I hear what you are saying, but expensive custom work does not always work out, at least the first try. The best material for humid areas is Sunbrella, because it breathes, and is a lot less subject to allowing mold to live inside your boat. The earlier post above about the strap problems and the poles falling over is due to two reasons. My cover completely eliminated the need for poles or straps by simply integrating the motor cover into the design. In the interest of inspiring ideas in others, I thought I would post pictures of one of my spring projects–making a boat cover support for my Sea Nymph 14R. Rather than provide too many specifics, these pics should be enough to inspire you to build a setup that will work for your boat. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
I paid a custom canvas shop (Karen at Allan Lucas Marine in Wilson, NC) $1200 for a custom fit sunbrella cover. Most t top covers don't go over the t top because there are usually antennas and other objects extending through the top. All I do is lower the motor and the top pulls up nice and tight creating a slope for water to run off.

When you decide that you are ready to have one made, take a few minutes to decide exactly what you want out of the cover. Ending the cover under the t top works well because it allows the free flow of air inside the boat. The poles fall over because there should be a grommet with a re-inforced patch in the cover which will allow the tip of the support pole to go through, preventing them from falling over.
How far down the sides should the cover extend, should it cover the motor, how should it attach, etc.
This 2 DVD set contains over 4 hours of useful information and is divided into easy to navigate chapters and scene selections. You pay for what you think is good and 2 years later your looking to purchase another cover.
First problem is the straps that suspend it from the T-top frame were just velcro, and they broke off; could not begin to support the weight.
It came with two poles that are suppose to put tension on the cover from underneath so water sheds off.
Someday I am going to buy an industrial walking foot sewing machine to do these types of projects myself. Those just fall over when the cover moves in the wind, and then the back end fills with water.

Instructions for making sand bag covers and webbing belly straps are also included in this DVD set. Now I have the boat back up there for probably 3-4 weeks so Karen can rework it and make it right. Make Your Own Winter Boat Cover DVD Chapters:Disc 1:Designing Your Winter Boat Cover – 27 min How Much Fabric Do I Need? I wish I could start over and I would just buy the proven off the shelf cover that goes over the T-top. A good Subrella is a man made acrylic and can last 10-15 years with re stitching every 4 to 5 years.
I'm just hopeful now that Karen can make the thing work so I can be reasonably happy with it.
My father built one for a customer 19 yr ago and because this guy takes care of it it's still around.

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