Marine led strip light waterproof IP65 220v 240v smd5050, led light bar, led rigid strips for refrigerated display case lighting, View smd 5050 led strip waterproof IP65, Jasional Product Details from Shenzhen Jasional Electronic Co., Ltd.
True Lumen Pro LED Striplights in Marine Fusion are sleek, aluminum strip lights that are packed full of ultra bright LEDs! Stingerz®  have 3M double sided tape factory applied on all 3 sides, simply peel and stick. 1) Breathe - The remote control slowly decreases the LEDs from full brightness down to dim then slowly increases the LED intensity back to full brightness and then repeats. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, NonCommercial, NoDerivs 2.5 License.
While the specifications for LEDs and other lights can be quite confusing, that little M Series Dually -- essentially a three inch cube -- seems to have impressive numbers.
Note too that the Dually at $120 retail costs less than the other two fixtures and it claims a longer lifespan at 50,000 hours plus.
I also tried to figure out how Lumens and Lux relate to the Candlepower and Candela ratings usually used for marine spot lights. We can do just about any light in 850 or 940nm, for Marine applications I would recommend 850nm. I've just been reading about Switch led lights that are liquid filled for cooling in a normal screw type bulb. I just want to put a comment regarding Rigid Industries' customer service, which I have found excellent. Following the above original Panbo entry on the Rigid lights, when I decided to replace the spreader lights on our 46ft sailboat I decided to try the Rigid lights. Unfortunately, when they arrived one of them had an internal short to ground which pulled my bench power supply to ground and meant it didn't work at all (the other worked perfectly).
I contacted Rigid by email and got a reply from their Warranty Manager, David Hobbs, within a day. It was excellent customer service, and I'm very happy with the lights (I haven't mounted them yet).

I think excellent customer service is always worth reporting (too often in this internet world we just hear negatives), hence the post.
Tags: 12 volt boat light, 12 volt marine light, boat courtesy light, color changing boat light, color changing LED light, LED boat light, marine light, tri color light for boats. Our tried and tested original range of LED Aquarium Reef Lights offer a mid range light at cost whereby it punches above its weight to an unbelievable standard.
Low energy LED flexible light strip powered by either 12 volt or 230 volt and complete with inline switch and multiple attachment options. This LED flexible light strip allows you to have low energy, easy to use and easy to assemble lighting anywhere onboard. The LED boat light strip comes complete with various mounting options so that positioning and assemble is straight forward. Velcro Pads:- Attach one side of the velcro to the light and one side to the fixing surface so you have removable lights. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. These are 100% water resistant and low voltage to offer a super safe solution for your tank.
One strip will illuminate an entire aquarium with the perfect blend of light for marine fish & reef aquariums. One strip will illuminate an entire aquarium with the perfect blend of light for marine fish & reef aquariums. Rigid Industries may be new to the marine industry but the company claims patented optic systems that have already made it "the pioneer of forward projecting high intensity LED light bars" for uses like long-distance racing in souped-up dune buggies (on a course that may be booby-trapped). The claim is not just an amazing 1,300 "raw lumens" using just 15 Watts of 9-36v power, but a beam distance of 1,300 feet with a Lux of 395 at about 100 feet for the spot model (as seen in the diagram for all three models below). After clarifying a few details for him, he told me that they would happily ship a replacement light to me in Asia, and within the week I received the light. I'm not worried about the DOA light - such failures happen in all production lines - it's how companies deal with them that makes the difference, and Rigid responded superbly.

After reading several post and forums I am still confused about what set of rigid lights to purchase. With an improved depth penetration of 90cm and 75cm for width, there should not be a tank that the TripleR 2C can not light beyond your expectations. Once plugged in, I was pleasantly surprised that this little LED strip fully, and brightly, lit up the entire aquarium.
The cloud simulation and thunderstorm buttons were also very nice features that are typically found only in high-end fixtures.
Being much brighter than I expected, I would think that low-light corals such as mushrooms and leather corals would do well under a single fixture as well. The broader spectrum and the larger variety of LEDs definitely made the colors of the fish and corals nicer and more natural. The LED lighting has its own inline power switch so socket disconnection is not usually required. This unit also includes legs and a hanging kit and available in sizes from 16 inches (406mm) and up to 5 feet (1.52 metres) with separate white and blue power cords so you can add your own external timers and achieve that deep dark blue moonlight effect and pick up corals in light you can only imagine. Although these features may not make the corals grow quicker, they definitely made looking at the aquarium more fun.
If you have been wanting to upgrade the fluorescent fixture on your fish-only or low-light reef aquarium, this would be an excellent choice. There is a choice of 12 volt or mains 240 volt power supply with two different power plugs provided (an 'in-car' 12 volt power plug and UK three pin mains plug). Having such a light way forward where it can't back scatter into my own night vision is important, and I think a D2 could be installed there without replacing the power feed that was somehow threaded through the pulpit, and without looking odd. In fact, I now think that while the ideal interior marine LED fixture hasn't been developed yet, it's going to be.

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