I have had my mallard for about 6 seasons now and if you are going to be traveling any distance the mallard is going to be very slow, with its rocker hull it lends itself to rowing more than a motor.
There is no reason to redesign the Mallard into a planing hull when her sister the Bluebill exists. Do you know how, and out of what, did Jamus make the covered area in the front of his cockpit? I much prefer the US Composites, I like the 2:1 mix ratio, easier to keep track of and easier to mix small batches. John, Can't tell you about West but when I used RAKA Epoxies I almost always mixed hardners to get the desired cure time based on the ambient temperature. This is an old and venerable design by now with the first design and boat built more than 20 years ago as I write this. There is positive foam 3 point flotation that allows the boat to float level and upright even if the cockpit were full of water.
Our "Mallard" is a great boat for the hunter that likes to occasionally hunt alone, or with a buddy and a good dog. Just wondering if anyone has seen or knows where I can purchase plans for modern bass boat In most cases early on, little building was done on substantial jigs. Styled after the ever-popular Down East bass boats, this boat will turn heads semi-custom wood boats or further information on our custom wooden boat building and design. I will try the 8HP to see how it does, but I suspect I will be looking for a 25 to power it. We talked about MY style of hunting, where I go, what else I want a boat for and many other things.
Most of my boat was with USC, the last portion has been with West Systems which is a pain in small batches. She is of the "SneakBox" type of boat with the transom accommodating up to a 15 hp outboard motor, but she also rows or poles very well.

There is a lot of piece of mind to this flotation and we use it on all of our hunting boats. She accommodates up to about 3 dozen decoys with two hunters on board and is very concealable (low profile).
A perfect boat building plan is all about getting the most awesome boat one has ever owned. After crabbing and fishing with my 2 boys, I keep thinking I could really use a Snow Goose. In fact, of all the "SneakBox" types of boats that we design and build, the little Mallard is the best at rowing. The hull is built of high grade marine plywood covered with epoxy resin and sheathed on the exterior with epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth. This is a good, quality duck hunting boat, designed for the marsh and her purpose in life is to place you in circumstances and situations that might just be life memories. To make sure that you get a seaworthy vessel, and that you enjoy your time building it, it is imperative that you use quality boat building plans. I'm like 185lb and hunting with my kid when he was 8 years old and my dog back when he was skinny was cramped in that cockpit.
Sam gave me some modifications he had planned for the boat, but had not added to the blupeprints yet.
They only sell west System in my local shop and I was in a hurry or I would have bought more USC. Now all that good rowing performance does cut down into her top speed under power and if you envision blasting around the duck marsh at something exceeding the frostbite limit of the end of your nose then you would do well to search on to another of our designs. The result is a lightweight, durable boat that isn't as noisy as straight fiberglass or metal boats and the hull itself is more insulative and on a cold day in the marsh, that makes a lot of difference in comfort.
The boat in my avatar is the Mallard so you can get an idea of how much room there really is.

I opened them and I really wouldn't have been able tell by looking at them that the boat is a "rocker" hull. I replace the waterpump every other year (an easy chore) and I always run the motor dry to eliminate any varnish build up in the carburator. But if you are looking for a very fine little duckboat that will power well under oar and will hunt with you and a buddy in a safe and efficient manner then the "Mallard" is a fine selection. The Bluebill is a miniture version of the BB3 and will handle two men (smaller than you and your son) and a dog, but you are going to be shoulder to shoulder the whole time and the dog will be in someone's lap half the time. The nice part about this site is they dont archive the data or remove it so the searches can get you information from years ago as well as last week. Obviously you will still have lots of specific questions as you go forward with a build but a lot can be learned before you start by reading those past posts. I used Meranti for the hull of my BB2 (and the deck over the bow, since it is made from the hull scrap) for the exact reason mentioned. You will need a 25hp motor and a larger trailer and Craigslist can supply used motors and trailers all over your area. I had a conversation for 30 minutes on the phone with him earlier this year and understand lots more about both my boat and the other designs as well. Tomorrow is Monday so the fiberglass place will be open and I will be able to get some resin and wood flour. Some day I might even try it on the Salt for some Harli's and scoters, but it is a long way to drive.
I bought my wood from Edensaw great company, I used US Composites for the resin which I like a lot.

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