And for competitive types, 30 to 35 foot cruising yachts are a popular size for club racing under handicap rating rules. For most sailboat cruising couples, it normally falls to the first mate (meaning not the skipper) to write the journal - if indeed a journal is kept at all.
Now on our new sailboat 'Alacazam' (as shown at the top of this page) it's rather different, as Mary keeps a detailed 'warts and all' journal for all our cruising escapades. With 3 double berths this yacht caters well for living in harbour, at anchor and day-sailing. After eight years in the Canadian Navy, I have learned the value of single berths per person.
Boat displacement is defined as the volume of water displaced by a boat afloat, and sail area is the total area of the boat's working sails. Clearly then, performance is a function of both power and weight, or sail area and displacement. Brion's new most favorite tool - HM Shears for cutting all High Modulus Rope - cuts like butter.
Braided and High Modulus (aka Parallel-Core) Rope splicing can be a daunting, frustration task, if you are using conventional tools and instructions.
The Point Hudson Phid makes a smaller hole in the rope than ordinary fids, so a smoother fairer splice results, with no hockles or sliced yarns. There are no confusing ‘fid lengths’ here, just dimensions based on rope diameter, or on marks braided into the rope at the factory. Make no mistake, splicing is still an art, requiring patience and dedication on the part of the splicer.
A sturdy 6 inch spike of the best quality steel, with duck bill point for smooth insertion.
In this DVD Brion demonstrates wire rope splicing using 7x7 wire and featuring the Liverpool Eye Splice Techniques also apply to splicing 7x19 wire rope.
Keep your rope ends from fraying - finish the job - whip them with a palm and needle whipping or a double constrictor knot (pg. This is our beautiful and durable Rigger's Bag with our colorful and handsome Brion Toss Logo. Our Rigger's Bag specify Micro, Small or Medium Splicing Wand Make Your Own Eye Splices DVD Working Rope Book 5 - Basic Braided Splices 6inch spike 12 ft of double braid rope for practice splices spool of whipping twine and sailmaker's needle.
Large, well-equipped production cruising boats of this size can cross oceans in relative comfort and speed, but you'll need deep pockets to operate and maintain them.Not only will their systems be powerful, complex and power-hungry but they'll need equally powerful and complex charging regimes to keep everything up and running.
If you're the proud owner of such a vessel and would like to see her featured on this page, please click here to send me a pic. Even if your boat falls outside of this length category, we'd still like a pic; we'll move it to the appropriate category and research the specification and other associated data.

There were 12 Boothbay Challengers (a centreboard version of the Explorer) built during the same period, all but one by Hodgdon. Nautor Swans are famed for producing beautiful cruising yachts and this Swan 53-2 proves the point. 2015 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469 with tons of upgrades and extras!Looking for a great boat with great proven record? DescriptionAttractive,tough, fast, seaworthy centre cockpit cruiser, well balanced and comfortable at sea, Daq Attack has already circumnavigated and sailed most oceans. Whereas the log book records meteorological and navigational data at regular intervals of time, the journal is a narrative describing pretty much anything that occurs on passage. But on a long offshore passage, off-watch crew may well have trouble in finding somewhere comfortable to get some sleep.
That power is of course derived from the force of the wind acting upon the sails, and the greater the sail area the greater the power produced for a given wind strength.
This is the world's second most expensive fid; the most expensive being those fids that cut and disturb your rope as you use them!
In this volume of the Working Rope series, Brion Toss and Margie McDonald bring to you the distilled results of decades of experience with thousands of splices. And the purpose or every mark is explained, so you can comprehend each splice, from start to finish. But this volume also covers splices for the new High-Modulus lines like Spectra and Vectran. But with these instructions, you’ll be taking a giant step towards mastering braided rope splicing.
Her 3 owners have been meticulous in her upkeep and all her systems are up to date and function well.
My experience was enhanced by the feeling of safety and comfort afforded by the centre cockpit and heavy displacement. I have sailed on her for several thousand miles, done 2 Atlantic crossings and several trips up and down the East coast of USA, from Florida to Nova Scotia.The attraction for me is the comfort on board, especially on passage. If she really is for sale, don't forget you can advertise her right here entirely free of charge. Her journal doesn't just describe events on passage, but also the time spent at anchor and the frequent forays ashore.
It is amazing the amount of roll a boat can produce and the berth can easily hold a person in place.I wonder if people who want big wide suites, big wide open areas have any real idea of how hard it is to hold on or I should say stop moving if you have too much open space?
Having to reef early is much less frustrating than wishing you had an extra metre or so on the mast when the wind falls away.
There's a specially-shaped tip on the tube, to keep you from snagging yarns along the way, an ingenious mechanism in the handle, to hold the tube in place while you work.

Here are the tips, techniques, and shortcuts that professionals use, along with valuable information on the characteristics of each type of rope you’ll be splicing. Mark them distinctly and traditionally with your choice - Dark Red, Dark Green, Deep Blue, White, or Gold. We have to sell this awesome boat with sadness due to family reasons.We purchased her brand new with the dream to sail around the world and she's equipped for that. Also the fact that the present owners are very hands on and keep the vessel in excellent cruising condition. Never once have I felt unsafe on her even during a really rough passage from Beaufort NC to Horta surfing downwind under staysail only.
Here's a much better approach to finding exactly what you want and getting the best possible deal!
But apart from placing all my errors, omissions and acts of spectacular misjudgment on permanent record, there's another downside; it takes time. You can clamp the tool in a vise if you want, leaving both hands free to deal with the rope, there's no taping or un-taping, no fid lengths to decipher,and very little physical effort needed to tuck.
The proof is that I crossed her single handed, the Atlantic Ocean in November 2015, in just 21 days.
With her large battery capacity and tankage, her solar and wind generation, refrigeration, autopilot and hydrovane self-steering she can be independent of the shore for long periods. It's so sad that we have to sell her but we now need to downsize and accept that we are not young anymore.Daq Attack has many more years of active sailing in her. Of course, my intent is to take it on longer cruises like circling the DELMARVA peninsula, which would give me offshore time off the Delaware coast. Lot's of it if you go into the detail that Mary does, much of it too trivial - in my opinion - to deserve a journal entry. She is fast, stable and reliable.Tons of upgrades, includes electric winches, bow thruster and the famous 360 rotation that allows side "parking" and rotations in close spots, washer and dryer !!!
But sailboat cruising is all about making the time to do the things you want to do, rather than what someone else decides you should.Mary's approach is scribble away for an hour or so each day, before typing it all up later in a series of chapters.
I can provide more pictures, the options list, etc.The price that I am asking is $340,000 making it a great deal. On a particularly frustrating day I'd leapt barefoot into the dinghy, only to step on a bee - which promptly did what bees do best, right between the toes.

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