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With about 3-million visitors a year, Lake Powell has shown supremacy over other attractions in the regions, with multiple services, facilities and amenities close to the recreational area, and particularly in Page City, Arizona. We are talking about human or pet waste, which burying in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is prohibited. But houseboating is more than potty facilities, featuring a completely new perspective of Lake Powell, since there are no restrictions on where visitors can stay, except in the Navajo Nation, over Rainbow Bridge National Monument area, where a permit must be obtained at the Navajo Fish & Wildlife Department, phone (928) 871-6451 Window Rock, Arizona. Staring at the night sky while floating on the secluded areas of Lake Powell is a once-in-a-life experience.
As a single rental concessionaire, ARAMARK provides houseboat rentals, although you can also buy a houseboat or share one of them, the activity commonly referred as a time-share, describing the shared-ownership of a boat, particularly useful to getting a luxurious floating vacation home that otherwise is out of the range for most individual’s average budget. Some houseboats are so expensive that they are shared with up to 30 different owners that plan together the time when each family will be using the houseboat, sharing as well the storage, upkeep, and enjoyment of a top-quality floating house.
Over 80% of all fatalities that occurred on Lake Powell in the past years are attributed to alcohol abuse onboard any boat facility. Your Houseboat Vacation: cruising beneath high red rock cliff walls, exploring serpentine finger canyons, fishing for bass or walleye, swimming in the warm waters, and camping along sandy shores. The Escape has room for up to sixteen people and works well for parties or just large groups on a big vacation.
The rental rates listed do not include sales tax, national park service fees or fuel expense. Your information will not be shared with anyone except as necessary to complete your request. Oregon Waterfalls Offer A New Family AdventureApr 29, 2016It would be easy to believe that the only place to discover stunning waterfalls in Oregon is the Columbia River Gorge — it’s home to dozens of falls cascading off basalt cliffs.
There’s not another family in sight, not a store for miles, no internet and only sporadic cell phone service. They’re too busy exploring the biggest water playground they’ve ever seen jet skiing and wake boarding, jumping off rocks into the water when they’re not pushing each other off the water slide on the deck of our floating vacation house.
Who said today’s families—even teens and college students—are too jaded for old-fashioned vacations?  Not on a Lake Powell Houseboat. And since there’s no resort staff to do our bidding, everyone must pitch in, whether digging a pit for the campfire, anchoring the boat, playing with the baby, or scrubbing the pots. That all contributes to the “it’s-us-out-here-alone”adventure that we’ll be talking about for years—along with the you-gotta-be-here jokes.  “The boat forced us into spending quality time together,” offered my 23-year-old nephew Chris Yemma, who just graduated from college in California. That was exactly my intent, of course during the only week all summer we could all be together. Even the kids who famously think scenery is “boring” are awed by the sheer beauty and size of the lake and the ever changing canyon walls and rock formations that look like mounds of chocolate ice cream scooped on top of vanilla.. Formed nearly 50 years ago by the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River, Lake Powell is so big it starts in northern Arizona and extends into southern Utah—more than 1900 miles of shore line   No wonder this is considered a premier Western houseboat destination, drawing families from all over the country. We pick up our boat, water toys and motor boat (it’s a lot more efficient to anchor the houseboat and explore via motor boat, we quickly learn) at Wahweap Marina, where “the guys” got an extensive Houseboating 101  lesson from an amiable instructor. There’s everything we need–even a TV, blender for margaritas and milkshakes and two gas grills—one on the upper deck.
We don’t have to be anyplace or do anything—until tomorrow.  And that’s a good thing—a very good thing. Taking the Kids publishes two e-newsletters per month, filled with information and advice for families traveling with children as well as tips on destinations and special travel offers from sponsors.
For lunches, set out sliced cold cuts and cheeses and let people make their own sandwiches.
Dinners will be the most complicated, because you’ll all be hungry from a full day out on the water. Please Note: The pricing information displayed below is subject to change (and it does change frequently).
