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One of my favorite ways to explore a new city is to walk the streets, meandering from place to place letting my whims and the temptations on the horizon determine my path. A short ½ mile walk along the waterfront leads to the Public Library and the site of the second statue. At the midway point, the trail turns towards downtown Coeur d’Alene and takes a mini-tour through the quaint shops and restaurants of the area.
The walk from the third to the fourth statue is the longest stretch on the trail, because it traverses the longest floating boardwalk in the world that runs along the water in front of Coeur d’Alene. If the distance is too lengthy for little legs, you can easily cut out a mile of walking by skipping the floating boardwalk. Parking is available in a city lot near the Trailhead, but we found the parking near Coeur d’Alene resort to be the most convenient for the roundtrip hike. Signs highlight the Mudgy Trail to keep you on track and stores that sell Mudgy gear bear a sticker on their store window.
The Mudgy and Millie story and trail are not only delightful for little ones, but it also the best way to spend the day in Coeur d’Alene. The fourth stops on the trail are set amidst the bucolic City Park that features a sprawling wooden playscape for the kids and is just steps away from the water sports dock. I also enjoy the experience of meandering through a new city, but have not found that to work well with the littles – maybe when they’re older! The rich mahogany of the boat, the deep blue and cream of the upholstery inside, the crispness of the bearded captain’s uniform all brought a posh formality to the affair. I felt like I should have been wearing boat shoes, rolled up khakis, with a cable knit sweater jauntily knotted around my shoulder. The ride over was even more Polo-esque as I watched the stars and stripes flap in the stiff boat breeze.
At the golf course, everyone has a caddy dressed in the same all-white jumpsuits you’d see at Augusta National. It’s a sunken amphitheatre, surrounded by a five to six foot stadium of flowers in bright pinks, purples, and whites exploding in perfume and colour. Just 7 minutes on Lake Coeur D’Alene in the sleek mahogany boat was all I needed to make me dream of 1986 and have the absolutely best day ever.
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Exploding fireworks on the 4th of July create a dazzling display over Lake Coeur d’Alene.
Spend the holidays in Coeur d’Alene with its nostalgic shops, Holiday Light Show, and more!
My children do not share this lazy, indirect method of exploration, and so, for the most part, traveling with the kids is more of a scurry from point A to point B, do not pass go endeavor. These two lovable characters were created by acclaimed author Susan Nipp, who is best known for her Wee Sing collection. The trail is a popular one for locals and a perfect view of the natural beauty for which the city is known. Near the library is a new and very impressive playground that was a big hit after the first part of the hike. The statues are actually fairly close to each other and once you reach the end, you can walk fairly easily back to the parking lot without too much whining.
Walk around (or through) the Coeur d’Alene resort instead of traversing the boardwalk and you will save some time.
The trail hits the highlights of the icons of the city, and since it is centered on the lake and the resort, it is an ideal way to add a few extra activities to make it a full day. If you are an avid hiking family, you can hit the trails early enough to enjoy the three mile round trip hike around the hill or check out some of the secluded beaches along the lake.
Depending on the season and your interests, you can catch a scenic boat tour, rent a kayak or jet ski, take off on a seaplane, or relax on the beach. Dockside has fantastic food with beautiful lake views, but they are known for their Gooey’s dessert bar, and specifically known for their ice cream sundaes that can only be described as decadent. I love the storybook walk, what a creative way to tempt families into learning more about the area. Throughout the day, 2 boats run back and forth between the two stops ferrying resort guests to a private beach and golf course. At the driving range, where you hit floating balls into the lake, there is complimentary sports massage.
The 14th hole was playing about 170 yards into the wind on the day we watched a few groups take a swing.
Next to it is, perhaps, the most stunning setting my wife and I have ever seen for a wedding. Take a stroll along the 2-mile Tubbs Hill Trail, or just relax on the sandy beaches of Coeur d’Alene City Park.

Attractions such as lake cruises and a visit to Silverwood Theme Park along with activities such as teeing up at a championship golf course or shopping for antiques and art downtown show why Coeur d’Alene is known as the playground of the Pacific Northwest. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Junk Store Coeur Dalene interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Finding a way to entice the kids wander with me is a special treat, so when I read about The Mudgy and Millie Storybook Trail in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, I was so excited about exploring the new city my way.
It is also the setting of the beginning of Mudgy and Millie’s hide and seek adventure and the site of the first statue.
Honeypeeps Sweet Shop and Figpickles Toy Emporium on the way to see the third statue on the main strip. At the end of the boardwalk, it is a short walk into the City Park that houses a giant wooden playscape and the fourth statue. With a 9:00 am start, it is easy to hike the hill and reach downtown just before lunchtime.
Any or all of these options are ideal for an afternoon of exploring the watery jewel of the city.
The final stop sets out on Independence Point, and its unmistakable position on the lake is a perfect place to grab a souvenir picture.
I remember getting up early the next morning, waiting in the Boxing Day lines and getting a coveted peach Ralph Lauren dress shirt to perfectly fit my preppy 80s style.
Nobody landed it on the green, which isn’t a shock, divers pull more than 24 000 balls from the lake each year. There’s easily enough space here to then turn around and have a hand-passed cocktail and canape reception.
Mudgy and Millie certainly have a gorgeous view from this peninsula in the park, and it’s worth a few moments to enjoy the view along with them. For kid friendly fare, Tito’s inside the Shoppes offers make your own pizza and pasta for kids. Another option is Bonsai’s, a pan Asian bistro with a Japanese garden and koi pond that kids love.

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