The model yacht company specializes in buying, selling and restoring vintage model pond yachts  and model sailing yachts. We also sell marine art, maratime antiques, yachting photographs,  and broker the sale of good quality models boats on behalf of owners. Was sent to Roseberry House in the early 80's I think, it was the first time away from mum and I cried the first few nights. At the time of this photograph, the fun fair belonged to Billy Butlin, and the Figure 8 was an exciting ride fifty years ago.
It was mixed by that time; boys dorm one side of building, girls the other, we had bunk beds. Whether you tried the cockles, crabs, mussels, prawns, shrimps or whelks at the Oyster Bar (centre left) before or after you had the ride was entirely up to you.

She was a competent amateur built model, so that was the standard I endeavoured to reproduce. Her owners got her back in a condition very like she would have been when she was brand new, and yes, she can be sailed again. The spade shaped lead keel is attached and has an adjustable rudder for a specific tack setting. The vintage cotton cloth sails are replacements made circa 1950’s, the linen rigging possibly later.
In my opinion, the model is an effort to replicate the well known schooner yacht America as it upholds all the general characteristic of this vessel.
The schooner sailed out of Marblehead harbor (Boston Yacht Club) during the turn of the late 19th century and early 20th century as the most prominent and recognizable yacht in America.

The color scheme shows a deep green bottom (lead keel with copper sheathing), black topsides, gold trail board decoration, and dark stained decking. It has a fitted framed wood cradle support typical of this era though mid-twentieth century.

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