We are pleased to have repetitive customers every year and we have had more customers and more yachts to offer each year. We offer our customers who rent us A luxury yachts A helicopters, A cessna airplanes and A business jets for private flights in the Yucatan Peninsula , Mexico international flights. Luxury Yachts for rent Cancun offers A limousine rentals A in Cancun and Riviera Maya.A  Transfers from Cancun A airport to your hotel.
With Y Charter, you will experience the most incredible selection of boats and yacht rentals professionally crewed by highly qualified personnel. Our industry leading, top notch crew will cater to your every wish as you de-stress and enjoy the trip in one of our VIP yacht charters.
Y Charter Miami provides the most unique experiences on luxury boat, yacht and mega yacht charters. We can plan a term charter to nearly any destination that you desire, from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia and throughout the Caribbean and Central America.
Our extensive experience sailing through South Florida, the Bahamas, and destinations further abroad means that our experienced and talented crew has both the means and the skill to ensure that your yacht rental with Y charter not only meets but exceeds your expectations from a private yacht charter.
Contact us today to reserve a rental yacht and allow our staff to help you design a wonderful trip. This particular yacht features 2 cabins, bathroom, Air Conditioning and plenty of room to sunbathe. The price of your trip also includes; ice, snorkeling equipment, marina and maritime permissions, crew (captain and deckhand), insurance and water.

I offer the following thoughts in outline.  If something grabs your interest, feel free to comment.  If there is a bullet you would like to see further developed, let me know! All due respect to the UN and Jeff Sachs (and I know this sounds very arrogant), throwing large amounts of money at a problem has not been proven to be an effective solution (Bill Easterly has my back on this one).  The data from the Millennium Villages project is mixed at best.
A second problem is that of absorption—can the receiving community put the money that is given to work?  Do they have the systems and structures in place to use the money effectively to address hunger and poverty?  Haiti is a prime example of how difficult it can be to absorb aid. As my priest says, give time, talent, and treasure (yes, a comprehensive approach does cost money).  Our choices do matter, and I think that the choices we make as a community (however broadly we want to define that) matter even more.
We offer a variety of yachts for rent, and we strive to make every yacht charter voyage unique and different. Take a dip in the refreshing ocean water, cruise on a jet ski, enjoy all sorts of water toys, or have your favorite meal specially delivered on our luxury boat rentals. Our staff is pleased to customize your yacht charter needs for a holiday, special occasion, anniversary, corporate event, or a longer vacation. There’s nothing quite as luxurious as traveling on your own fully staffed private yacht to some of the world’s most beautiful port cities and beyond. Not matter whether you are planning a dinner cruise, day trip, or longer journey, we want to make it a voyage you and your guests will remember fondly for the rest of your lives. As one of the top yacht charter companies in South Florida, Miami, South Beach, and beyond, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and ensuring that every aspect of yours and your guests’ experience is remarkably memorable.
We are here to serve you and deliver an unforgettable experience on our famous luxury boat charters.

We pride ourselves in providing the very best to our customers and fulfilling even the most extreme and lavish requests on our yacht charters. And not only will you visit amazing destinations, you’ll be ensconced in the most deluxe accommodations possible - making it a trip to remember for you and your guests. From one hundred foot+ yachts that have space for a dozen guests on a term charter to smaller crafts perfect for a dinner or day cruise, allow our team to make your next holiday especially amazing. The fully experienced captain and crew are excited to cruise the day away, showing you their favorite spots or ready to await your directions. Yachting with us means customized itineraries and endless combinations of travel options all designed to suit your needs and desires.
Our certified and licensed captains look forward to delivering you to your destination(s) while our dedicated crew caters to your every need on our luxury yachts. We take utmost satisfaction in exceeding our clients’ expectations and look forward to helping you plan your dream getaway with us. Spend just a moment on our boats and you’ll see why we are amongst the top yacht rental companies in the world.

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