that the mid channel ebb tide would be a bigger advantage than any wind effect of the headland on the left of the course.
More remarkably, they sailed half of race 1 and the whole of race 2 – in which they were 5th – with no spinnaker.
Southworth had three good results, spoiled by a 17th place, that meant he could only move up to 7th having run out of discards. But it was “Reloaded” that edged ahead of the right hand group and whose decision to opt for the channel proved correct, holding the lead for most of the first beat. Rob Clark, in his newly acquired “Ju-Ju” picked up 2nd in race 6 and 4th in race 9, to move into the top half of the fleet, whilst Brian Downing scored his best result of the week with 4th in race 7. With “Stouche” and “Serco” back in the pack, things looked fairly straightforward, but a mistake near the top mark gave McCarthy the opportunity he needed to get “Madeleine” ahead. Southworth’s “Writing Instruments” passed “Reloaded” on the run, but Watson held onto 3rd place, to give himself a chance of the title, provided “Serco” finished no better than 5th.
With “Legal Alien” and “Stouche” occupying the next two places, this was too tall an order for the Weymouth team, who had to settle for second overall.

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