This houseboat is rented from Lake Powell - Bullfrog Marina, and Lake Powell - Wahweap Marina. Select the marina you will depart from to see a list of items that will be provided with your houseboat rental. A: Your share has an equity value that will depreciate at a rate of approximately 5-6% per year, so if you purchase a share for $25,000 and want to sell it three years later, it still has a value of approximately $20,000.
Coampare that cost with a rental boat that typically costs $8,000 to 13,000 + and does not have nearly the features and amenities of a Sunrise Peak houseboat.
A: Sunrise Peak has over 23 years of experience and has placed over 120 luxury houseboats boats on Lake Powell.
A: After paying the $1,000 deposit, you have 10 days to get comfortable with the purchase agreements. A: The prime time period you purchase is a set block of time that you can plan on every year.

A: For a new boat, your off-season dates can be booked at the time of purchase for your share. Q: What services are covered by the annual maintenance fee and the launch & retrieve fee? A: The annual maintenance fee ($1500 on average) pays for things like storage, insurance, license, management, maintenance, etc. A: The maintenance crew normally has enough time between owners to make most necessary repairs.
A: There is sleeping for 10 adults or children in beds inside (refer to floor plan for each boat under the Available Shares button) with 8-12 additional mattresses on the top deck. A: No pets are allowed inside the cabin (they may be permitted on the outside decks) and smoking is strictly prohibited in the cabin, on the rear deck or near any fuel tanks.
A: It is stocked with all basic kitchen utensils and appliances, all deck furniture, BBQ, chest freezer as well as all the ropes, anchors, etc. A: You softly nudge the nose of the houseboat onto the sand at a 90* angle, then run 2 anchor lines off each side at about a 45* angle and 2 anchor lines off the nose of the boat to keep the front stable. A: An inverter converts the power produced by a bank of 12, 6-volt deep-cycle batteries into 110 power that will run household appliances and other accessories. A: The size of fuel tanks and waste holding tanks varies on almost every boat (check the amenities list for each boat). Considered by many to be the ultimate in houseboating destination, you can look foreward to years of bringing everyone together for the warm water, quiet canyons, amazing views, and soft red sandy beaches.
Lake Powell Timeshares is offering the best deal on Lake Powell for a luxuary houseboat that is second to none. However, the Glen Canyon National has certain limitations that can make it an uncomfortable camping experience within the Lake Powell region.
Although marinas and most rental facilities offer a porta-potty that must be returned empty and clean, renting a houseboat is better to manage this eventuality, and particularly useful when planning more than an overnight stay.
There is a primary houseboat provider serving the region, ARAMARK, that also provides visitors with diverse lodging and waste facilities, rentals, and fuel, as well as engineering and maintenance of the lake. However, safe boating must prevail and it is recommended to not drink when boating on the lake.
Another big risk is Carbon Monoxide (CO), a colorless, odorless gas that is produced by internal combustion engines, like those propelling houseboats. Houseboat rentals on Lake Powell abide with this requirement and have Carbon Monoxide detectors in their cabins, although you should follow the directions of the houseboat instructor, and review the safety instructions for houseboats. Some families and companies reserve three or more houseboats to accommodate their guests when celebrating an event such as a wedding, team work seminars, or a Fourth of July weekend. There is no better way to experience this beautiful area than aboard one of our modern, spacious houseboats. The goal of its design was to bring the high end luxury amenities of the largest boats on the lake into a package sized and priced for large groups on a budget. Two-year-old Ethan is alternately splashing at the shore with his mom and playing with melted ice in the small cooler.  Later, after we barbeque chicken and ribs,  we’ll sit around a campfire on the beach drinking a last beer,  eating  S’Mores and telling old family stories—the more embarrassing the better.
These days, it’s hard enough to gather the family at the same place together much less come up with something that will please everybody, whatever their ages—and in our case that means toddlers, teens, college students and newly minted college grads to 30 and 50 somethings.
We opted for Lake Powell after a family occasion brought us all to Las Vegas, about a four hour drive. We cook a big eggs-and-sausage breakfast and play in the water with Ethan while the older kids go water skiing and tubing.  They swim to a tiny rock island about 100 yards off shore and take turns cannon-balling into the lake.
