Replacing the pontoon furniture and boat seats on a used pontoon boat is an affordable way to enjoy the water without having to buy a new pontoon boat.  Pontoon Stuff® can supply you with everything you need for your pontoon restoration.
Most pontoon boat manufacturers do not build the furniture they install on their pontoon boats.
It is important to know that you are not limited by the original interior layout on your pontoon boat.
Replacing old pontoon furniture is a great way to make your pontoon boat look brand new & modern.
Ita€™s your fantasy come to life a€“ the Monark Fantasy 180 Pontoon Boat 2008 is here to make all your dreams come true! Pulling double duty as a sport and fishing boat, the Princecraft Sportfisher 24 LP4S Pontoon Boat 2008 offers you and your family double the fun. It may be the smallest in this line, but that doesna€™t stop the JC Pontoon TriToon 226 Pontoon Boat 2008 from riding like a much larger boat. Hip and cool, the Sylvan Mirage Sport Pontoon Boat 2008 is designed for a new generation of boaters.
An inflatable pontoon fishing boat comes with several choices depending on your angling needs. It should be clear that an inflatable boat is going to be simpler to transport than a large flat bottom boat or even a kayak. An inflatable pontoon fishing boat doubles for alternative activities such as swimming and sun bathing. About the author: An inflatable pontoon fishing boat is an economical and fun way to explore the waterways and enjoy fishing. I've seen a lot of these dual-hulled inflatable pontoon boats used in America for fly fishing and i'm interested in getting one for my father's birthday. We, Highland Ventures Ltd are the sole UK importers of the range of Classic Accessories Pontoon Boats and float tubes and have appointed a number of distributors in Scotland, where you can buy these boats.
My old cajun bass boat it in pretty bad shape but the motor (a 90 HP Johnson) runs like a top. I am looking for a kayak or pontoon boat to do some fishing on a couple of local ponds and lakes.
To properly lay or install your new pontoon boat carpet, make sure you’ve either installed new CCA treated marine plywood (or composite decking) for your deck or successfully cleaned up the existing pontoon boat decking.
If you scope out the deck for 10 minutes and think it is in good enough shape, then begin removing the marine carpet by simply trying to pull it up by a corner and scraping it with a flat scraper. If you are able to remove the existing pontoon carpet, make sure that you remove ALL of the adhesive and bits of old rubber backing from the pontoon deck. Once the carpet is removed, you can make the final decision concerning the pontoon boat decking. Roll the carpet out completely and fold it in half, so that it runs the length of the deck. To order the correct pontoon seats, it is important to measure your available pontoon space properly. Fill in the boxes with your pontoon’s measurements and print as a quick reference when selecting your new seats. An affordable pontoon boat with tons of room for the whole family to play, Monark has made sure to include everything you need to make your boating experience a great one.
Southlanda€™s basic model, the Fly SE comes equipped with the components and workmanship used in the companya€™s high-end models.
Then Misty Harbora€™s Explorer Fishing Pontoon Boat 2008 is just the craft your wallet has been craving. A great family craft, the Fundeck comes in six different floor plans, ensuring youa€™ll find the perfect fit for your needs. Luxuriously appointed, the Party Barge 20 is refined and sure to be a hit with the family (not to mention all your new friends).
Built solid with 5052-H36 marine grade aluminum alloy, the Sportfisher 24 LP4S features sealed pontoon bulkheads and a pressure-treated wood deck covered with marine grade carpet. Built with a unique unibody tri-hull construction and full planning capability, the TriToon 226 combines deck boat performance with pontoon boat comfort.
This mini pontoon boat is just the right size for ponds or lake, and handy to boot a€“ just tie it off to the dock or pull onto a bank, and ita€™s ready to go when you are. Sporting vivid, swept graphics and powder coated rails, the Mirage Sport features improvements such as 25-inch performance tubes and a skinned bottom. Youa€™re in luck a€“ the G3 Sun Catcher LX 20 Fish & Cruise Pontoon Boat 2008 lets you do both. Take a look at some of our extra options that are available to make this the Pontoon Boat of your dreams! Even though fishing from a kayak is almost impossible they do have one benefit over flat base fishing boats, and that is maneuverability. They're built to last for years and may easily be repaired or patched should an issue occur.
