Most bolt-on swim platforms that come with a boat, or as a factory option, are molded fiberglass. Fiberglass makes a great swim platform, but it’s not the right material for every boat. There are many purveyors of teak swim platforms you can install yourself (or have the yard do it at minimal cost) and some sell their products online. Some skippers love working on their boats, making them shine like museum pieces—which includes painstakingly coddling their teak. We have owned our 97 Carver 355ACMY for seven years and I am tired of taking the dingy off and putting it back on the front of the boat. You can make your own davits for just a few hundred dollars:I made mine with PVC lumber from Lowes, Weaver quick-release swim platform attachments, grocery cart wheels and some flat stainless steel plate.
My original post is just shy of being one year old and I still haven't done anything with the davits.
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Do you have a small group or are you with your loved one and would like to organize something different in Bora Bora ? Want to spend time on a secluded motu or wish to swim with Sharks and Stingrays, we'll help you make the best out of your day. Draw your desires and just tell us what you want to do and see, and we will put together an unforgettable private trip of a lifetime for you.
Wonderful experience!We rented a private boat and had a nice private tour with different stops included, to see and touch stingrays, swim with sharks of different sizes, snorkeling, relaxing close to a nice beach - a wonderful relaxing tour!
Deep Creek Lake State Park in Maryland is a beautiful family-friendly park for swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, camping and more.

We brought noodles, inner tubes, and life jackets so kids of all swimming abilities could play in the water.
The shade trees near the beach and water area make Deep Creek Lake State Park a beautiful place to throw a blanket on the ground and enjoy a picnic. Deep Creek Lake State Park expects you to pack your trash out, so be prepared with extra garbage bags. The bathhouse offers clean restrooms and hot showers to clean up after your day at the beach.
Make your outing an educational experience by stopping by the Discovery Center to learn about the flora and fauna, wildlife, and history of Deep Creek Lake State Park. Fiberglass platforms are as durable as most other fiberglass structures, so unless you really whack yours hard in an unfortunate docking adventure you probably will never have to replace it. If you own a classically styled trawler yacht, for instance, you’re probably thinking teak, the go-to wood for many marine applications. Leave the wood bare and all you have to do is deck-brush during every washdown, but it won’t have that teaky golden glow. Founded in 1995 when company president William Gribble used plastic lumber from lawn furniture to build a swim platform for his boat, PlasTEAK manufactures not only platforms, but also exterior and interior decking, bow pulpits, handrails, hatch covers, and other marine accessories.
The slats are bent to match the transom curve on a table jig and the shape is locked in with glue and fastenings. Horses, heste, beautiful, animal, furry, cute, nuttet, field, horsing around, playing, playful, gorgeous, photo.
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But we uncovered five options that, while worthy of any billionaire, are affordable for the other 99.9 percent of us, too. Balconies encircle each of the three floors, and up to 12 guests can take in sweeping 20-mile views of the Caribbean on one side and, on the other, Guanaja island, an easy swim or 90-second boat ride away. But you can order an add-on molded fiberglass platform from a number of aftermarket manufacturers. The platforms are assembled with waterproof glue and screws, with all screw heads countersunk and plugged.
S&P fastens the teak slats together with waterproof glue and threaded stainless-steel through-rods, then protects the platform edges with a peripheral teak molding and optional stainless rubrails.

Their synthetic teak comes in white, black, and off-white as well as teak, and the company will mix colors if you want a zebra-striped platform. Nevertheless, says a company spokesman, it’s easy for an owner or boatyard to repair a damaged platform by bending in new slats. The plastic arms that provide the cradle for the dinghy would be cut to whatever shape best fits your dinghy. If your boat’s currently platform-free, or the one you already have is getting tired, now, well before the summer season gets rolling, is a good time to install a new one.
Cost of the 90-inch platform is $970, not including mounting brackets (about $100 each, and you’ll want one about every 2 feet). Again, this is perfectly functional, but not as elegant as a platform with the curved slats.
Moreover, it provides excellent footing when dry and the traction gets better when the surface is wet. Because both the color and UV filters are added during molding, PlasTEAK never fades, and never needs attention other than a little soap and water.
The platforms cost $.40 per square inch, not including under-platform mounting brackets (again, spaced one every two feet) and other accessories. If you’re looking for a functional swim platform at an attractive price, and can engineer the installation, this is an affordable option. Shuler is a third-generation craftsman and mechanical engineer whose team builds its platforms, along with a wide variety of other products, in the S&P shop in St. It resists gasoline, oil, solvents, seagull droppings, almost anything—hey, it’s plastic! You can add options like swim ladders, boarding handles, lights, drink holders, and so forth, and even specify solid or two-tone gelcoat colors to match your boat’s topsides. Scott Samuelson spent 15 years at Sea Ray Boats in Phoenix, Arizona, before starting Swim Platforms after building a platform for his own boat.
If your platform will have to fit around trim-tab cylinders or other transom obstacles, a custom shop like S&P can make the necessary adjustments so it fits like a glove. Now the company, still based in Phoenix, claims to be the world’s largest builder of aftermarket fiberglass swim platforms.

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