Guillemot Kayaks specializes in in providing experienced and first-time boat builders the know-how to build their own kayaks and other small boats.
Using the "Strip-Built" or "Stitch and Glue" methods, beginner boat builders with little or no wood working experience have successfully built a beautiful wooden kayak. Building Strip-Planked Boats continues in the tradition of passing on boatbuilding knowledge in an accessible and humorous manner.

A juried contest of films celebrating the heritage, spirit of adventure, and ingenuity of boats and waterborne pursuits.
On these pages you will find information and designs from Nick Schade the man who wrote the best selling book on kayak building.
It provides clear and complete instructions to build a light-weight, high performance sea kayak.

250 Laurie McGowan considered three different hull shapes when developing the concept for a home-buildable sit-on-top fishing kayak.

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