Hobie Mirage Adventure The Hobie Adventure is the fastest in the range, and quite possibly the fastest Sit On Top in the world.
Take all of the performance and features of the Hobie Mirage Adventure, add outriggers, a sail kit and dagger board and you have possibly the most versatile watercraft ever.
Fast Shipping: Orders for the Lifetime 90183 generally leave the warehouse within 1-2 business days. The Hobie Mirage range can be paddled like standard kayaks or peddled using the unique Hobie drive system and can also be sailed. It is also the lightest and we were amazed at how easy it was to lift on and off the roof of our vehicle. We were all pleasantly surprised at the forward speed that the Sport had, really demonstrating how effective the Mirage Drive system is. The Outback felt like one of the most stable Sit On Tops that many of us had ever paddled and will make a fantastic platform for fishing, diving, photography.
The model we tested had the ST turbo fins which is an upgrade kit for the drive system which adds even more speed. It is longer than the Outfitter and felt a little faster and sleeker through the water, and would cover larger distances with ease. The Hobie Sport was easily carried down to the water by one person and at 2.92m in length will be great for car topping and for storage in the garage.
It is more accommodating for the larger paddler but also great for smaller paddlers as with all of the Hobbies there is plenty of adjustment to put the paddler in the most comfortable paddling position. It felt sleeker and faster than the Sport and Outback but still stable enough for fishing, touring and exploring. The Adventure is the boat to buy if you are looking for speed, tracking ability or looking to cover some more serious distances. The Adventure Island can be bought complete or an upgrade kit can be purchased to add to your Hobie Adventure.

It felt like a two seater version of the Outback, with rod holders strategically positioned and plenty of storage space for fishing gear and kit. The Oasis is a very stable tandem but not as wide as the Outfitter and with no rod holders would not be as great a fishing platform. This is more like a helping kit and it can help you drift if you want to make some movement, but it wont help you get to the exact spot you want to go. With Hobie kayaks gaining more and more popularity we decided to get a team of Canoe Shops UK staff to go and test the range. We thought it would also be a great option for storing on a larger boat, or caravan, mobile home. Using the drive system offered more performance, surely making the Hobie Sport one of the fastest sub 3 meter Sit On Tops around. The Hobie Outback comes well equipped with four fishing rod holders, 2 hatches and plenty of storage space on deck. On the day there was a fairly strong wind blowing up the estuary and the Revolution handled the wind and chop superbly. Our test team knew how effective the drive system is on the Hobie kayaks but were still amazed at the speed they generate.
It covered the distance easily so would make a great tandem kayak for day trips and exploring, estuarys, creeks, and bays. If fishing from the kayak is not high on the list of priorities then the Hobie Oasis is fast, stable and the perfect tandem for exploring and adventures.
It sailed well too, although the wind was gusting F5 up the estuary so not ideal for the Hobie sport to sail. As with the other Hobie kayaks the rudder system is superb and the outback maneuvers with ease even without the rudder. It will suit paddlers of all abilities and a wide range of paddler sizes from children to large adults.

The Hobie adventure has rod holders and hatches so is still a good option for fishing, especially if you want to get to those hot marks further out. We found that it could be paddle one person as well, and both the Outfitter and Hobie Oasis will take a sail kit too. The Sport was great for our small and medium sized guys, but larger paddlers may want to look at the Outback.
Using the drive system the Revolution really took off and was one of the faster boats on the day. The Adventure has lots of storage space at the rear of the boat but also has a large storage hatch in the bow of the kayak which allows you to take lots of kit and makes weekend trips and adventures easily achievable.
Our test guys thought that the Outback would be their choice as a fishing or diving platform. We could see why Hobie Kayaks class the Revolution as their Hybrid kayak, with the perfect blend of speed stability and maneuverability. However, sometimes the packaging may be slightly damaged, but you may not be sure whether something inside is damaged. Lastly, if you are unsure whether this product will fit your needs please contact a customer service expert toll free at 866-308-5484. If you are interested in picking it up locally contact our customer service for a super cheap pickup quote at 866-308-5484.

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