Before selecting your boat ensure you take into account all the things you want to use your boat for and take into consideration the amount of storage space each boat features.

A personal pontoon fishing boat is easy to transport and a foldable pontoon boat will even fit into the trunk of the car or a large backpack. If you check out the website you will find further details including the addresses of distributors, pictures of the boats in action and all the relevant info you may require.
I have seen some pontoon boats and kayaks for the same price and the pontoon boats seem to have more room and such with places for tackle. If you are restoring your pontoon boat please visit the link below, where you will find everything you need to rebuild your pontoon boat – pontoon seats, furniture, accessories, tops, and parts.
Before we get too much further, let’s discuss re-using your existing pontoon flooring.
Cutting it into strips across the deck and pulling up the strips individually works well too. If you leave clumps of old glue and carpet backing on the deck, you’ll end up with lumps in your carpet.
Once you determine your seating layout dimensions you can easily select the right sized seats. With the new look of its radius bow fence, the Fantasy 180 has plenty of storage to keep all of that extra gear out of sight. The 2008 Fly SE has improved its furniture covering to be softer and cosier, reaching a new level of comfort. Sharing many of the same features of its Explorer counterparts, this Misty Harbor pontoon boat adds an emphasis on fishing. Built on the sporty Cabana platform, the 250 Angler can host 10 of your favorite fishing buddies. Equipped with an easy care 100% hand-laid fiberglass helm plus windshield, this Fiesta pontoon boat helps get the party started with premium upholstered seating on Permalife frames with plenty of beverage holders.
A wide beam stable pontoon boat that is designed for fishing, playing and sunbathing, this Starcraft beauty surrounds you in luxurious comfort. Sporting a unique all-fiberglass helm with a stainless steel steering wheel, the 22 Oasis is family-friendly, making it a great cruising boat that can easily tow a skier, wakeboarder or tuber. Available with a variety of engine options, this Sun Tracker pontoon boat will keep the party going whether ita€™s in the water or docked. With the 21 Luxuraa€™s new exclusive SMARTDECK design, this pontoon boat can convert bed to a sundeck, to a change room, to a fishing boat. Powered by a 4.3L MerCruiser engine, JC Pontoon has outfitted this pontoon boat with power steering, making it a breeze to operate. The Pond Kinga€™s 6 by 8.5 foot deck is made of all aluminum tongue and groove planking, which means it wona€™t rot or warp. This Sylvan pontoon boat will be your party HQ on the water, thanks to an awesome sound system, soft collapsible cooler and a table with cup holders.
On the days when you want to fish, the Sun Catcher LX 20 Fish & Cruise gives you plenty of casting room, two high-back fishing seats and a bow mounted baitwell. Precisely what boat type includes stability and maneuverabilityc You guessed it; the inflatable pontoon fishing boat. These seats are generally well built and some models are available with plenty of padding to make sitting in them for long periods of time comfortable. Some larger designs might not be as maneuverable but they should not need a trailer in order to carry them. The pontoons are fabricated from coated PVC and thick nylon and so are strong enough to be taken down mild rocky rapids. They are very reasonably priced and we are sure your Father will be very appreciative if he receives one for his birthday! I don't see why I couldn't fish out of it if it's meant for fly fishing but I don't know to much about fly fishing and one seller said he cant use the boat for what he wants to so not sure if he wants to fishing but not fly fishing.
If necessary, you can use some laquer thinner along with your scraper to help break up the marine adhesive. Even worse, it will most likely react with the new non-toxic marine adhesive, causing your new pontoon carpet to lose adhesion.
Make sure the plywood is brushed off and clean of dirt and residue before applying the marine glue. Unroll it so it covers the pontoon boat deck completely, and then square it up at the edges. Two fishing positions in the bow and stern make the Explorer Fishing very convenient to fish. As captain, youa€™ll be sitting pretty in the large captaina€™s bucket seat with slide and rotation adjustments. The Starfish 206 4 Point is the party boat to be on this year, with its plush L group chaise lounge sporting closed end arms.
