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I can say that it turned out to be more than what I expected and especially using just one Motor with a relatively low RPM specification.
I can't wait to command the large Plywood PT311 next time with the relocated location of the Batteries!!! I will have our very own DAVID HART who is the official Model Airplane News Magazine Photographer to take some high Resolution Digital Pictures!! Since the Stuffing Shaft that the boat ran for the first two runs was determined to be too short and the M5 Threads were not enough (too short of threads) to allow for the threaded M5 Propeller and the Backup securing Nut, tonight I finally changed it out to one that has slightly longer length and longer threaded end point. As you will see in one picture in comparing the Old and the Newer one, the Newer one provides much better setup for both the M5 Threaded Propeller "and" the Backup securing Nut. Here is the Video showing the 3rd Test Run with the improved Center Of Gravity by placing the Batteries further AFT and adjacent to the Motor. Giant Scale Aircraft require larger engines, stronger and more servos, and are over all much more expensive than the average RC airplane. There are two AMA recognized organizations in the US that are dedicated to Giant Scale Aircraft. The International Miniature Aircraft Association (IMAA) promotes the operation of large scale RC airplanes in a safe and informal manner.
Ducted Fan and Turbine aircraft must have 140" combined length and widthA true quarter scale RC airplane or larger will be permitted even if it doesn't the above requirements. If you see an airplane being advertised as "IMAA Legal", then it meets the above criteria and can be flown in IMAA events. This model airplane magazine will give you tips and techniques to build your very own scale version of just about any type of airplane imaginable!

The International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) promotes and sponsors scale aerobatic competitions. IMAC competitions are very much the same as IAC competitions, except IMAC pilots fly Giant Scale RC Airplanes instead of full scale aerobatic airplanes. An airplane must be a "true Scale" model of a full scale airplane in order to participate in IAC competitions.
You will find that most giant scale planes are powered by gasoline engines as opposed to the nitro engine used by most "normal" size RC airplanes. Other than the larger servos and redundant systems, Giant scale RC airplanes have the same electronics as a micro airplane! Most giant scale warbirds have working retractable landing gear, just like the full scale versions.
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Wolf-Stelzer Book LampMy friend Tess just made the cover of ReadyMade with her cool lamp design.
One day I stumbled upon a super-cheap Homelite 25cc line trimmer, and figured that it must be time to dig out those plans and whip up a boat, but the plans were nowhere to be found, apparently having fallen victim to several appartment and house moves. Oh, just so that you can envision the scene properly, yes I do wear a blue double-breasted blazer and white yachting cap whenever I am at the lake running the boat. In 68 i met Tom Patterson and linked up and built the engines for his cracker Sparkler for 5 yrs set the kilo at 95.170 in 68 and 70 was APBA high point had a great time racing in the cracker class kinda like water going sprint cars.

Now there are a variety of high quality Giant Scale ARF's for those of us that lack the time or patience to build such a beast from the ground up! These organizations are the International Miniature Aircraft Association (IMAA), and the International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC). But there are plenty of other events around the country throughout the entire flying season. However, you can still visit their Facebook Page to socialize with other giant scale airplane fanatics! This includes radio control, control line, and free flight planes ranging from tiny indoor birds to gigantic ships! The fully colored pages throughout shows you crisp images of the mind-boggling detail that goes into spectacular scale airplanes!
If you've never watched a full scale aerobatic airplane in action, you really are missing out. Each year IMAC gets a copy of IAC sequences and tweaks them to make them better suited for RC aircraft. If you don't like building from scratch you can always build from a kit such as the above Top Flite's F4u Corsair kit .
He made the windshield, and finished the hull in the classic Mahogany racing runabout style.
They harken back to a more refined and austere period in our country’s history when we toured the natural world in horse and buggy, carriage and trolley, prop-driven airplanes, and wooden boats.

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