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American alligators, along with a variety of questions about them, are probably one of the first things that come to mind when people think of the State of Florida. Plus, if you live here, you've heard all the jokes and comments about these scaly reptiles crawling around in everyone's backyard. In fact, news stories routinely are broadcast about 'gators stopping or impeding traffic even on major highways.
They also tell terrible tales of unsuspecting families finding these toothy reptiles in their backyards or of being attacked while swimming. When I moved to Florida the first time, our Realtor was a native, which also happens to place him in the rare and endangered species category of 'native Floridian'.
As a boy and as a young adult, he would swim out into the ocean every day, sometimes for a mile or two as he was very athletic. Every year, horror stories abound of people getting drunk and falling into canals or lakes, either from shore or from their boat. Recently a story was broadcast about a drunken fellow who decided to leap into a canal and wrestle with a 'gator.
One of the best places to view this well known Floridian reptile is Everglades National Park.
Everglades National Park is when you first enter through the Ernest Coe Visitor Center area. Often, as you casually stroll the asphalt paths enjoying nature, you'll pass within mere feet or inches of resting 'gators. American Alligator Relaxing With Gaping JawsState Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Photo Credit Thomas E. Since they're opportunistic "sit and wait" predators, the American alligators diet is quite varied. However Hollywood-esque this may seem, it's actually quite accurate, at least when it comes to larger prey.
This allows their future meal to stay submerged, soften and rot enough so that the reptile can then rip off large sections of flesh as a meal. When a 'gator has caught a smaller meal, it's 3000 psi crushing jaws decimate the bones or shell and then it swallows it's dinner whole. Even though they are major predators, they also play a crucial or keystone role for the other wildlife in the area. This means the Florida alligator has a place to live, and wildlife and fish have water to survive.
Once the female is attracted to the male, the mating pair perform a ritual that involves touching each other and blowing bubbles. Unlike sea turtles who lay eggs, cover them, and then abandon the nest, female 'gators stay with and care for their nests.
As the first babies begin to break out of their eggs they emit a "yerping" sound which alerts the mother to the fact that the eggs are hatching. To ensure that everyone emerges at the same time, the mother gently rolls the eggs around in her mouth, carefully breaking open the shell to release the hatchlings inside.
The key to 'gator etiquette however is to remember that they do get big and they are very dangerous.
Irresponsible pet owners, unable or unwilling to care for their pet, eventually release then into the wild where they eventually become established. The python has entered our ecosystem this same way and has become both a food source of the 'gator as well as a predator of it.

A battle between a python and a 'gator is most likely to go 50-50 in terms of which species wins. Florida Keys Resort Choices For Islamorada & Key Largo VacationsAny Florida Keys resort in Key Largo FL or Islamorada will treat you to the ultimate all inclusive Florida Keys vacation.
Florida Keys Lodging Best Choices For Key Largo FL To IslamoradaFlorida Keys lodging in Islamorada and Key Largo FL blend comfort with sweeping water views, tropical beauty, and fun Florida Keys things to do.
2016 Schedule of Events For Key West Fantasy Fest Is Red Hot2016 Schedule of Events for Key West Fantasy Fest features erotic, adult masquerades and sexy parties spread over 10 titillating days.
Your Key West vacation should begin with a historic sightseeing tour aboard the Conch Tour Train. Ride CityView Trolleys through the streets of Key West and experience the history of the island. Dedicated to providing the most perfect hospitality & water experience one could find in Key West, Classic Harbor Line hopes for the privilege of escorting you on a breathtaking excursion aboard the most elegant Schooner in the local fleet. Visit a historic treasure just 70 miles from Key West aboard the Dry Tortugas National Park Ferry. Sunset Watersports has the most watersports activities in Key West - such as parasailing, waverunners, snorkeling, sunset cruise, dinner cruise, the "Do It All," boat rentals, dolphin trips and Smathers Beach pass. The Keys Association of Dive Operators (KADO) is an organization of dive professionals located throughout the Florida Keys who share a common mission of providing safe, courteous service to their dive clientele. KADO has been instrumental in sinking a number of shipwrecks throughout the Florida Keys to serve as artificial reefs and will continue to do whatever is possible to enhance the underwater attractions of the Florida Keys for locals and visitors alike.
The Florida Green Lodging Program was established in 2004 by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) with the intent of recognizing and rewarding environmentally conscientious lodging facilities in the state. The 2016 Fantasy Fest Schedule of Events in Key West FL is guaranteed to thrill, titillate, tantalize and tempt you like never before!
The 2016 Fantasy Fest theme has a lot of room for the imagination to run as wild as your desires do. Don't be tempted to play safe, run with the theme, and unleash the inner alien, monster, angel or aspiring government official that lurks just beneath the surface. You can also get a variety of great Fantasy Fest costumes perfectly fitting for this year's Key West Fantasy Fest theme at our costume store.
So go ahead and mark Friday, October 21 through to October 30 on your calendar so you don't miss out on the highly anticipated 2016 Key West Fantasy Fest. Also, the following Fantasy Fest Calendar of Events will help you plan which events you won't want to miss. The key to having fun at the 2016 Key West Fantasy Fest is to let your imagination run wild! If you're at a loss for what to wear, and don't want to be caught without a sufficient wardrobe, don't worry. This means you'll want to gather up a number of Fantasy Fest costume ideas that fit both this years theme and the various Key West party events. Remember, sexy only has to be as sexy as you're comfortable with, but this hot Key West event is a chance for you to get a little risque without going overboard if you don't want to.
The following is a calendar highlighting the typical events that are held during this riotous time of year. Wednesday, October 26, 2016 Schedule of EventsPET MASQUERADE & PARADEThis annual Key West favorite, gives owners and animals a chance to dress alike and show off while strutting their stuff. FETISH & FANTASY PARTY AT THE ISLAND HOUSE FOR MENThis is the only all male Key West event and it's geared up to indulge ALL of your fantasies whether you prefer to watch or participate. This year's Key West Fantasy Fest Schedule of Events with its' great Masquerade Balls and other hot Key West parties, will please even the most frequent festival attendee. Also don't forget to buy the different costumes you'll want to have so you'll fit in for the various planned Schedule of Events parties.

