The Catherine incorporates the details of a display model combined with the great handling of a working model.
This scale boat is completely built and has the drive and steering components pre-installed and ready for use.
Wide angle view of lobster traps and colorful fishing boats at high tide Harbourville,Nova Scotia.This small fishing village is on the Bay of Fundy where the tides are highest in the world.
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West Prince fisherman Scott MacNeill thinks it's foolish for fishermen to stop their protest now.

The province has appointed former auditor general Colin Younker to review the industry and the prices paid to fishermen at the wharf. Stand up comedian Mike MacDonald shares his insights on how to find the funny after going through addiction, Hep-C, a liver transplant and living with bi-polar disorder.
Helen MacRae took up a unique musical challenge 81 years into her musical career, she entered the Queens County Music Festival with her neice.
And as of right now, some of these boats are $15,000 in the hole by being tied up from Wednesday. They say that's the best they can do considering the price they are getting from the marketplace.

Premier Robert Ghiz said the government has asked for an independent review of the markets to see if processors are offering a fair price.
The all weather hatches, HEAVY deep vee hull and sealed deck hatches, make this boat full capable of taking waves over the front without an issue.
The large 6-volt battery that is situatued flat in the bottom of th hull provides ballast and additional stability and over 1 hour of running time.

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