View detailsExcellent condition, will post in plastic wallet, many more magazines in the world of modelling and transport.
In the WWW there are many free Plans i serached many ours days and month to find them if i can find them everybody is also able to find them.
Can you get your hands on any drawings of the S-100 series that show closeup, detailed drawings such as hand rails, fittings, etc..?
Close-up views of the plan sheets below are not provided.  To see examples of the detail, go to the Titanic plan sheets where close-up details of the drawings are shown.
This plan sheet has drawings of four views of the ship: overhead (plan) view, forward view,aft view, underbody view.
This plan sheet has a map of the locations of all the visible ventilators.  It also has individual multi-view drawings of each ventilator. This plan sheet has a map of deck equipment.  It also includes multi-view drawings of the individual deck equipment items. This plan sheet has drawings of the Boat Deck deckhouses showing exterior bulkhead, window, and door locations.  It also has a plan of  “A” Deck with the same format as the Boat Deck drawings. This plan sheet has plans of the “B” Deck deckhouses, showing exterior bulkhead, window, and door locations.  It also includes drawings of the forward well deck, aft well deck and docking bridge.
This plan sheet has three separate drawings which comprise the hull contour lines.  Included are the body plan, sheer plan, and half breadth plan.

This drawings shows the boards and brackets in red on the roof of maiden voyage Olympic’s tank room.
No drawings are given for this change because the shifts in the locations of the davits are very minor.  The modeler can decide for himself whether it is desirable to make these changes at all. Nature of change:  Recent examination of the Olympic Boat Deck Iron Plan indicates that the dimensions of the wing cabs were 7 ft. It has been discovered that a few plating laps were in the wrong positions on the pages mentioned above.  All the modifications of the positions apply both to port and starboard.
The first drawing shows two plate laps on the drawings which should be eliminated.  This is a drawing of Titanic but the plate laps are in the same positions.
The second drawing shows a plate lap near the aft well deck area which should be shifted aft.  This is shown in the drawing below. The third drawing shows the positions of four plate laps on the underside of the propeller wings which should be altered. Vintage model boats, john anthony model design - John Anthony Model Design, Cayton Vintage Models, Model Aircraft and Boat plans service. On this page you will find old and forgotten designs and photos of model boating in bygone times along with other items of interest and nostalgia!Any material used is either original to ourselves of from long expired publications. These are from a 1920's publication (estimated) and are for a free running 10 rater pond yacht.

I may be able to get these reprinted at actual size if there is any interest in the design.
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The longitudinal section in the top left corner shows two air tanks at the front and back of the boat. These tanks would have been used to fill whale carcasses with compressed air after the kill.

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