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Im a slalom skier more then a wakeboarder but i started wakeboarding 4-5 years ago and now i hardly touch my ski. We've sold a bunch of Airborne towers on OnlyInboards and they seem to be a good tower, but the problem is that they are never in stock. Install wasn't too difficult either, only took me about 4.5 hours by myself to install just the tower.

I had a 2011 Bayliner 185 that I wanted to add a tower to, but didn't like a lot of the options out there because I wanted to keep the factory bimini as well.
Got some good reviews on Big Air Towers, took some measurements and figured the H20 would fit and allow me to keep my top. Matt has an ability to spin a great tale and although he can’t spell at 5 in the morning when he writes most of his blog entries, he sure can bring a smile to your face with his wit and humour.
Placed my order and had the tower on my doorstep less than 24hrs later, and it was crazy affordable. I caught them on sale and got the tower built to my measurements, 2 kicker 6.5" component speakers, 2 polished speaker cans, a double board rack, and a combo board rack for about $1400 shipped.

Was surprisingly strong yet light, and held up great, plus the threaded mount knobs made it easy to lay down the tower to get it into my garage if needed.
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