Since I used as inspiration one of the boats linked on your site, I have taken some photos of my Lowe 1448 mod-V Jon.
As everyone can see, more work has been accomplished on the Jon Boat restoration project, but still a long way to go.
Hello everyone, this forum has been great and I have been watching, reading and even commenting here and there.
After drilling the rivets and removing the seats, I chemical stripped the entire boat and began the custom aluminum work. The front storage compartment is finished, the seats are riveted back in and the work has begun on the diamond plate floors. I like how you cut out the front seat but left enough for support and possibly some storage in the small cut outs. The power for the trolling motor comes from a Nautilus deep cycle battery carried through 6-gage wire to the front of the boat.

The boat is electrified with a fish finder, nav lights, utility receptacle, And deck courtesy lights. May want to be careful when you test drive it!The front seat mod idea came from a user here asinz who did this to his. It should work nice once all the wires are cut to length and properly affixed with ring terminals and shrink tubing. Obviously, I have not finished yet, and will be working on the boat when I am not fishing and at work.
One is empty, and is used to keep thermoses, and lunch items that don't need to be kept on ice. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can finish the floors, work on the side panels and then begin the primer and paint.
In the water it's as stable as a dock and very functional when fishing.Cleanup is quick and easy.

I've used this boat more than a dozen times since the end of January, when I got to a point where the boat could be used.
My Interests I'm very pleased with this little boat, even though it's a far cry from the full bore tournament bass boats I've had in the past. Then it is just finishing the electrics, installing the pumps (3), and making sure everything works.
It's roomy, safe, very "fishable", fast for what it is, and the power it has, (23.7 MPH on GPS, fully loaded with two "non petite" people aboard) and very inexpensive to operate, insure and tow. Hope you enjoy the pics, maybe somebody will be inspired by my photos and make their own "bass-Jon" I enjoy your site very much, and appreciate the work put into it.

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