It has been very interesting to see how the forgotten realms team has used, adapted, and modified this ship for there many uses. Been having a lot of server issues, but i think i will set up some sort of a light house, on a cliff maybe? I have been quite intensely working on a entire ship yard, i will post some photos of it once i am further into the project.
Added some photos of the ship in it's build environment, I do not add flags, or many defining features until the ship is placed into its environment, then they are added as needed to fit the theme.
You need to have the pictures in a defult texture pack, your current textures are a bit misleading.

Part of building on a creative server and being a part of the build team, you must build your creations in accordance to the style of the server as well as the texture pack of the server.
It's part of another project i'm working on, but decided to slip some photos of this ship, since I just joined Rovas ship guild. I did some research and I gave it a shallow hull as to make it a faster cruising ship, with a more then average quantity of sails.
If you have not already you must check out there pirate cove project, it is absolutely insane.
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Even if it looks good to one person, whoever isn't using that texture it wont look the same.
Although I am not saying this pirate ship is bad, its just that I would like to see It without a mask over it.

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