The speed with which sound can be transmitted through air is dependent on the temperature of the air. In its simplest form, a rubber hose, running from the engine directly to the transom of the boat, seems adequate enough. A waterlock will collect the cooling water present in the system when the engine is stopped. A gooseneck raises the exhaust hose above the waterline, so that water cannot backfill the exhaust system. The height of the cooling water injection point into the exhaust system, relative to the external waterline, is of great importance. An exhaust silencer is an acoustic device that muffles noise caused by air exhausting from an engine. Acoustic Sound ReflectionAcoustic Sound Reflection (ASR) is a patented technology developed in conjunction with aerospace engineers in the early 1990s.
Patented silencing technology incorporated into a 5" diameter or bell shaped silencer tip case. A slightly larger 5.5" muffler or silencer tip case combined with our patented silencing technology. For engines up to 525 horsepower, the 6" case provides excellent noise reduction with no measurable loss of power or performance.
CORSA Performance Marine's pressure activated bypass muffler was developed for boaters that utilize engines that produce above 500 horsepower. BaffledWith a crisscrossed corkscrew design our baffled silencers offer various options for every application. Bowman Heat Exchangers-Numerous manicoolers, multi coolers, manifolds, header tanks, heat exchangers and accessories. Pictures-pics of some of our projects-may take a day and a half to load unless you have a cable modem.
If you would like to ship via some other company, let us know and we will see what we can do. When you specify Bestway, be assured your parts will be shipped the very best way possible. The shipping department did not want me to put this map online, as it may not always be accurate. If you would like to use FedEx, we do not have a daily pick up so allow for an extra day just to get them over here to pick up plus it'll probabaly cost a little more. Sales, Purchasing, Advertising, Marketing, R&D and Technical-Any questions on anything-give me a call. We can use their prints and build the unit using far superior material and in the process, hopefully save you some money, both long and short term. If you're having trouble finding a replacement turbocharger or if you're looking for a new one, please let us know and we will be glad to source one for you. We have various suppliers around the world who can offer parts at a fraction of the OEM cost. Also, if you are already a customer, please let me know how you feel you were treated and how you liked the whole "Marine Exhaust Experience". MER Equipment uses advanced CAD software to design a 3D model of the entire exhaust assembly as well as insulation blankets before they are made. Imagine having MER produce the entire exhaust assembly and blankets simultaneously from a few basic dimensions. Using this CAD model we were not only able to ensure accuracy but we were also able to design custom fiberglass insulation blanketing for the entire system; made extra thick to keep engine room temperatures down. This system achieves the customer’s requirements for compactness, ease of assembly, heat reduction and longevity. Whether you need a fully customized system, or you just need advice with your current system, don’t hesitate to give MER a call. This month we’re looking at the components we supply to build and maintain your commercial grade marine exhaust system. First there is the exhaust flex section that isolates and manages vibration and expansion of the system. Then, there are the heavy duty exhaust silencers we handle: Compact Cowl silencers enable easy convenient mounting of the residential rated TS series.
When it is time to insulate your engine’s manifold or turbo, MER has custom fitted exhaust system blankets, sewn with high temperature thread and custom made to protect your personnel and prevent fire hazards.

A Word about MER Parts-Our continual search for better heavy duty marine parts and components results in the addition of one or two carefully selected new products per year.
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. The resultant hot exhaust pipe had to be thoroughly insulated, but even so, it produced a tremendous amount of noise.
In addition, a waterlock has great sound-deadening capabilities and acts as a very efficient muffler. After the engine is stopped, all cooling water in the exhaust hose will run to the lowest point of the system, which is where the waterlock should be situated. If the water injection point is 15 cm or more above the waterline, the cooling water may be injected directly into the exhaust system. A silencer can reduce sound emission levels on your boat without reducing engine performance. Provides increased flow capacity for 400-415 horse power engines such as a 502 EFI while reducing the harsh sound associated with these larger engines.
The larger case provides superior air flow while producing a pleasant, deep rumble that makes it easier to hear the radio or someone speaking.
Call our sales technicians for further information and assistance on these special applications.
By using our baffled equipped product you can achieve decibel reduction without losing significant horsepower to the engine. Definitions: As used in this document, the term "PRODUCTS" shall mean the item(s) offered for sale by MARINE EXHAUST SYSTEMS OF ALABAMA INC. Other Terms: These GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALES and the MARINE EXHAUST WARRANTY POLICY STATEMENT contain all the terms that apply to any sale or offer to sell products. Collections:Should it become necessary to place BUYERS account for collection, suit or other legal proceeding, the BUYER agrees to pay all cost and expenses of collection, suit or other legal action, including reasonable attorney's fee and, if necessary, appellate fee.
Changes: MARINE EXHAUST reserves the right to change the details of any products provided that such changes shall not impair the performance or critical dimensions of such products. Interpretation: BUYER agrees that any sale of or agreement to sell products will be deemed to be made and performed solely in Baldwin County, Alabama, to the exclusion of all other jurisdictions. Limitation of liability: Neither MARINE EXHAUST nor BUYER shall have any liablility to the other for any incidental or consequential damage arising from the sale or use of any products or the failure of either party to fully perform any agreement to sell products.
Waiver: TThe failure to enforce any provision of the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALES shall not be deemed a waiver of such provision. Warranty: Except as set forth in the MARINE EXHAUST WARRANTY POLICY STATEMENT, as applying to products sold by MARINE EXHAUST, MARINE EXHAUST MAKES NO WARRANTY.
It takes a long time to design the exhaust, fabricate and install the piping, then go through the process all over again with lagging.
Designing in CAD software saves time and money, resulting in higher quality, with better fit and integration into the system. Our products are fully customizable – from material selection, to flex sections, flanges, wet or dry, pipe or tube sizing and more. Daryl contacted us to develop a custom exhaust system for his twin Yanmar 6LPA engines, which typically use water cooled exhaust. Because the exhaust assembly and blankets were made from the same model they were also made at the same time; cutting down lead time. We provide accurate, timely service, and deliver high quality products that will stand the test of time. Diesel engines develop an enormous amount of hot exhaust gas, and this causes expansion and lengthening of exhaust tubing. Roughly one million BTUs of heat, is transferred by the engine’s exhaust system, and marine engines can have exhaust temperatures in excess of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit (F). Isuzu and Cummins goes a little further and supplies their single-layer exhaust flex section with certain new engine models. This exhaust coupling use a compact V-band clamping system with fewer fasteners than exhaust flanges. The selection process requires high durability, fuel or energy savings, ease of maintenance and improved crew comfort and safety.
As the speed of sound transmission reduces, so the sound level will reduce proportionally.
The size of the water lock is not only determined  by the diameter of the exhaust hose, but also by the quantity of water that must be collected.

