Sharing Ireland’s amazing archaeology as well as interesting sites and finds from around the world. Below the Surface presents its sixth talk in the maritime series on board the Jeanie Johnston tall ship. This replica famine ship is currently docked on the Dublin quays and the creaking sounds of its wooden hull will undoubtedly create a very atmospheric location for the lecture series.
Poul also reveals that thanks to their superior naval technology the Norse created an international slave market in Dublin that made the town one of the most important trading centres in the western Viking territory.
The Vikings were excellent seafarers and were among the most skillful shipbuilders the world has ever seen. Ask an adult to cut out the card and balsa wood templates following the measurements shown.
Thick card, balsa wood strips and pole, pale and dark brown paper, plain paper, pencil, ruler, scissors, craft knife, acrylic paints, paintbrush, water pot, white glue and glue brush, masking tape, string.

Glue three 5A?in balsa wood strips to other side of the deck as in step 1, matching them with the planks on the other side.
Carefully paint one side of the keel and figurehead template using bright red acrylic paint. When the paint is completely dry, glue the two balsa wood supports either side of the curved parts of the keel as shown. When the glue is dry, make three marks along the length of the keel, each one at a point that matches up to the crossbeams of the deck section.
Use varying lengths of pale and dark brown paper strips for the planks, or a€?strakes,a€? along each strip into position along each side. Poul Holm, Trinity College Dublin on Wednesday April 3rd, the talk discusses the Viking Fleet in Dublin during the middle ages and how their ships ruled the Irish Sea for three centuries.

This long sailing ship was used for ocean voyages and warfare, and it was shallow enough to row up a river.
The talk gives a fresh view of Norse sea power before and after the battle of Clontarf in 1014.
The rowers sat on hide-covered sea chests that contained their possessions, weapons and food rations.

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