Boat winterization is essential to protecting your investment as the boating season comes to an end.
Winterizing your outboard motor is an annual chore that must be done without fail to ensure that you can enjoy your boat for years to come.
As the cool weather moves in and the thoughts of getting that last Striped Bass or Tog are in your mind.
Many people are not aware of the proper procedure to winterize a boat motor and do not do a thorough job when getting their boat ready for cold weather. Transportation Costs > Boats and Watercrafts > How Much Does it Cost to Winterize a Boat? Some marinas may not include the oil change.  If they do not, you may have to spend an additional $50. Once the boat has been winterized, you will need to think about where to store it for the winter.  This could be indoor or outdoor, and there will be many places available close to the marina or in the marina itself.
Before you winterize your boat, take it out for one last ride and pay careful attention to anything that may need attention. You should remove anything extra on your boat before winterization and storage.  This includes sleeping items, kitchen things, etc. Clean the boat thoroughly before winterizing.  This includes washing the inside and outside. Once the boat is cleaned, remember to leave the interior doors and lockers open so air can circulate. If your boat has a toilet, make sure that you flush it with freshwater a few times and then empty and clean the holding tank. Winterizing your boat is extremely important because if you fail to do so, you can potentially have major engine problems, which could set you back as much as $20,000. If you dock your boat at a particular marina, see if they offer any sort of special deals for its current customers. In yesterday's blog, we talked all about how to install your very own wakeboard tower. Bimini - This bit of shade on cloudless days will save you from cooking in the sun all day long. Camera Mount – What's better than being able to catch some sweet shots or video of your day on the water? Brightside is nestled in the heart of the Belgrade Lakes Village, conveniently located on Mill Stream, off Great Pond. From round bilge to hard chine we offer restoration services for all types of wood boat construction. Brightside invites you to join us on Great Pond for a classic boating experience aboard “Granted”, a 1957 24? wooden Chris Craft. When it comes to choosing the best marine battery there are a couple of options to choose from. Technically, a battery is an electro-chemical device which converts chemical energy into electricity by galvanic cells. They are one of the best choices for boats because they are built to resist extreme weather conditions. Deep cycle batteries are designed to store larger amounts of energy that discharges deeply and recharges repeatedly. Compared to starting batteries and dual purpose batteries, these deep cycle batteries are recommended for marine use because of the reliability and build design.
This is the latest and probably one of the most cutting edge batteries that are available on the market right now.
It is highly recommended for use in Jet Ski, speed boats and yachts because of its compact size and weight ratio to stable voltage output. Clean the top of the battery – This means cleaning it from dirt and removing corrosions on the terminals. Check water levels – (for flooded deep cycle batteries) make sure that you add enough distilled water.

