In the Downtown area, there’s the relatively new Mob Museum, which traces the instrumental role the Mob played in development of Las Vegas as a destination area and of Nevada’s gaming industry. Outside of the Strip and Downtown areas, probably the best and newest museum in town for your family to see is the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, located across The Meadows Mall. If your kids like water parks, then they’re in luck as Las Vegas has a new Wet ‘n’ Wild water park in the southwest part of the city. Of course, one of the best places in Las Vegas for a visiting family to see is Hoover Dam, which is less than an hour drive from the Strip and Downtown hotels. No family outing to the Hoover Dam area would be complete without stopping by the neighboring Las Vegas Boat Harbor, located within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. I have been a tour operator for 10 year with CPR certified and First aid,  also have the vessel operators permit and US coast guard approved license. The Heart of Lake Mead is Hemenway Harbor.  Located only minutes from Hoover Dam by boat or car, Hemenway Harbor has all the amentities a visitor to Lake Mead or a boater on the lake may need.
Two marinas - Las Vegas Boat Harbor and Lake Mead Marina - fill the Hemenway Harbor with a buzz that must be experienced.

Bring the family and enjoy one of our nations jewels, the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Since 1957, the Gripentog Family has been a concession in the park.  Through the years, the business has grown, but you still find the family apart of the everyday operations on Lake Mead. And if so, have they ever asked you what can their kids do in the adult-oriented town of Sin City? Not too far from the Mob Museum is the Neon Museum where your family can be entertained by the glitter and glamour of old, but still functioning, neon signs that used to illuminate and call attention to Strip and Downtown hotel s of days gone by. The museum complex tells a rather complete story of the Las Vegas area from when it was only a prehistoric spring in the desert to today as one of the entertainment capitals of the world as well as of its history, geology and varied lifeforms.
It only opened several years ago; so your kids can enjoy some of the latest features in water park attractions and is an ideal place to cool off with your kids on a sunny hot summer day. There is an excellent visitor center there which offers fascinating and educational tours of the dam complex, still considered one of the great engineering achievements in the world.
The area is a local favorite as kids can thoroughly enjoy feeding popcorn the hundreds of oversized carp, striped bass and water birds looking for handouts within the confines of the harbor wharfs.

The Atomic Testing Museum tells the story about the Nevada Test Site, located 65 miles north of the city and the key role it played in the Cold War. While you are there, stop and walk across the new O’Callaghan-Tillman Memorial Bridge which spans the Colorado River and offers some of the best panoramic views of Hoover Dam. While the Strip and Downtown areas are probably not the ideal places for kids, there are a number of places in the area or nearby that would probably appeal to them.
Among other things, you can find exhibits about the times when live nuclear arsenals were routinely tested and exploded above ground. The bridge is reported to be the longest concrete arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere and, in and of itself, is a great modern day engineering feat.
As people then were not fully aware of the deadly hazards of nuclear radioactivity, for a while, these above ground live nuclear explosions were quite a tourist attraction.

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