Note: if you do let them float outdoors, do add a little string to your boat, so you can retrieve them and not harm local wildlife!
You can make boats out of a surprising amount of different things – the humble Paper Boat (which we LOVE), margarine tub boats, crafts stick boats! 6) Crystal Treasures has a paper roll tube canoe – it looks fantastic (but note, not one for water, but for pretend play only). 9) A while back we also made Egg Carton boats – and used the kids artwork to decorate the flags. Hope you enjoy the boat crafts and that you are inspired to look around you and see what YOU could make a boat from! Pysselbolaget shares a different way of making tissue paper jar lanterns so you can make these cool silhouettes.
Another great craft in Lilla A's advent series - make house lanterns from milk cartons.
Visit Almost Unschoolers to get the directions for making these simple and beautiful ice lanterns.
I think these painted votives at DIY Weddings would make a nice gift for the kids to make or just to decorate for the holidays. Hundreds of discarded plastic bottles were turned into two giant fish sculptures at Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on June 19, 2012. I recently was given several boxes of ball-point pens, so here's the first of several projects towards their re-use. You can use a solder iron with cilyndrical sharpened working end and you will see that's the best way ti make holes in PET bottles.

I have recently used a pop bottle and drilled holes in it to make a debre filter for the pool pump in my dogs little kiddy pool.
The center row is at 90-degrees, and the other two are (more or less) evenly spaced on either side.
Would filling the bottles with water and freezing them help when drilling the holes?  It would give you something solid to put the pressure of the drill against. I have no way of officially measuring PSI, but it works when the water shoots up to about 6 feet with no problems, which is enough for my little garden.
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PollPOLLSWill there eventually be “trans” bathrooms in all public and business establishments? Teachers were asked to make a boat out of aluminum foil and test how many pennies the aluminum boat could hold before it sunk. The glowing installations are a part of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20). Another reason to keep those used pens that I'm pretty sure everyone would have a lot if they have been through school.
Trump Rape Allegations Are A HOAX, Trump Insider Speaks OutThursday: The Infowars Nightly News.
Both worked but for some reason i had an easier time drilling holes on the empty bottle.  When i have time I will pick up my parts to do this project.

At the conclusion of the teacher training workshop I gave the teachers a follow-up assignment.  They were to select from recycled materials I had brought in, as well as choose their own materials and build a model boat with their students. You could also fold them out of aluminum foil, wax paper or thick plastic like the one you find in chip bags and other foods, secure them with cello tape so they don’t unfold. Defense Bill Would Require American Women On The Front LinesWednesday: The Infowars Nightly News. Yesterday I received this photo showing a sample of some of the boats the teachers built with their students. It’s always reassuring for a teacher trainer  like myself to see that teachers are able, and do implement new and effective teaching strategies and explorations within their own classroom after attending  teacher training professional staff development sessions. Remove the ball-point and ink insert from the pin, and use the utility knife to cut the pen to a 2” length, including the cone-shaped tips.4. Elite Considering Marshal Law To Prevent Trump PresidencyTuesday: The Infowars Nightly News. Glue the hose attachment to the hole in the cap, using glue on both sides to keep in water. Revelations of the 28 Pages Have The Elite Prepping for Civil UnrestWednesday: The Infowars Nightly News.

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