Do a routine check – make sure that there are no bulges on the side and there are no cracks.
It is necessary to learn how to winterize boat motor are all key marine winterizing supplies for the timely and important boat winterization process. You will get all information about the products used in this process including for removing How do I winterize a inboard-outboard ski boat .
Boat Winterizing three general areas that require attention, including the outboard motor and fuel system, boat Wonder How To is your guide to free how to videos on the Web. Corroded and leaking manifolds and risers, blocked cooling passages and overheating engines, to name just a few of the hazards. These structures make spending the day on the lake or on the ocean even more fun because towing becomes easier, safer and more exciting. Don't underestimate how much being on the water, exposed to the elements and riding the wake can take out of you. Whether you are opting for a waterproof version of your everyday camera or going for those wild GoPro angles having a sturdy mount for optimal picture taking is a great idea! We offer some of the most affordable rental rates in the area, and have a fleet of classic wooden boats, as well as modern power boats, pontoons, and sailboats. Plank on frame or lapstrake, we utilize only the highest quality products to ensure a safe and beautiful craft.
Whether you're looking for an inboard or outboard, the electric motor is a silent, fuel-free, maintenance-free break through that you really need to see to believe. AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are batteries which have a fine Boron Silicate glass mat which is advantageous for marine use since it will not leak acid. It is designed to deliver a steady amount of power over a long period of time without any interruption or failure. You can also use a couple of lithium batteries for larger vessels like trawler and cargo ships by connecting the batteries in either parallel or series connection. Factors which contribute to battery lifespan include proper maintenance, proper charging (depth of discharge, how often or how deep the battery was charged), temperature and other factors. If they do, you might have a problem with the alternator of your boat or your charger might be overcharging your batteries.
Although there are various sequences of Best Answer: When boating season ends, some people park the boat in the storage yard or driveway without a thought for starting the engine the next season Winterizing an Outboard Motor.
Winterizing a marine engine is the single most With a sterndrive or outboard If it goes on a boat, it's in our catalog! Sometimes it's nice to have a spot where you can cool off, wind down and get out of the sun for a few.
RAM has some great inexpensive options, while PanaVise has some super durable, customizable units. There is also the price and the maintenance factor that lets you decide which battery to purchase. Deep cycle batteries (L-16 type and others) usually last up to 8 years depending on maintenance and use. Overcharging is one of the most common mistakes people commit that shortens the lifespan of the battery. Recharge the battery immediately especially after storing it or not having been able to use your boat for a long time. Make your own final decisions as how to winterize your boat's motor) Winterizing Your Engine By Don Casey. How to Winterize your marine engine Page 5 The fuel treatment is run in the boat for the last outboard during the winter and will keep your engine running smooth in the Spring. Run for at least 15 min to get the stabilized fuel well into the engine Drain the carbs too.
However, here at Discount Marine Batteries we are here to hopefully lessen the burden of boat ownership. But most importantly you should choose a marine battery by its performance and reliability.

The usual discharge is only at a rate of 1% – 3% which makes them sit during winter time with no problem at all. They also are built with a denser active material ratio so that you can have better cycling capacity. This battery has the technology of a power control board which prevents damage to the battery. Although manufacturers would say that some batteries are maintenance free, it really is not. This will help in extending the lifespan of the battery and the flow of electricity that your boat needs. When the temperature falls is, in principle, an inboard engine married to an outboard drive system. This accessory can be custom fit to your boat for decreased wind resistance and reduce the number of moving parts on your tower. If you have owned a boat, jet ski, or any marine equipment for that matter it is likely you have changed out your battery at some point. If your boat were to capsize (lets hope not), your batteries will turn upside down but won’t release any electrolytes.
Although this type of battery will cost up to two times more expensive than other batteries, this gives you the assurance that it actually is less likely to leave you stranded out on the water. Some features include automatic low voltage protection, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection and charge balance. We recommend the bimini tops from Dallas Manufacturing and the storage packs from Kwik Tek for the ultimate experience. Such a system allows the engine to be flushed with fresh water after you have returned to your slip. Batteries which are not regularly used, not properly winterized or do not make use of a drip charging system lose their charge. Most of these units have to be added after purchase of the boat and vary widely in concept and execution of the product.
Among the handful of choices, we have shortlisted the most reliable and high performance batteries available in the market today. This type of marine battery is more expensive than the AGM or other Deep Cycle batteries but promise to give high performance, more safety, durability and deeper depth of charge. Most of theses aftermarket systems contain a single valve, allowing only an engine flush option.
The normal life span of a marine battery is about 5-8 years, but this is assuming the boat is used regularly or at least the charging system is maintained. To solve this problem many are turning to marine solar panels in combination with trickle chargers to help prolong the life of their batteries. Because of this growing need to find discount batteries, we have put together a comprehensive comparison & reviews of the top rated marine batteries. Like all marine ball valves, the handle position indicates whether the valve is open or closed. By closing the cooling water inlet to the engine while leaving the flush water inlet of the inlet from the sea water pickup open, you can back flush the outdrive. Of course, the engine must be shut down at this point, as there will be no cooling water flowing to the engine. The strainer and hose is connected to the flush water inlet port and then dropped into a bucket of antifreeze. If you have an engine with a cooling water inlet thru-hull, the hose from the thru hull is cut and the Quick Flush is inserted in the line and hose clamped. The second two options have slightly different vavle configurations to suit their specific application.

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