A Kayak rental at canyon lake is spectacular way to spend your day adventuring or exercising and enjoying the outdoors!
We are located nestled in by the entrance to Comal Park Near Boat Ramp #1, 2, 3 , 4 & 5. Kayaking, like canoeing, is also known as paddling, but is different by the sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddlea€”in a kayak the paddler faces forward, legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle. Once on the river, the run is basically class 3-4 with one class 5-ish rapid that is often portaged. If you plan to run the Black Canyon and are looking to join a group contact Pepe Lopez of Apumayo Expediciones in Cuzco. With our kayak rentals at canyon lake we include a Kayak , Paddle, life Jacket and some light instructions if needed all for just $50 for up to 3 hrs or $75 for the day per Kayak. We are near some great paddling where you will have access to long beautiful coves with lots to see and it is located in a no wake zone so you wont have to worry about boats or Jet Skis Blasting by.

Our well maintained rental kayaks always provide a safe and fun paddling experience, and we are expert at fitting our boats to paddlers of all shapes and sizes.
The traditional Black Canyon run is a three day 60 km stretch beginning at Nayhua (elevation 2400 meters and finishing Puente Haulpachaca elevation 2275 meters). These well preserved ruinas show what many believe to be the birthplace of the Inca civilization.
The large rapid is found within the first 10 km of the run as are most of the other larger rapids of the trip. This 7 km day run is best after the high water has receded and is usually from mid to late May onwards. Pepe runs commercial raft trips thru the canyon starting each Sunday from Mid May to end of October. We Can also lauch you from within Comal park where you will have access to Kayaking around the islands of Canyon Lake and Seeing the Beautiful Canyon Lake from a whole new Perspective.

Puente Hualpachaca is also the put-in for the popular, class 4-5, commercial 3 day raft trip. Get directions for turn to Paccaritambo and then in this town get directions for turn off to Nayhua which is about 5 km outside of town. Put-in for this stretch is called Tincoj and is close to where the Vellile River enters the Apurimac at elevation 2525 meters. To do this one needs to put in at Puente Hualpachaca which is reached by taking the road from Cuzco to Yaurisque then turning to Huanoquite. You can bring camera's, but they do have the possibility of getting wet, so bring a water proof bag.

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