Reservations may be made up to 1 year in advance for Active Duty Members and 6 months in advance for Retirees and DoD civilians. For Lodging Patron Eligibility, please see Navy Getaways RV Parks & Cottages "Who May Stay Policy". A cancellation fee will be 25% of total stay or minimum of one (1) night's room charge, whichever is greater, if cancelled less than thirty (30) days from reservation date. The vicious creature mightily thrashing about with it's poor victim tightly clenched in it's cruel jaws.
As you drive up or down the Keys listen to the history, attractions and local music by mile markers. Choose from Snorkeling, Sunset Sails, Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Dolphin watching, and Eco Tours.
An additional, but no less important goal, is to protect the marine environment with safe boating and mooring practices and purposeful, ecologically sound dive and snorkel protocols practiced by both staff and customers.
Through this rapidly growing program DEP encourages the lodging industry to conserve and protect Florida's natural resources.
Be creative and let your costumes tell the story of who you are, and dare to make this year the sexiest Fantasy Fest ever! The Florida Green Lodging Program is unique in that it covers an all-inclusive list of environmental initiatives that are specific to the Florida environment. The name of the game is "How Low Can You Go" and the party includes beach olympics and costume contests with $1,000 in cash and prizes. Don your best Super Hero or Super Villain costume and get set to flash to the finish line at 6 pm Entrants receive prizes for costumes that are the most creative, scariest, funniest or best group. This clothing optional, wildly dare to bare it all outdoor pool, hot tub and foam party is one of the hottest Key West events. Glow Sticks, DJ's, large projector screens featuring favorite fantasies and exotic male and female dancers are just some of the titillating fun you'll have at this hugely erotic 'Bare What You Dare' Key West party. The full service bar and a discreet downtown location along with great music makes this a favorite couples event. FREEWOMANKIND'S BRAZAARThe decorated custom, one-of-a-kind modeled Bra Auction held at Casa Marina Resort, 1500 Reynolds St.
Playboy as he urges everyone to attend this popular event wearing the sexiest lingerie or PJ's!
Don't forget to enter the $700 Hugh Heffner - Marilyn Monroe look alike contest and mingle with celebrities. For info call the Fantasy Fest office 305-296-1817 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM - PINTS AND PIXIESExperience the fun at this debut Key West party held at World of Beer.
This premier Key West party starts at twilight, with registration at 6 pm and contests at 9 pm. PUB TEA DANCEJoin the fun and dance away at the HUGHEST 'tea in the street' party where drag queens, dancers and celebrities hang out. TONY'S PARTY IN PLAIDJoin the exotic fantasy party with a plaid theme designed to provoke your wildest dreams or naughtiest of fantasies. FREEMEN OF LABARE TIGHTY WHITEY PARTYMagic Mike made the Men of Labare famous and now you can cheer, and applaud the hottest all male review!
Held in the restaurant's parking lot, this massive Foam Party includes a DJ playing music late into the night.

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