We provide unloading for our quests to vist Camp Richardson, Chambers Landing, Homewood, Sunnyside, Tahoe City Marina, Incline Village and Zephyr Cove. During our tours guests have the opportunity to stop along the way to swim in the lake and enjoy water sports or just sit back and enjoy the sites. Our popular three hour tour will go from the Tahoe Keys Marina into Emerald Bay to visit the historic Vikingsholm's Estate. We schedule tours either in the AM or PM for 2-4 hours and charge by the hour not per person. Tahoe area, your knowledgeable captain will provide a local's insight of the past and present.
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Using a template, trace the design of your tugboat on some Trace the shape of the tugboat’s hull onto your 1-3?4" stock and cut with a bandsaw at a 30 degree angle.
To look their best, the hull, cabin and smokestack (pieces 1, 2 and 3) should be made from different species of wood.
With the dowels properly cut, the smokestack on the tugboat will be about 1" long, a task easily accomplished with your bandsaw. Set the fence on your miter gauge to 15 degrees to make the cuts on your dowels for properly-sized smokestacks. After the glue cured, all that was left to do was to complete the last bit of sanding on the boat. The Woodwind II is a twin-hulled sailboat owned and operated by Tahoe Cruises and sails from Zephyr Cove, NV. Hot Tip: Because the Woodwind II is a catamaran with shallow depth, this boat can get up close and personal with the shoreline of Lake Tahoe. If you can't get enough of catamarans, North Lake Tahoe's Hyatt offers cruises on their 55-foot catamaran, the Sierra Cloud. Hot Tip: The Sierra Cloud offers sunset cruises or morning cruises with coffee, mimosas and pastries. The Safari Rose is owned by the same company as the Woodwind II, Tahoe Cruises and sails out of the Tahoe Keys Marina in South Lake Tahoe. Hot Tip: The Safari Rose has a full stereo system so it's great for partying on your way to Emerald Bay. The beautiful woody, the 36-foot Wild Goose II is run by the West Shore Cafe in Homewood, CA and offers small group tours of Lake Tahoe from the Tahoe Marina in Tahoe Vista. The Rum Runner leaves from Camp Richardson daily in the summer for party cruises and private charters. The Thunderbird, a historic home on the east shore of Lake Tahoe, has a 40-foot wooden cruiser available for narrated cruises along the lake's shoreline.

You might hear this boat from the other side of the lake as it revs up its powerful engines.
Earn 3%-5% commission when your friend makes a purchase through your unique encoded link in the email. Visit Yellowstone, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Lake Tahoe, Grand Teton National Park, Casper, Devils Tower. Then we cruise up into the Caribbean waters of Rubicon Bay and continue through Meeks Bay up to the Homewood area to view the Godfather Movie Estate.
We chose Douglas fir for the hulls that we made so many years ago, because we had it on hand. You can glue and clamp the cabin in place if you’d like — or you can cheat like I did and use a 1" brad nail as a “clamp,” driven down through the hole you just bored in the cabin. There are several boat tours and boat rental companies in the Tahoe area that will take you to all corners of the lake. This 55-foot long boat can carry up to 50 passengers and can sail over 20 knots in the Tahoe winds. Operated by Action Water Sports, the Sierra Cloud offers two-hour sailing cruises along the Northern and Eastern shores of the lake. The Wild Goose II holds 12 passengers, so this is a perfect boat for intimate events and for families.
It has already traveled the world and now offers daily tours around Lake Tahoe for 50 people year round. The most anticipated part of this cruise is the ice-cold Rum Runner drink that continuously flows from the bar. The 33-foot Tahoe Thunder catamaran is Tahoe's fastest speedboat ride with over 800 horsepower engines and takes you on a thrill ride to Emerald Bay. Children 12 years and under are required to wear personal flotation devices at all times aboard our boats. We were both employed at my father’s and uncle’s professional woodshop — Rolf between college classes, me between life stages, figuring out what to do next. It is quick and easy to make on the band saw, but you could use a table saw to form it if you so choose. I suppose there are several good types of product you could apply to this toy that would do the job well. Whether you're looking for a party cruise on a speedboat or a quiet sailboat ride, we've picked the top 10 ways to see the blue waters of the lake from up on deck.
This is a great boat for special occasions like weddings, parties and receptions with its full bar, sun deck and enclosed main salon.
This catamaran is best for warm summer days where you can lounge on the fore trampolines or on the cushioned seats on the deck.

This 520 passenger Mississippi paddlewheel offers day and sunset dinner cruises that culminate with a tour into Emerald Bay. This 312-passenger paddlewheel boat has been one of the best cruises by the Tahoe Tribune and offers both day cruises and sunset dinner cruises. The Bleu Wave includes a full bar with a fireplace, a private lounge and stateroom, restrooms, a fly-bridge and party bow.
Start making the hull by tracing its shape on a properly sized piece of 1-3?4"-thick stock. This time, I set my miter gauge to a 15° angle and used an auxiliary fence and stop combination to control the length of the cut.
Tours start daily from the Zephyr Cove Marina and take you across the South Shore area of the lake.
The Bleu Wave tours cover all of Lake Tahoe and include an Emerald Bay lunch cruise and an afternoon cruise.
I should preface this by saying that we were doing production work at the time — so it was not too surprising that after an evening’s work, we had about 50 wooden boats: a fleet that included both the precursor to this little tugboat, plus a flotilla of small sailboats. My personal preference for this sort of toy is to use mineral oil (sold as Butcher Block Oil). When it came time to select a simple-to-make toy, that little boat drifted forth from the dark reaches of my memory. The result of this operation is that you will clean up the edge and form a shape that looks a bit like a boat’s rub rail. It is a sweet little craft that’s kid-tested, and as I have indicated already, you can make a pile of them in no time. Any wider and the shape at the stern (back of the boat for you landlubbers) would be harder to cut.
As just makes sense, when you complete each component of the boat, take a few minutes and sand it smooth, removing any machine marks or defects. I rotated it a bit back and forth, and then just left it to dry with the angle of the stack adjusted properly. So if you have a few little ones that might enjoy a tub companion, or who might want to sail them across the carpet, this toy is for you.
If you are going to make a few of these toys, line them up and cut them out one after the other. If your saw blade cuts similar to mine, the stern of your boat will need a little extra attention to clean things up.

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