Location: Dorset UK Mirror 16 My friend and I have just bought a Mirror 16 on ebay. I was told a while back that although Barry Bucknall built the first Mirror 10 it was in fact not very good and Jack Holt was hastily summond to put it right.
Location: Melbourne, Australia Are there any Mirror 16's sailing in Australia? Location: Melbourne, Australia I am looking at it as a possible consideration to which I would like to get back into sailing later this year or early next year. I am looking for a design that is both for saturday racing and also dinghy cruising as well and I would like a real boat in wood. Location: Brisbane, Australia Until recently we had a Mirror 10 and a Mirror 16.
It's hard to imagine that Brisbane is the only place in Australia to have actively sailing Mirror 16s, but it may be so. Originally Posted by martinpook I think that the skin of the Mirror is made in one piece and then stitched into shape after which all the bits are fixed inside - I'll be delighted if someone either confirms or disagrees with this, but I'll be damned if I can think how the tortured shape of the bow can be obtained otherwise Despite the fact that we lack the plans, we do have a a complete set of measurements and a copy of the building instructions. Obviously the floor panels and other internal components also contrbute to it pulling together to the right shape. Location: Dorset UK I should have said we'll be sailing it this coming week.
Have you considered something like advertising as such to find out if anyone in Australia that has such boats in their backyard to which they haven't use in years to which could be bought rather than rotting away.

Despite the way it looks, the bow of the Mirror 16 is completely developable from a flat panel. Location: Dorset UK Mirror 16 Yes, I accept what you say about the shape.
I have based the overall hullsize on dimensions from the Class measurement sheet, so it should be pretty close to the original. Ostosix has kindly offered to send me the profiles of the underfloor ribs which will be invaluable in generating the curvature of the bottom panels. Any information that anyone may have on the stock sizes of timber that lie under the floor would be appreciated. I spoke to the people at Glascraft Marine in Brisbane today (they were distributors of Mirror 16 kits during the '70s) and after a scrounge they found some old sales literature which they are going to fax to me. Are you re-producing plans for the Mirror 16 to be built for the home builder where by you can race and also be able to cruise and sleep in the cockpit under a boom tent? Thats cool if you could have the cruising option included I would consider such a design to which gives me another option on top of racing. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I haven't made a final decision as yet and I would like to be a re-build job so I can get more experience in boat building as well. I had to look up one or two of these - National E appears to be an Australian boat, at least I can't find a UK reference.

I know of two possibly for sale but I imagine freight costs would preclude that possibility if you want one in Melbourne. The resulting shape is a section of the surface of a cone that has its axis pointing down towards the bow and is angled across toward the outside of the hull. We have now sailed our boat for the first time which was good, down the Wareham river with my Johnson outboard firing on one cylinder, and I am now modifying the mast layout to make it easier to step.
We have a project under-way, with the permission of the copyright owners, to 'reverse engineer' the plans from the information and boats that we do have.
There are also a central spine and carefully shaped 'floor webs' or ribs spaced at 300mm intervals along the full length of the boat. Once they are complete and proven, then I intend to make them available to whoever wants to build one. The M16 is a much bigger boat with plenty of room for four, excellent self-bailing capability and a flat floor to make camp-cruising more practical. The other project I have on hand is repairing a National Swordfish dinghy - Uffa Fox design built by Fairey Marine in hot molded veneer, this one dates from 1956 - particularly interesting is that the top third of the mast is wood, the rest being aluminium.

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