Get the party started with features such as the JBL CD player that comes with four speakers, and relax in the comfy helm chair or the spacious lounge seat.
Guests can take a comfy seat, thanks to Hi-Density SUN TRACKER Comfort Foam, and keep your beverages cool in the 36-quart cooler. With a variety of fishing options to choose from, this Legend pontoon boat can be crafted into the water craft of your dreams.

Therea€™s plenty of room to sit a€“ a captain's chair, bow lounges, L-group stern lounge and a helm seat offer you and your guests to sit back and enjoy the ride.
Plus, therea€™s no need to cover it up or worry about the rain, as it wona€™t sun-bake or take on water. Swimmers can slip into their suits in the walk-in changing room, and work on their tan on the sundeck. When its time to relax, G3 has outfitted this pontoon boat with all of the tools you need to lounge a€“ the wrap-around lounge and sundeck are at your disposal. Perfect for small lakes and small families, the Explorer Compact is easy to tow, making it a handy companion on any trip.
As you will observe on this page, the inflatable pontoon fishing boat is light in weight, long lasting, as well as stable in the water. Many inflatable pontoon fishing boat seats will also include a high back for leverage while rowing. Now, I want to explore the local public waters but my 16 foot boat doesn't take waves very well.
It would be a real pain if you only replace 2 sheets and in a year or so the others all go bad on you. By folding the carpet in half the length of the deck, you’ll be able to stand on the side of the pontoon boat and spread the marine adhesive while standing up – much simpler! If your guests arena€™t in the angling mood, they can relax on the comfortable rear a€™La€™ group lounge.
Swimmer can change into their suits in the pop-up change room, while anglers cast off from the comfort of deluxe fishing seats. Princecraft has installed a pedestal-mount removable snack table with drink holders on this pontoon boat, as well as an ice chest thata€™s located under the bow folding fishing seat. With three floor plans to choose from, this Misty Harbor pontoon boat comes with a 25-quart cooler, deck-mount gate boarding ladder and a Bimini top. You may also decide to buy a small electric motor for your inflatable pontoon fishing boat. There is a 33,000 acre lake near my house that gets quite rough in those unexpected summer storms. However, if you have difficulty removing the existing marine carpet from the marine plywood, you may want to save yourself the hassle and replace the decking. Seriously though, spend time accessing the joints where two sheets of plywood come together.
If you are in the north, a window ice scraper works wonders (if you don’t have one lying around, a paint scraper will work just as well). Other features include four pedestal fishing seats, an aerated livewell, Bimini top, round cocktail table and diamond-cut carpet.
Sunbrella Bimini with change room curtain and a full featured stereo system for your listening enjoyment. If you anticipate trekking with your boat, it is not recommended that you take a motor along with you.
If you intend simply using your boat for fishing you may want to opt for a more durable boat as you will probably not be hiking with it for extended distances. Anyway, is there any advantage to selling my old boat but not the motor then finding a pontoon boat with no motor and putting mine on it?
If that’s the case, simply use a razor knife and cut the carpet at the deck joints (where the two sheets of plywood meet) and tear off the plywood and replace it with new. Spread the marine glue in a circular pattern, as if you were putting down adhesive for tile. By troweling the glue on in a circular motion, you’ll create lines of glue on the deck. Perfect a€“ it also comes with a swim platform, complete with oversized ladder and high rails for easy boarding.
Prior to deciding on your inflatable pontoon fishing boat you will want to take both you and your fishing buddy's weight into consideration. These wheels can make transporting your vessel from the car to the shore much easier as well as cut down on some of the wear on the bottom of the boat from dragging. These lines will then be compressed into the lines on the back of the marine carpet when you press it down. Apply the glue all over the exposed section of the deck, and then flip the carpet over and do the exact same thing to the other side.
Once you finish applying glue to the entire deck in this manner, lay the carpet back over the entire deck.
If you skip this step, the carpet and glue will not adhere properly and you’ll get bubbles, lines, and other spots where the carpet will come up.

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