You could fly into Las Vegas, Flagstaff AZ, Salt Lake City and drive or make other arrangements. Maybe you plan one big lunch and you buy enough tuna salad ingredients for one tuna salad lunch. If you’re renting the houseboat, talk to them about whether or not you’ll need extra water for cooking. Take the time to write down what you want, because once you get in there you’ll be tempted to go crazy. Sleeping up to 20 (but only 12 allowed on board while underway), this state-of-the-art vessel provides you with the amenities and technology to have an outstandingly comfortable and memorable houseboat experience. We endeavor to be as accurate as possible, but make sure you confirm pricing with your customer service agent before booking any trip. A one time buy-in cost is paid and you are guaranteed that same week on that boat every year.
Sunrise Peak will help you sell the share whether you are moving to a new boat or just need to sell it for whatever reason as long as our resale policy allows.
This deposit is refundable for 10 days, during which time you will receive all the paperwork and information you need to complete your purchase. If, within the 10 days, you change your mind for any reason, or no reason at all, we’ll refund your full deposit. With that prime time period you’re guaranteed access to off-season days, booked first-come, first-serve each year.

It is different from the typical timeshare in that you own a percentage of one specific houseboat and use the same boat each year. They orient the new owners, check owners on and off the houseboats, perform routine maintenance and repairs, etc.
Any damage caused by an owner will be billed to that owner and normal wear & tear maintenance will be paid for by the maintenance fund. There is no legal limit to the boat’s capacity, however the National Park Service requires a life jacket on board for each person. Full replacement value of the houseboat and $1,000,000 liability coverage with a deductible determined by the value of the boat.
You will need to bring your own bedding, towels and soap (although some L&R partners provide linen service). The boat is equipped with a fully-functional secondary helm which allows you to drive the boat from the top deck. All boats newer than 2002 have at least one and in most cases two electric 25 cubic foot side-by-side just like you may have at home. It provides plenty of power to run your AC, appliances, lights, and will easily recharge all batteries on board.
That is between you and the other owners on the boat, and it is okay as long as there is an insured owner of record of that boat on board. The second cause of accidents in Lake Powell and other lakes is attributed to Carbon Monoxide.
The more time in advance reserving a houseboat, the easier it is to meet your requirements in length of stay, accommodations and boat type. Grandparents could certainly help run the boat as it doesn’t requite a great amount of physical skill. You can also enjoy not only the beautiful lake but the whole place in Lake Powell through sports. It’s not the easiest task to put together a shopping list for many meals when you won’t be able to drop in at the store for something you forgot. Pasta, including a mac-and-cheese night, is going to be simple and filling, and you can make a variety of pasta types with sauces.
The price of a share is based on the age of the boat, length of the trip, size of houseboat and the time of year that you like to vacation. Each new owner is issued a membership unit in the corporation to represent their ownership. Another difference is that a timeshare can be rented or lent out, your use of your time on the houseboat cannot.
Starting in 2010 and up through the 2013 season, we are proud to offer Bravada Yachts houseboats. The local maintenance companies can also provide additional services like pilot training, boat orientation, additional ice & water, firewood, etc.
If an owner continually abuses the houseboat, the boat manager will take action to protect the other owners in the corporation.
Every once in awhile some unusual damage may occur with a boat, but we are usually able to make repairs in time for the next owner.
The boats are designed to comfortably accommodate about 18, although your individual comfort level may allow more or require less. Upon the purchase of a share you will receive a ‘Help Manual’ that has a detailed list of everything stocked on the boat and some suggested items for you to bring. Control of the helm and engines can shift easily from the captains position located inside the cabin to the top deck. Starting in 2002, all electric refrigerators run off the inverter so you don’t have to run your generator all the time.
To find the engines for any of our boats, go to the Available Shares button, select the boat, scroll down to the Amenities section and the engines for the boat are listed there. But the good news is that many people have accomplished this before you and there’s a lot of advice out there. Stock up on cereals, bread, butter, jam, and hot cereals that people can put together on their own. The average price of a share on a 2-3 year old boat during the peak season would be $30-$40K. Thank goodness for my well-stocked first aid kit!  Thank goodness we packed plenty of wine and beer!

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