They are now under new management- the new property manager is the worst and obviously does not want to be here- I have had to deal with her too many times. I actually left Houston when my lease ended in October of 2012 and returned again in February of 2013. Everything started off well until my apartment had a water pipes burst while installing my washer.
I have been to this office and have lived here for over two years, as far as cheep I disagree. Whatever u do please do not even consider living here, I have been here less than a year an cannot wait to get out of here! They are very friendly, professional and handle any issues you may have in a timely manner.

The staff from the front office are really nive and they try to help me with all my requests. The staff is horrible, they have become under new management since I have been staying here and it is HORRIBLE.
My sister was picking up her 16 month old daughter and she was parked for 15 minutes and they towed her van!!

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