Note: We can take no responsibility for scheduling or itinerary changes due to changing weather, political situations, natural disasters or other events beyond our control. Click here to view our C Narrow Boat product range or contact our team today on 01455 896820. Nottingham Boat Sales a€“ We specialise in selling quality liveaboard narrow boats for sale.
This boat was architecturally designed for its current owner as a modern floating A very popular luxurious high specification liveaboard narrowboat. Living Aboard is the magazine for liveaboards, cruisers, and those still dreaming, written by people who are actually living on their boats. Phuket diving Thailand: dive boats have evolved considerably since the first trips began in the early 1970's. The boat is currently operating for a highly successful dive operation in Khao Lak Thailand, which can be sold with the boat.
It’s often men who have the irresistible urge to escape the rat race and live on a boat.

Let’s face it, almost everyone dreams of quitting their job and sailing off into the sunset. You will find no other dive liveaboard as beautiful in Indonesian waters, and being that she was built by divers for divers you can rest assured every need has been thought of and is being implemented.
We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for any kind of trip you do anywhere in the world. Read about the people who are living the dream and find out what living on a narrowboat is really like. Boats no longer offer just basic bunks, instead catering to the more sophisticated requirements of today's diver. All of our boats are purpose built dive boats, equipped with the latest in navigation aids as well as VHF communications. Due to its design our boat is able to enter lagoons and coves inaccessible to many other diving companies. We also recommend that you have DAN or other diving accident insurance up to date and current in case of an unanticipated evacuation or other treatment that may not be covered by your regular insurance.

Facilities on board most dive boats include air-conditioned cabins, TV and video, photographic facilities and plenty of deck space.
Whereas men outnumber women by a good ratio at any marina, there are a few hardy ladies who live aboard by themselves. Some people don’t want to leave the dock at all, but just enjoy life in a smaller and more simple space.
Below are some brief descriptions of boats currently operating liveaboard and day trips to the islands around Phuket, and further north, to the Similan Islands and Mergui Archipelago close to the Burmese border. Designated areas for charging and preparation of your camera and video equipment, the SY Indo Siren truly sets out to be the pros choice for underwater photography and videography. If you already have a boat, you might start taking longer and longer cruises until you don’t want to go home at all.

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