I have tested many different kits from most brands, HPI, Tamiya, Yeah Racing, GT Powers and ABC Hobby, but this one is the blend of all of the above at a bargain price.
It is the simplest, yet full of functions, LED kit I have owned and I will never buy anything else again.
I recommend using a 4 channel radio as it gives you full control of the kit to switch between strobe mode and turn your hazards on at will. LEDs are fairly new to the market and will probably take some time to dominate the lighting industry, but here is some quick information about LEDs.
Here, at Innovative Lighting & Electric, we have a variety of LED options and we are able obtain most any LED lighting fixture or retrofit solution that best fits your needs.

Hot sale 26cm 3ch RC Mini CHINOOK IR control transport Micro Helicopter LED lights syma s026 rc planThis item could be bought  in our wholesale store immediately. In a 27T DF03RA sometimes even a jump can kill the headlights and the turn signals remain lit until its powered off then on. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Power 4 Channel Profesional LED Lighting System for Tamiya RC Tractor Truck #GTP-37069 (FREE SHIP), GTP-37069G.T. For the front LED light, the white and blue lights are flashing in the highest speed frequency in a loop.

For the back LED light, the white, yellow, red lights are flashing in the highest speed frequency as well - 4.

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