In order to limit the quantity of water, the gooseneck should be fitted as closely as possible behind the waterlock. However, if the water injection point is less than 15 cm above  the waterline (or even below it) there is a risk that the cooling system will siphon water through the intake, once the engine is stopped. When correctly configured a silencer can make your boat more acceptable to dockside limits. The technology is a combination of a spiral core with custom geometry that reflects the exhaust frequencies to reduce sound pressure levels, making your boat more acceptable to dockside limits. Freight charges included in any price are subject to adjustment for actual cost incurred by MARINE EXHAUST.
Failure of BUYER to notify MARINE EXHAUST of any defects within thirty days or to permit MARINE EXHAUST a reasonable opportunity to correct any defect shall constitute acceptance of the product. Any sale of or agreement to sell products shall be interpreted according to the laws of the State of Alabama, except any provision thereof that would direct the application of the laws of another jurisdiction.
With respect to products not manufactured by MARINE EXHAUST, no representation or warranties of whatsoever nature, directly or indirectly, expressed or implied including but not limited to any representations or warranties with respect to suitablility, durability, fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability. The waiver by either MARINE EXHAUST or BUYER of any breach under these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALES shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach of a like or different nature.
Due to specific space and sizing constraints, wet exhaust would not fit in his engine room; necessitating a dry alternative. A wet exhaust system is one that uses spray of raw water to cool the exhaust stream before it flows out the back of the boat or even over the side.  A dry system, on the other hand, sends the exhaust gasses out of a vertical stack.
Therefore, VETUS offers waterlocks with extra large capacity for systems with long exhaust runs. This water will fill up the  exhaust system and eventually get back into the engine cylinders via the exhaust valves. When tested on a 700SCi the pressure activated bypass muffler has backpressure levels under Mercury Racing requirements. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all invoices are immediately due and payable upon delivery of products. Except to the extent that MARINE EXHAUST can enforce warranties provided by the manufacturers of such parts. This siphon action may be prevented by having a breather hose (1) in the cooling water line or by fitting an air vent (2).
No amount is included in any price for sales, use, privilege, excise or other taxes imposed on or measured by the gross receipts from the sale of product. We understand the frustrations of implementing a custom exhaust system and there is a better way to get it done. We developed this 4″ system which includes a custom 321 SS ultra short flex section and assembles with stainless steel Marmon flanges to conserve space.
The sum of these forces is movement, a shoving contest between the engine and the exhaust system.
Flex sections come as either single or multi-layer tubing, however multi-layer MER SuperFlex is the premium product for severe duty.
A further major advantage of reducing the temperature,  is the fact that all exhaust components downstream from the engine outlet can be made from rubber or synthetic materials. BUYER shall promptly pay any such charges directly to the governmental authority assessing them or reimburse on demand any such charges paid by MARINE EXHAUST. The flex section is made from 5 layers of bellows, making it essentially 5x as flexible as standard exhaust bellows. Further, SuperFlex assemblies use a free-turning arrangement on one end, to facilitate convenient bolting.
This permits greater design  sophistication and weight reduction and ensures freedom from corrosion. Convenient shipping brackets insure the best fit-up and once the corresponding flanges are installed, the brackets are removed. We also provided a custom machined flange to integrate the system with the original turbo outlet and replace the wet exhaust mixing elbow.

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